Innovation in a Broadband World


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Dr. Ian Oppermann's presentation to the Broadband for the Bush forum, 2011.

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  • The sustainability of health services in Australia requires a whole of system approach to the spectrum of service delivery. With Government health expenditure now in excess of $100 billion, health now accounts for over 9% of Australia’s annual GDP. New cost-effective services must be developed to meet the simultaneous needs of the health system, the hospital, and the doctor – all of whom need to be involved in the management of the health of the patient.
  • The three pronged thrust for CSIRO research in broadband is Enabling services for Broadband (making them more efficient and effective) Ensuring everyone (99.99999%) get access to high speed, symmetric, reliable communications Changing the way people engage with technology (Centrelink example of dealing with illiterate people is useful here)
  • Re-use existing broadcasting infrastructure and spectrum Beam form signals over the long distances to individual households based on new synchronisation and co-operative networking methods optimise signals over distance Apply a combination of CSIRO patented technologies Require a change to Government’s spectrum allocation
  • Innovation in a Broadband World

    1. 1. Innovation in a Broadband WorldIan OppermannDirector CSIRO ICT Centre
    2. 2. A Services Example The Health Care ChallengeCSIRO : Innovation in a Broadband World
    3. 3. Health Services : A whole lifecycle view •Hospital Services • Post Operative Care •Diagnosis • Cardiac Tool •SnoRocket •MRI / CAT • Remote consultation and •Snapper •Other tools • patient monitoring •Admission •PAPT •SnoRocket •Snapper • Commonwealth and State Services• CEO View, CFO View, CIO View • Remote Diagnosis CSIRO : Innovation in a Broadband World
    4. 4. AccessLeveraging A National Communications InfrastructureCSIRO : Innovation in a Broadband World
    5. 5. What are we Doing? Broadband InnovationCSIRO : Innovation in a Broadband World
    6. 6. Health Services Enabled by Broadband... remote diagnostics and specialist careCSIRO : Innovation in a Broadband World
    7. 7. Access : The “Last 7%” CSIRO Rural Broadband Access (Ngara)• CSIRO patented fixed wireless technologies• Beamform using multiuser MIMO• Use existing broadcasting infrastructure• Operate in VHF/UHF bands• Target @ 100Mbps data rate for towns of up to 1000 premisesCSIRO : Innovation in a Broadband World
    8. 8. Australian Centre for Broadband InnovationNational Impact Developed through State and National Partnerships eGovernment and eHealth focus Tele-medicine focus Broadband Comms focus Headquarters Terrestrial wireless based activity Future Phase Smart-Grid and Fibre based activity Future Phase Sensor nets focus Initial Partners CSIRO : Innovation in a Broadband World
    9. 9. Conclusion The power of the NBN is providing access to reliable, high-speed, symmetric communications to ALL Australians ...the entire eHealth agenda is underpinned by high quality, high-speed broadband networks Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, NEHTA, Committee Hansard , Sydney, 5 August 2009, p. 28.• When everyone has access to high speed, reliable, symmetric communications, delivery models for services become feasible• CSIRO can helpCSIRO : Innovation in a Broadband World
    10. 10. CSIRO ICT CentreDr. Ian OppermannEmail: Ian.Oppermann@csiro.auWeb: www.csiro.auFeedback? Contact Us Phone: 1300 363 400 or +61 3 9545 2176 Email: Web: