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Ind eng-541-ppt

  2. 2. We brought in the village a mini revolution to change the way people think & act when it comes to keep the village clean. The target was a small piece of land in the middle of the village used for dumping garbage but the challenge was to instill in them a solid sense of belongingness towards all things that constitutes a village. A village having infrastructure reminding of stone age, rigid social laws, Institutionalized superstitions, outdated practices & obsolete traditions. The name Ramnagar Bhainsi is formed by the combination of two villages very near to each other. The main road from where one can get some conveyance is 6 km away. The village has kuchcha roads with no drainage system. People do not tend to bother about the cleanliness of the village and garbage anywhere they can find a space .
  3. 3. During the brainstorming session done with the students, they came up with many problems but the pathetic conditions of cleanliness forced us to take sanitation & hygiene as the problem that we will strive to find a solution . Major Problems: 1.Deep rooted superstitions. 2.Alcohol & drugs. 3.Illiteracy & rigidity. 4.Social disharmony. 5.Orthodoxy of thoughts Why the idea was chosen 1.Entry of flood water in the village & adjoining areas pushing garbage on the roads. 2.Water logging at many places. 3.No proper mechanism to dump garbage. 4.People suffering from malaria & dengue. 5.People giving bath to animals in village water bodies. 6.Practice of men defecating in open. 7.No one caring for anyone Floods
  4. 4. . 1.We will make our village a beautiful place to live. 2.People will get convinced to make & follow some ground rules of cleanliness. 3.The places on our target will get a new look with the support of villagers. 4.The gram panchayat will be persuaded to construct roads & a garbage dumping ground Targeted spots in the village 1.Area around the Banyan tree. 2.Around the village hand pump. 3.Places of water logging. 4.Garbage disposal area . Ready for the battle
  5. 5. 1.One weak plan to carry out the campaign was prepared. 2.Resource material like banner,posters,slogans were made. 3.Teams divided & Responsibilities assigned. 4.Resource persons & material needed for the campaign arranged. 5.Monitoring mechanism for the campaign devised . Campaign weak from 16 th to 22 nd Sept 10 5 teams of seven students each were formed A community meeting was held on 17th Sep & meeting with the Gram Panchayat also takes Place . Cleanliness is next to godlines
  6. 6. 1.Skit titled ‘Doctor Jhatka’ was played at two locations in village. 2.The skit conveys the positives of staying clean. 3. It act as an efficient tool to get people involved in our campaign Saaf Saafai Rakhkho Bhai Khada Hua Paani Naadani Hamari Aane Wala Kal Swatch, Saaf Aur Nirmal
  7. 7. Rallies,play,exihibitions & individual meetings were conducted at mass level in the village to involve the community in our mission to clean the village .Each day was full of action & brings in a lot of challenges . Street Play Rallies
  8. 8. Day one Meeting in the School Team formation Resource collection Setting of target Day two Community meeting Meeting with Gram Panchayat Site visit where action was planned Rally in the village Day Three. Garbage Removed from around the Banyan tree. Students collected the garbage & moved it to an alternative place. Initially suspicious, community members joined in the work. The land was leveled and flower plants were planted. Day Four Skit Doctor Jhatka was presented. Door to Door meeting undertaken. Signature campaign conducted. Volunteers for the campaign enlisted. A poster exhibition on Health & Hygiene was organised. Panchayati resolution directing the villagers to keep themselves & their surroundings clean.
  9. 9. Day five The Area around the hand pump was cleaned & garbage removed. Two trolleys of land donated by villagers for leveling. Bricks were laid down around the hand pump. Trees were planted & area demarcated. Day Six A mixture of mud & concrete was prepared to fill the pits on the roads where water gets logged. All gets involved & it becomes a movement in the village.
  10. 10. Action filled day. The task were completed Ground rules formed. Village committee formed. Panchayat passed a resolution Students becomes Hero of the village. Village volunteers felicitated
  11. 11. Health Camp Organised A team of doctors & Health professionals from NRHM were invited for the Health camp. Medicines were distributed & a lecture on health hygiene was delivered for the community. Patients with serious ailments referred to district hospital. Donations received : Each family around the affected area was asked to donate bricks. We received 750 bricks. Two trolleys of mud & concrete. Plants worth hundred of rupees. Volunteers from the village. Gardening equipments etc M.L.A visits the village The local M.L.A Mr Neeraj Maurya visited the village & announced the construction of main road from his constituency fund Rumour in the village It was a bottleneck when some vested interest spread the word that we have received money for work in the village and we are not using it. Our whole intention was put into a box but the truth prevailed & villagers reposed trust in us Rumours are sometimes good for health
  12. 12. The Road Ahead The students enjoyed the whole campaign & for the first time got the taste of the problems plaguing their own village. The students enthusiasm coupled with the guidance of teachers ,help from the community, local M.L.A & health department worked to bring about the Hygiene revolution. The Road Ahead has been planned & students will themselves monitor the cleanliness levels. In the near future more areas will get covered. We are planning to introduce 5 S in the village and make our village as the first to do so.
  13. 13. School Leader- Ms Ekta Mishra Mentor Teacher-Mr Raziullah Khan Students : Sony Devi, Anjna, Kirti, Manju, Mamta , Seema, Poonam, Urmilla Devi, Rachana, Seema, Sita, Shikha, Sudha, Puja, Purti, Geeta Devi, Ankit, Omdev Pal, Ashish ,Amit, Dharmandra, Jitin, Mahendra, Manoj, Pramod, Pinklesh, Saurabh,Sukhdev, Rahul, Sandeep, Saroj,Abhishek, Rachana Devi, Ashutosh, Amit. Together for an ideal village