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Ind eng-523-doc

  1. 1. Ryan International School Sector 5, V.T Road Mansarovar, Jaipur School Leader: Mrs. Jyoti Rana Tel Number : 0141 2783654, 9166327270 Email : Mentor Teacher: Ms. Chhavi, Mr. Ankur Student Information: 1)Mst. Swastik Mittal Age- 10 yrs. Grade-5 2)Ms. Sneha Age- 10 yrs. Grade-5 3)Ms. Arya Age- 9 yrs. Grade-4 4)Ms. Pragati Age- 10 yrs. Grade-5 5)Ms.Shruti Age-10 yrs. Grade-5 6)Ms.Akriti Age- 9 yrs. Grade-4 7)Ms. Divya Age- 10 yrs. Grade-4 8)Ms. Anisha Age- 10 yrs. Grade-5 9)Ms. Mahak Aleem Age- 8 yrs. Grade-3 10)Ms. Harshil Garg Age-9 yrs. Grade-4 11) Ms. Sonia Chhabra Age- 10 yrs. Grade-5 12) Ms. Aditi Deo Mishra Age- 10 yrs Grade-4 Ryan International School
  2. 2. Sector 5, V.T Road Mansarovar, Jaipur TITLE OF THE STORY- HELP SPREAD A SMILE The Week in which implemented- 26 Sep.2010- 2 Oct. 2010 ( The Joy of Giving Week) Feel An endeavor to bring a smile on the special creation of God – Children. Make them realize that they are the special and the best and have been bestowed upon with gifts and talents. Let them feel the special qualities hidden in them. Imagine Nisha is a sweet, little girl. She is a source of excitement in her family. She is an affectionate child like other children she also has an ambition, to become an Air Force Pilot. She is longing to fulfill her dream. But…….. She knows it will remain a dream as she is physically challenged. This makes her distress and takes her into a world of sorrow and pain. Her friend and neighbour Reena, who loved and cared for her decides to inspire Nisha and other especially able students.
  3. 3. She takes up the initiative to make them see that change in their lives can bring meaning and fun in their life. She planned to engage them in real life issues so as to make them aware of their potential. Do With an aim to see the change in others lives and in the lives of these specially challenged students they put up some inspirational melodious songs. The puppet Show turned out to be a valuable source of information and helped them in imbibing good manners. The most appreciated was the dance performance as it became more lively and cheerful with the challenged students participating in the dance. They were so much overwhelmed that they started tapping their feet. Interaction of Reena and her friends with these children turned out to be fruitful. Students openly came up to share their opinions and ideas. It helped them to realize their strength and overcome their weaknesses and brought a Big contended smile on their faces. ****************************************************************** *******************