Designing Your Brand
“European Elegance Infused With California Casual.”
Elevator Pitch
A World of Comfortable
“No matter how beautiful
a space is, it’s not really
successful if you can’t live
in it comfortably.”
Brand Wheel
•Attributes: Affordable
•Benefits: Repurposing
•Personality: Practical
•Values: Helping me to
spend money wisely...
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Timothy Corrigan - Keynote Address: Designing Your Brand


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Published in: Design
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  • Blogs have the taken design world by storm, Blogging has grown so quickly that many bloggers face the issue of figuring out what they want to be and where they want to go with it, only after they’ve created a following.
    What i would like to talk about today is the importance of addressing those issues and really designing your brand.
    -Wanted to make it big on Madison Avenue
    -Went to work in a training program at big advertising agency in Chicago.
    -One of forty trainees (and the only one without an MBA)
  • -We had 36 different offices in 18 countries across Europe and, up until that time, each one had basically operated the way they wanted…all they had to do was deliver decent revenue figures at the end of the year.
    -Now all of a sudden here was this young American kid who was now in charge and wanted to break-up all of the little fiefdoms that had been around for decades.
  • My apartment was published in House & Garden
  • -While the travel was bad, the real problem with the job was that I realized that I was no longer involved in any way with the actual creative product that we produced….i was really just “putting out fires” and dealing with client or company problems in different parts of the world.
  • -Throughout this whole period I had continued to do some interior design projects on the side—mostly for friends and my ad agency clients, to whom I really couldn’t say no!
    -It didn’t take long for me to realize that I liked my “night job” a whole lot more than my “day job.”
    -Without even knowing it, I had stumbled upon a path that I really loved.
  • -I decided to move to California where I had lived as a child and hung out my shingle as an interior designer.
    -After a year, with only a few small design projects under my belt, I took the leap and went back to my boss to tell him that I knew that the new career was the right thing for me and that I definitely wasn’t going back.
    -I firmly believe that when we follow our true path the universe will always support us!
  • In marketing, positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or organization. It is the 'relative competitive comparison' their product occupies in a given market as perceived by the target market. - Wikipedia
  • Coke has been selling a "refreshing" and "satisfying" image for a longer time than Pepsi. - (1909) “Delicious, wholesome, refreshing”
    Since Coca-Cola was the top selling cola drink for so long, Pepsi started to change their awareness. Pepsi had to find a way to make people think different of what they were used to. Making Coke look old was solution they found. (1963) - “Come Alive! You're in the Pepsi Generation”
    Pepsi gained market share in the middle of the century with a series of ad campaigns. In 1975 the first Pepsi Challenge claimed that people preferred Pepsi in a blind taste test. The brand was also marketed as the soda of the new generation, with celebrity spokespeople like Michael Jackson. (Pepsi is sweeter than coke)
    Although its reign was never trembled by Pepsi, Coke replied these slogans reaffirming its untouchable quality and tradition. 1990 - “Can't Beat the Real Thing”
    Another detail that makes clear to us that Coke never felt threaten is the fact that the Coca-Cola logo was hardly ever changed. Pepsi has been changing its logo since ever, adjusting themselves to each generation, making their way to become the "young choice".
    In 2011 Coke held 17% of US soda market, Pepsi 9.2%
  • Mercedes: “The best or nothing.” (Makes you feel successful.)
    BMW: The ultimate driving machine (Makes you feel powerful.)
    Volvo: “For life.” (Makes you feel safe.)
  • What you can communicate in one line..
  • Summation of your positioning.
    Think about how you want your customer to feel about you, every time they think about you.
  • High concept furniture makes a great design statement, but when it comes to true comfort, nothing beats an upholstered piece. So think about how you are going to use a room and and the best way to create design impact.
  • Scale, Proportion, Traffic Flow
  • Marine varnished table = not worrying about water marks and spills
  • Casual Elegance
  • Sophisticated Elegance
  • Traditional Elegance
  • Modern Elegance
  • No matter the architectural context, the first thing I’ll ask a client is, ‘What’s going to get you to actually use your home?’
    Not infrequently, the answer contravenes all expectations of what a particular space should be. One of my favorite examples appears in a house I redesigned for a couple that claimed never to have set foot in their living room. When I started talking to them about their interests, it turned out that they were very passionate about wine – the pair had a fantastic cellar that was bursting with bottles. So we decided to line the walls of the living room with refrigerated mahogany wine cabinets fitted with glass doors, and added a small table to the usual furnishings, so that they could enjoy tastings. No surprise: After years in which they avoided the space entirely, the living room has become the heart and soul of the couple’s home. Is it unorthodox to turn your living room into a wine cellar? Maybe. But now it reflects the way in which my clients choose to live – and that, to me, is what home is all about, an approach that applies equally to one-room apartments and mansions, and cuts across all periods and styles. I don’t necessarily believe in rules when it comes to interior decoration. But this one is ironclad: Don’t let conventional notions of what a room should be dictate how you use it – instead, decide how you want to use a room, and let your desires shape what it becomes. For me, that’s the first step in creating a home that will nurture and feed you.
  • Library/Dining Room
  • Living/Screening Room
  • How to let the press help expand your positioning - project showing “casual” & “elegant” / European & California
  • Maison de Luxe Showhouse, AD Greenroom, Legends Panel, YPO, DLS, LCDQ Window, Pottery Barn, Westweek
  • Use social media to advance your positioning - not just awareness.
  • I communicate my brand through extensions such as TC Home…
  • I communicate my brand through extensions such as TCA/1stdibs…
  • Fabrics - Inspired by Europe & California
  • Furniture & Fabrics
  • Carpets
  • Book tells your position: should be a strategic tool to communicate you positioning.
  • Book shows rooms that are casual & elegant
  • Book tells your position: establishes you as an expert, book tour
  • sphere of business: hotel, residential, fashion, furniture
    design style: Hollywood Glam
    Essence: Sophisticated Swank
  • sphere of business: residential, restaurants
    Style: Eclectic, worldly and clean
    Essence: Urban Curator
  • Sphere of Business: Residential, Licensing
    Style: Traditional, Elegant, Pretty
    Essence: You’ve Arrived
  • Give each person a brand wheel chart
  • example
  • more examples
  • Timothy Corrigan - Keynote Address: Designing Your Brand

    1. 1. Designing Your Brand CorriganTimothy
    2. 2. “European Elegance Infused With California Casual.” Elevator Pitch
    3. 3. A World of Comfortable Elegance™ Tagline
    4. 4. “No matter how beautiful a space is, it’s not really successful if you can’t live in it comfortably.” Philosophy
    6. 6. •Attributes: Affordable •Benefits: Repurposing Furniture •Personality: Practical •Values: Helping me to spend money wisely. •Brand Essence: Easy Living •Attributes: Fun •Benefits: Low Maintenance •Personality: Accomplished •Values: Helping me to enjoy leisure time. •Brand Essence: Carefree Indulgence •Attributes: Concerned •Benefits: Healthy Home •Personality: Responsible •Values: Helping me to take care of my family. •Brand Essence: Living Responsibly EMPTY NESTER GREEN SECOND HOME
    7. 7.