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destiny daniels plagiarism slide show

  1. 1. • Plagiarism is basically using somebody else’s work or pictures , and calling it your own or not giving them the credit for making the picture or work you are using .
  2. 2. • If you plagiarize • If you plagiarize you somebody’s work and will not have the they find out , they satisfaction of knowing could easily take you that you’ve finished to court for taking your project or paper there ideas . by yourself and knowing that you know all the materials .
  3. 3. Plagiarism is easier then coming up with your own ideas but it is not the right thing to do . Imagine if youwhere the one that made the article that you took the information from, you wouldn’t like it if you found out that somebody was using your hard work and calling it their own. So don’t do it !
  4. 4. Don’tPlagiarize
  5. 5. How to avoid plagiarism• To avoid plagiarizing • You have to give credit somebody’s work use whenever you use quotation marks and another persons citing the persons pictures , title , books name and when the , articles, and quotes . article was made
  6. 6. Plagiarism Shows a persons lack of self potential .
  7. 7. Plagiarism often describes what type of person you are . Most likely of you are onethat plagiarizes work you are lazy and some people would say a thief . It also meansthat you cant think for yourself or either that you just aren’t on that mind level tomake a paper or power point without using somebody else’s work .
  8. 8. People often don’t think that they are taking somebody else’s work because they think that if they change some of the words and take the big words out . It is still taking the main idea of the personsarticle or passage that he/she had written and they could still get offended
  9. 9. Why Do You Think Most People Plagiarize Peoples Work ?Personally I think that people do this because they ran out of time to do a projectOr paper they had to do and they where procrastinating and put it off till the lastMinute and they are trying to rush and do it so they have no choice but to copy andpaste
  10. 10. •• plagiarize-335686.html••• arism.shtml• ism.html
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