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Tipp Tatler Issue 196 December 2012
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Tipp Tatler Issue 196 December 2012


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The Tipp Tatler is a free magazine distributed throughout North Tipperary and surrounding district. It is packed full of local news and interesting articles and provides the best business advertising …

The Tipp Tatler is a free magazine distributed throughout North Tipperary and surrounding district. It is packed full of local news and interesting articles and provides the best business advertising in Tipperary

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Advertise Online TATLERTipp To find out about advertising on our Website Phone: 0504-51945 or email: No. 196. December, 2012 Tel: 0504-51945 email: Tipp Tatler, Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipperary All of us at the Tipp Tatler Would like to Thurles Wish all our Readers, Hardware Ltd. Advertisers & Contributors A Very Happy Christmas • Bathrooms & Showers • Stoves & Fireplaces • Heating & Plumbing • Light Hardware Supplies Rusheen, Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipperary Wishing All Our Ph: 087 410 6868 A Happy ChristmasChristmas Pony Camp Paint and Tiles now in Stock 24th December 10.00 to 4.30 Great Offer on Stoves & Fireplaces Unit 5, Thurles Retail Park, Stradavoher, Thurles (Formerly Kevin Darmody Ltd) Tel. 0504-90160 Get on with your last minute Christmas Shopping While the kids have fun! Borrisoleigh 0504 51927 € Don’t be Disappointed, GHD’s To book contact Clare on 0874 410 6868 Book your Appointment! availab le Or email Tues 18th - 9.30-6pm Merry Christmas Wed 19th - 9.30-8pm to all our Customers Thurs 20th - 9.30-8pm Fri 21st - 9.30-8pm Christmas Club open Sat 22nd - 9.30-6pm Lots of Christmas Gifts Find us on (Other times by appointment) Special Offer for Nov/Dec Take Home Teeth Whitening €150 Vouchers available for Christmas Gifts The Mall Dental Practice Thurles Ph: 0504 21418 Friary Dental Centre Dominics Ct. Dental Practice Thurles Cashel Support The Local Businesses Who Support Ph: 0504 21523 Ph: 062 63349 The Area Where You Live, Work And Play.
  • 2. Tipp Tatler We make it easy with excellent rates and choice 0504 90402 or 087 9042610 • Entrances • Houses • Boundary Walls • Castles • Churches • Bridges • Arch Construction • Restoration • Re-pointing boomerang SKIPS & RECYCLING • Fireplaces • Stone Paving etc. Restoration & Conservation using Traditional Lime Mortar Patrick Noel Ryan, Thurles. Tel: 087-1938600 Fully Permitted & Insured. We will fill your skip for you! Email: Website: Christmas is a time when everybody wants his JokesA man phones home from his office The man replies, "Yep, the fishing Past forgotten and his present remembered. One day two cows were chatting He said, "Well, Im in the bar rightand says to his wife, "I have the was great... but you forgot to pack over the fence between their two next to it."chance to go fishing for a week. Its my blue silk pajamas." fields.the opportunity of a lifetime. I have His wife smiles and says, "Oh, no I The first cow said, "Im telling you,to leave right away. Please pack my didnt... I put them in your tackle this mad cow disease is getting prettyclothes, my fishing equipment, and box!" scary! Ive heard its spreading so fastespecially my blue silk pajamas. Ill that its already on Farmer Murphys A young man saw an elderly couplebe home in an hour to pick them up." land just down the road!" sitting down to lunch at McDonalds.The man rushes home to grab The second cow replied, "So what? It He noticed that they had ordered oneeverything. He hugs his wife, doesnt affect us chickens!" meal, and an extra drink cup. As heapologizes for the short notice, and Salesman: This computer will cut watched, the gentleman carefullythen hurries off. A week later, the your workload by 50%. divided the hamburger in half, thenman returns and his wife asks, "Did Office Manager: Thats great, Ill take A couple were Christmas shopping at counted out the fries, one for him,you have a good trip, dear?" two of them. the mall on Christmas Eve and the one for her, until each had half of mall was packed. As the wife walked them. Then he poured half of the soft through the mall she was surprised to drink into the extra cup and set that look up and see her husband was in front of his wife. The old man then nowhere around. She was quite upset began to eat, and his wife sat because they had a lot to do. Because watching, with her hands folded in she was so worried, she called him Equestrian Shop on her mobile phone to ask him where he was.In a calm voice, the husband said, "Honey, you her lap. The young man decided to ask if they would allow him to purchase another meal for them so that they didnt have to split theirs. Horse & Rider Essentials remember the jewellery store we went into about 5 years ago where The old gentleman said, "Oh no. Weve been married 50 years, and you fell in love with that diamond everything has always been and will One Stop Shop necklace that we could not afford and always be shared, 50/50." The I told you that I would get it for you young man then asked the wife if she one day?" The wife choked up and - Bedding started to cry and said, "Yes, I was going to eat. She replied, "When Pony hes finished with my teeth!" Horse & d - Haylage remember that jewellery store." C ooke Mix 12% - Feed - Tack - Health Care & Supplements Ned Bourke T.V. Wishing all our Customers Dog - Gain - Horse A Happy Christmas Grattan Street, Tipperary Buy 10 Stable Mix, Get 1 FREE 062-52109 / 087-8233513 0504 90402 Best Value in TV, DVD Mill Road, Thurles Satellite & Music Systems
  • 3. Keep Your Teak Windows Why Heat the Street? CONVERT Single Glazed to Double Glazed First There Was Hair Colour Then Came INOA Only Available at Boutique Salon • Using “Pilkington K Glass” Parnell Street U-Value 1.2 Phone : 0504-90662 • 8 Times More Efficient than To Book Your Appointment Single Glazing Mirror and Glassworx Specializes in the design, Now • No More Condensation • Keep the Natural Beauty of installation and repair of a Hardwood Frames wide range of glass • Environmentally Friendly And mirror products for 20% Discount on all• Conserves Energy & Increases the home and workplace. Services Mon-Wed the Value of Your Home All blowdrys €15 Proud to be the onlyMirror and Glassworx 5 Star Salon in ThurlesTel: 061-333630 Fax: 061-333631David Mulligan Mob: 087-2808184e-mail:info@mgwx.ieWebsite: All your Electrical Appliance Giftware at 64/65 Pearse St., Nenagh Tel: 067-32022 / 32690 GOCLEVER TAB R75 BUNDLE • TAB R75 tablet, LCD TFT 7” • Camera • Micro SD, mini-USB, HDMI • Build-in Wi-Fi • Android 4.0 (Google Play) 64/65 Pearse St., Nenagh • Leather case with built-in keyboard Ph: 067-32022 / 32690 • Mini USB, Stylus included • Waterproof 15”LAPTOP 42” s Cr een r • Intel Celeron Processor 32” es o l u t io n l ed C850-19Z • 4 GB RAM, 320GB HDD h dh d mi s Ca r t usb • 15.6” HD LED   • Intel HD graphics • Wi-Fi   RAM WINDOWS 32” HD READY REALITY MOTIONFLOW 8 € • A Energy Rated • Full HD LED TV with Cinema 3D • LG’s new slim minimalistic design • 100Hz Full HD 1080 Picture €429 • Wi-Fi™ Built-In • 3D Glasses included • Slim Edge LED TV that’s designed to save space
  • 4. Tipp Tatler John Quirke 10 Reasons To Shop Locally Watchmaker & Jeweller & Support Independent Retailers• Pandora, Newbridge Silverware 1. Local Economic to have to commute which• Yo Designer Silver All Items purchased Stimulus. means more time and less• Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss & Guaranteed to be traffic and pollution. Citizen Watches When you purchase at Engraved free before• Waterfor/Tipperary/Galway & locally owned businesses Christmas Killarney Crystal (Except Crystal) rather than nationally 6. Customer Service Is• Antica Murrina Beads & Jewellery owned, more money is Better.• Specialising in Engraving kept in the community because locally-owned businesses often Local businesses often hire people Happy Christmas 14 Castle St., Cahir, purchase from other local businesses with more specific product expertise Co. Tipperary for better customer service. To all our Customers and service providers . Purchasing Tel/Fax: 052-74 41 774 E-mail: local helps grow other businesses. 