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Ind eng-161-doc

  1. 1. DEIGN FOR CHANGE ON HEALTH AND HYGIENE<br />Date: 17/9/2010<br />Name of the School: GPS Murad Nagar<br />Designed by: <br />Rafi5Shashi kumar5thBhaskar5thSai Kumar5thNaveen5th<br />Its a feel of Murad Nagar Children—<br />The children in GPS Murad Nagar felt bad about the hygienic conditions and health situation of the people in Mahatma Gandhi Nagar. The diseases are spreading due to lack of hygiene in the area. So they have decided to give awareness to the people on health and hygiene.<br />An Imagine by the children---<br />The children met the area ANM Padma and asked her help in motivating the people. Padma and Vijaya Nagar Colony area ANM, Laxmi both are influenced by the idea of the children. All of them were decided the date to conduct the program. They were planned to give awareness on the health issues of small children, elders and oldage people.<br />An Implimentation of the Idea—<br /><ul><li>The children in GPS Murad Nagar went to the house visits along with the ANMs in Mahatma Gandhi Nagar. They have explained to the area people about how to take care of their health.
  2. 2. Provide regular vaccination to the small babies.
  3. 3. Give nutritious food to the children.
  4. 4. Taking of healthy food by pregnant ladies and mothers.
  5. 5. Washing the hands before eating food or giving food to the children.
  6. 6. Clean your sorrounding neatly.
  7. 7. Don’t throw garbage here and there. Throw it in the dustbin.
  8. 8. Clean the drinage in their sorrounding area through the muncipality workers.
  9. 9. Use the masquito coils
  10. 10. Avoid dirty water storage and avoid Masquitos and flys.
  11. 11. Cover the eatables with mesh. And don’t keep them as open.
  12. 12. Drink the boiled and filtered water. And drink more water.
  13. 13. Eat more calcium, Iron based food and eat all types of fruits and vegetables because that gives all the vitamines to the body.</li></ul>Children and ANMs were explained about how to take care of helth. And they explained how to prevent the problems that arrive due to old age. Explined the middle age and oldage people to take more healthy food. Daily one egg and milk. That gives them more calcium. And green leaves and vegetables which gives the vitamines and iron.<br />Sharing of the Idea with others—<br />Children have shared their idea with other school children in their sorrounding area. And they shared their implimentation of the idea with the news reporters. <br /> <br />The ANM and children is explaining about the health. And the community member is responding<br /> <br />The children are clarifying the doubts of the community people. The ANM is giving orientation. <br /> <br />Community people are interacting with the ANMs and children. And giving suggestions.<br />Design for change contest in GPS Murad Nagar<br />A News report on Child Labour<br />A News Report on Health and Hygiene<br />