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Ind eng-461-doc


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  • 1. DESIGN FOR GIVING CONTEST IN GPS FATHIMANAGAR-III MANADAL: Bahadurpura-II Date: 21st/9/2010 ACTIVITY: Midday meals monitoring and arrangement AREA: Fathimanagar Designed by: the children in GPS Fathimangar-III 1) Razia Sultana 5th 2) Ajmeri Begum 5th 3) Sultana Begum 5th 4) Farhana Begum 4th 5) Maimuna 4th FEEL: The children of Gps Fathimanagar-III feel that there is some problems in the school and wastage of midday meal is one of the major problem in our school during serving of midday meal we found lot of wastage of meal and children are eating in untidy atmosphere without washing hands . IMAGINE: - Children they themselves found the importance of health and hygiene and wastage of food among them and they come to a conclusion to resist the food wastage. DO: - Children first of all gave instructions to the Students class wise they recently visited urban health post center they were very inspire by sister Nividetha She counsel the students root cause of all diseases firstly she advices to take neat food, less oily food, less fatty food and she advice them to take rich and protein and notorious food she said washing hand is must and we should take the food healthy and hygienic atmosphere. They took the leader ship they themselves form a group and followed all what sister said the make a line when taking midday meal some children serving the food and some of the group member observe how children are behave when they taking midday meal. SHARE: - Children share their experience in their home about what instruction follows when they taking food and children also share their experience with peer group members and neighbors.
  • 2. Design for giving contest at Gps Fathimanagar-III Children are wasting the food while taking midday meal
  • 3. Figure 1: children clean the untidy place Figure 2: children make the place neat and clean Figure 3: children washing the tub and plates
  • 4. Figure 4: children are explaining about health and hygiene Figure 5 Children are serving the food to the children
  • 5. Figure 6: Children arrange and sitting them properly after then they monitor how they taking the midday meal