7. Local Business Owners Invest 2. Non Profits Receive Greater In Community. Support. Local businesses are owned by Fitzpatricks Local business owners donate more to local charities than non-local owners. people who live in the community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the communitys welfare and future. Only Finest Cut 3. Unique Businesses Create Meats & Freshest Character & Prosperity 8. Public Benefits Far Outweigh Public Costs. Vegetables The unique character of your local delivered directly community is defined in large part Local businesses require by the business that reside there, and comparatively little infrastructure to your that plays a big factor in your overall and more efficiently utilize public door at your satisfaction with where you live and services relative to chain stores. Request! the value of your home and property. Phone: 0504 - 44708 Happy Christmas To 9. Competition And Diversity 4. Environmental Impact Is Leads To More Consumer 087 - 7609643 All Our Customers Reduced. Choices. Small local business usually set up A marketplace of thousands of small shop in the town/village centre, businesses is the best way to ensure Dunne providing a centralized variety that is innovation and low prices over the much friendlier to a communitys long-term. walk score than out of town shopping malls. This generally means contributing less to sprawl, 10. You Matter More locks and keys locksmith congestion, habitat loss and We talk a lot about exerting All Makes of Keys Cut, Duplicated, pollution. influence with your purchasing Coded & Programmed choices, or "voting with your wallet." Its a fact that business Lost Keys - No Problem 5. Most New Jobs Are Provided By respond to their customers but your Locks Supplied & Fitted Local Businesses. values and desires are much more 24 Hour Service Small local businesses are the largest influential to your local community Lock In - Locked Out - No Problem employers nationally. Plus the more business than the large chain stores. Keys Retrieved jobs you have in your local community the less people are going Happy Christmas to all our Customers Contact: Nigel Dunne 067 37339 / 087 160 9935 28/29 Summerhill, Nenagh The Benefits of Buying Local Food It’s fresh. Buying local food means It supports local economy. Buying there is less time between when your from local farmers supports food was harvested and when it gets businesses in your community, aiding Sliding Wardrobes to your table. the overall local economy. December Offers Cathedral Street Thurles It’s better for the environment. Local foods require less packaging and It creates access to food experts. Buying local food creates theSliding and Walk-in Phone 0504-22221 travel less distances, saving on waste opportunity for you to build a Wardrobes Unit 2, and pollution. relationship with your food supplier, O’Connor’s Shopping Centre, learning about what he or she knows Full Design Dublin Road, Nenagh Service It’s better for you. Local foods are best—food. Phone 067-42913 more nutritious: food loses vitamins After 6pm, Contact Sean and minerals as it ages. 087 8226803
  • 5. Tipp Tatler www.tipptatler.ieHow the Multiplier Effect Shanahans CentraBenefits your local economyAccording to RGData the “multiplier effect” means that€1 spent locally is worth €4 while €1 spend in a globalchain is worth a fraction of that. BorrisoleighHow the Multiplier Effect works You may say that you get better value for money buying online or inA really basic example of how the the multinationals. That’s fairmultiplier effect works and helps the enough. Everybody is looking for thelocal economy is as follows; best value they can. But large numbers of people making aI go to my local electrical shop one conscious effort to spend an extra bitmorning and spend €100 on some locally can and does make aelectrical appliance. Later that difference. For instance, instead ofmorning the owner of the electrical one person spending €100 we couldshop goes to the local garage and break it down into 10 peoplepays for €100 worth of long overdue spending an extra €10 or 20 peoplemaintenance to his car. The spending an extra €5 locally.mechanic has a Christmas party Imagine the over 40,000 readers ofcoming up and needs some new the Tipp Tatler spending just an extraclothes so he goes to the local €10 or €20 with small independentclothes shop and spends €100. The retailers. That’s not an extra €10 onowner of the clothes shop goes to the what you would already be spending,local hair salon and spends €100 on a that’s just spending it locally insteadbeautiful new upstyle for Christmas. of giving it to some globalThe hairdresser visits the local corporation to divide up amongstbutcher and buys €100 worth of their shareholders.meat…… This story could keepgoing on and on re- Local businesses supportspending/recycling the same money communities, they employ localthroughout the community. In this tradespeople, they buy local goodsvery basic example €500 has been and services, they support local clubs Normal Opening hoursspent in the local economy (of course and sporting bodies,the figures are rounded off for EQUISTYLE Equestrian Warehousing 9am - 6pm Monday - Saturday Through Lunchconvenience, but you get the idea) Just ask yourself the next time you Unit 21, Springfort Park, Xmas Extended Opening HoursNow just suppose I bought my go to buy something “Will the Open on Sundays 9th, 16th andelectrical appliance online from money I spend on this item make its Streame, Limerick Road, Nenagh. 