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Ind eng-710-doc

  1. 1. ‘Assert’it is great to be introduced mainly to the students like. Us this is the time when we learn good things. We student’s will learn how to make the problem solve and take decisionby ourselves and if it starts from The small age the it would be strong in their mind and in their life also. I first want to thank you for arranging this kind of completionthere are different types of completionbut this is really great. There are many problems actually in the world but we can’t correctevery problem at a time it should be done step by step. The problem that I have chosenis. ‘Temple nuisance’ We have chosenthis topic because human needs education and good habits to live a good life education can be given by schools but good habits are given by the temples only where there is a temple the crimes are reduced.But now it is sad to say that the purity of the temples are being destroyed by the citizens of our country And we taken a small problem in a small temple .This is all about the problems that is faced by the people who visit temple this is also done by them this temple is actually located in KVB nagar, Karur-2, Tamilnadu. It is actually lord murugan temple we have gone there many times and we noticed some problems and we also spoke with the people and found more problems. Some of them are being listed down: *REMAINS OF THE CAMPHOR. *THE OIL SPIL INSIDE THE TEMPLE. *THE KUMKUM Is THROWN ALL OVER THE TEMPLE. And there are many problems also in a single temple it self we have chosenthis as the problems which mainly affector the commonproblem in the entire temple.
  2. 2. Remains of camphor Remains of camphorcause dark depositionin temple walls this cause an ugly look on the temple.The purity of temple is disturbed. The oil spills inside temple The oil spills inside temple will not cause dirt alone but also accidents to visitors who slip down unknowingly by stamping on it. This cause injuries also. The kumkumis thrown on the walls The kumkum & ashes which are thrown in the temple cause loss of tensile strength in the pillar and cause the temple to broke and fall long before its life time get’s over. We started visiting temple from 2.10.10 to 7.10.10. And we discussed to 50 visitors who came to temple. Day 1 Here is a conversation of the temple in charge with us We:Excuse us sir, we have came to ask about the problems ofthis temple as we are doing an innovative project known assert about temple nuisance and the ways to solve it. Mr.Rajan: Oh there are many problems in this temple few are:- The slippers are robbed,the temple walls are untidy, and the floors are slippery. We:sir, then why you didn’t take appropriate actions for these problems. Mr.Rajan: We tried but we can’t do anything. We:sir we need your supportfor completing our project Mr. Rajan: I will definitely help you. We:we need you to allow us to hang warning boards in the temple and clean the camphor, ashes & kumkum deposited walls, pillars of the temple.
  3. 3. Mr. Rajan: yes of course I will give you permissionto do your projectin our temple. We:Thank you, very much sir. This is the picture of the temple in charge Mr. Rajan with us Day 2 We reached the temple next day and hanged the warning boards about the causes of nuisance the do. Mr.Rajan introduced us to the head priest and others. Who assured us that they will help us? Day 3 We cleaned the area where the deepas are lited up and near by areas where camphor is deposited. Todayit was a bit strange as many volunteers appear to help in cleaning the temple. This caused us cheering ourselves. Day 4 We continued cleaning the camphor deposits on the walls as they were spreaded largely due to lack of cleaning past years. This day more elderly personhelps us in our projectby volunteering in this prestigious work Mr.Rajan also understood the importance of the purity of the temple. At last we have one work that is to clean the pillars that is filled with depositionof ashes & kumkum this is hard one too. Day 5 That was the final day .so, we started at 7:00 am to start cleaning the pillars it was hard but we cleaned the full day and we finished cleaning the pillars at 10:30 pm. At last when we saw the temple we were amazed to see the differencein the same temple before our projectand after
  4. 4. The temple before our project The temple after our project Conclusion Temples are symbolfor purity and heritage of India. These great treasure are must to be protected forour future generation to know about our culture, talent etc, So it is our born duty to protect these there are many problems in temple but our project contains a little drop of huge problem.More volunteers should join hands to make India’s heritage places look beauty already there are many joined hands to solve problems in our area following us. Next is going to be the photographs of mr.rajan we met him in the temple.and we said about our projecthe appreciated us he said go on with your work if you want any help I will be there.the photographis our friend speaking with mr.rajan incharge of the temple.
  5. 5. The next photograph is that our group members are speaking with the priest about the projectand also we gave him some cloth to him to keep the place neat and clean.the priest promised the he will say others also not to do these in the temple.
  6. 6. The next photo is they have drawn a rangoli that is spoiled because of camphor remain. The next photo is that my group members or my friends are cleaning with the cloth and we also used kerosene and cleaned it . The next one is that the rangoli after cleaning nearly 45min .
  7. 7. The next one is the priest saying to people that please don’t do it . These where some people whom we told about the mistakes . The said we will not repeat it again the two young boys are memberof our group.
  8. 8. This is the other place where it has camphor remain in the same temple.
  9. 9. This is that our group members are cleaning the camphor remaining area.