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Ind eng-651-ppt


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  • 1. Design for Change Worli Sea Face English Municipal School III C 2010
  • 2. Step 1 : Feel
    • We thought about a lot of problems, the one that troubled us was that so many children who go to school cannot read and write in english.
    • Before we ventured out to help other people, we decided to help the children in our school who couldn’t read or write as well as us
  • 3. Step 2 : Imagine
    • We thought about why our class reads better than other classes.
    • We came to a conclusion that it was because of the phonics, sight words that we had learnt and the word wall in our class
    • We thought how could we as grade 3 students help other classes in our school
  • 4.
    • Various options were discussed
    • Teach the whole school
    • Buy good teaching aids
    • Help the teachers
    • Teach grade 1 students
    • Make teaching aids
    • We debated, half the class wanted to make teaching aids and the other half wanted to teach the grade 1 students.
    • So we decided half the class would teach and the other half would make teaching aids.
  • 5. Step 3 : Do
    • Everyone signed up either to make flash cards to help the teachers teach
    • OR
    • Go and teach the grade 1 students phonics
  • 6. - We went to the grade 1 classrooms (2 classes = 80 students) for 10 days and taught them phonics -We first taught them the song and then in groups of 2-3 taught them the initial phonic sounds
  • 7. We decided to make flash cards so that it would be easy for teachers to teach english vocabulary words. Also buying flash cards is expensive. We practiced our drawing skills before finalising the flash cards.
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10. We inspired the other grade III class (III D) to make a word wall for their class.
  • 11. Our Final Product – 39 flash cards with 78 words
  • 12. Handing it over to the school