23rd December 2pm - 6pmoverseas or instead of supporting the way back into my community. Or Tel: 067 37888 Mobile: 086 272 9805 Closed Christmas Day, St. Stephens Day and New Yearslocal trader I went to a large foreign will it leave the country and provide Dayowned multinational? no benefit whatsoever to me, my family, my friends or neighbours. Stocking a huge selection of horse riding equipment, equestrian clothing, horse care products, stable equipment, horse rugs, riding boots, bridles, jodhpurs, tack, saddlery & saddles. Now sharpening clipper blades When I Was Young Happy ChristmasWhen I was a young man, I wantedto change the world. I found it was Now, as an old man, I realize the only thing I can change is myself, To all our Customersdifficult to change the world, so I and suddenly I realize that if long ago Outdoor Rugs from €59tried to change my nation. When I I had changed myself, I could have Stable Rugs from €49found I couldnt change the nation, I made an impact on my family. My Tipperarybegan to focus on my town. I couldnt family and I could have made anchange the town and as an older man, impact on our town. Their impactI tried to change my family. could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world. Equestrian Centre Mill Road, Thurles (087) 7995585 Pets Are For LifeThe Tipperary Friends of Animals Christmas, so please don’t HORSE RIDING LESSONSwant to remind everyone that commit yourself to a petpuppies and kittens are a lifetime unless it is forever. Something you’ve always wanted to trycommitment. They feel joy and Lessons for Children & Adultssorrow the same way that we do If it is forever, call us onand when they are abandoned after a 086-8163707 after Christmas and we Beginners and Advancedfew months, when their cuteness has will be delighted to enrich your homeworn off, they are heartbroken. Too with another family member!many animals are abandoned after Why not give a friend a Christmas Gift Voucher
  • 6. Tipp Tatler THE Tipperary GAA Scene By Ger Ryan EAUTY OFT County PRO Bringing Beauty to another level County Championships Football) and David Butler (Intermediate Hurling) also received French Polish, Full body spray full body spray tan & make up Motions to change the county senior their awards at the same event. tan & make up with false lashes hurling championship were deferred Among the other award winners were CHRISTMAS €45 €45 for consideration in January at Hall of Fame recipients Pat Hartigan PARTY OFFERS November’s county board meeting of Limerick for hurling and Denis Gel Nails, full Make up & full body spray tan body spray tan last week. Changes have been agreed Coughlan of Cork for football. & make up €35 to the senior football championship €70 and the intermediate hurling Shellac Nails, & much, much championship. Full details of all Season Ticket As Christmas full body spray more! changes will be circulated to clubs and Present OptionCall: Yvonne 0504-20875 tan & make up will be available on the Tipperary5 Parnell Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary €55ITEC, CIBTAC, Nail Technician, Happy Christmas website in due course. In summary the If you are still wondering what to buyMake Up Artist senior football championship will be GAA fans for Christmas consider the to all our Customers run on a group basis with the intention GAA Season Ticket and the Tipperary of reducing the number of clubs GAA Club Match Pass. For just €200, The Finest Quality Wool Products participating to a maximum of 16 by the new 2013 Premier Gold Plus 2017. The divisional championships Package will give access to all adult will be on a straight knock-out basis. club games within the county The intermediate hurling organized by the Tipperary County championship will be run on a county and Divisional CCC’s. In addition it The Little Wool Shop wide group basis with Divisions left incorporates the GAA Season Ticket to organise their own divisional which gives access to all Allianz Large Variety championships. The divisional League matches in the chosen code of yarns and accessories winners will be guaranteed a place in (including semi-finals and final) plus in a warm, cosy atmosphere. the preliminary quarter-finals. the opening Championship fixture for Relegation will be used if needed to Tipperary SH or SF. After that Pay for The Little Wool Shop keep the maximum number of teams Play applies for your county’s Friar Street, Thurles to 24. additional games in the championship Opening Hours: Tues - Sat : 9.30 -5pm in that code with a €5 discount off face value. For championship games Proprietor : Kathleen Harding / Telephone : 087 707 0783 the Season Ticket is in a reserved Munster Council Awards good quality seating section e.g. 304 Happy Christmas to all our Customers Congratulations to Patrick “Bonner” or 305 in the Cusack Stand in Croke Maher of Lorrha and Dorrha who has Park. If you have already purchased a been named Munster Senior Hurler of GAA Season Ticket you can pay an the Year 2012. He was presented with additional €115 for the Tipperary Kennedy Well Drilling We also do his award at the Munster Council’s Annual award ceremony which was GAA Club Match Pass. If you want to pay by credit card or order a copy held in Killarney last weekend. The of the brochure and application form Geo Thermal Heating previously announced recipients of contact Lár na Páirce 0504-22702 More efficient than conventional heating other awards John Ferncombe (10am-5pm Mon - Fri). Government Grants Available (Handball), John McGrath (Minor Hurling), Colman Kennedy (Minor For Details Contact: Jim Kennedy Phone: 0504-54054 Thurles Mobile: 086-8159285 The Expression of Spirit 087-0505756 Presents their Psychic & Healing Fair All Spiritual Enthusiasts are Divining, Space Clearing, Welcome!! Come and complete 2012 Shamanism, Numerology, Vedic and start 2013 on the right note for Astrology, Aura Soma and Meta YourSelf!!! medicine and what they can do for Find us on The event takes place in the Abbey you. Court Hotel, Nenagh on December Beautiful Crystals, Hand crafted 29th and 30th from 10am to 5pm. wooden carvings, other powerful Spiritual remedies, paintings and Mid West il Renowned Psychic Dennis Curran products and delicious seasonal food and Medium Stephen Honan will and drinks available for all to enjoy. offer readings. Angel, Numerology, Vedic Astrology and a variety of Short sessions in Reiki, Indian headSuppliers of Agri & Auto Diesel, other types of one-to-one readings massage, Massage, Reflexology,Home Heating Oils, will also be available on the day for Kinesiology, Rahanni, Chinese those wanting some timely guidance Cupping, and Emotional FreedomLubricating Oil and Tanks as we enter 2013 ! Therapy (EFT) will be on offer to alleviate any seasonal stress andUPPERCHURCH, THURLES, Learn about Japa Yoga (mantra prepare you for a happier, healthier meditation) Family Systems, and more peaceful new year. (0504) 54129 / 54193 (087)-810 7344
  • 7. Tipp Tatler Tipperary GAA Scene (continued) Based in Templemore 0504-35934Youth ForumA Youth Forum for Transition Year Primary Schools Quiz County Final Possibly The Best Christmasstudents organised by the County YouthCommittee was held last Friday in The The county final of the Primary Schools Present Ever !!!Dome, Semple Stadium. Over fifty Table Quiz organised by the Countystudents from ten post primary schools Youth Committee will be held this BEER KITS - WINE KITS - CIDER KITS - LIQUOR KITSparticipated and they gave excellent Sunday in Thurles Sarsfields Clubhouse If you haven’t tried home brew beer, there’s never been a betterfeedback from the workshops that at 7pm. Twenty teams will take part in time to get started, and at we stock a huge rangediscussed a number of topics including this very popular quiz . Last year’sGames, GAA and the Community, Clubs, winners were Upperchurch N.S. of home brew kits for beer, wine, cider and even liquors. As theMatch Days, Communication and cost of going out soars, making your own great tasting drinks atInformation Technology. The feedback home is one of the best ways to save money and have fun doingwill be posted on the Tipperary GAA Civic Reception For Minor Hurlers it. We have a wide selection of home brew beer, cider and wine -Website and a report will be submitted to And Handball World Champions with all the brewing equipment you need to produce high-qualitythe County Board with a view to beverages at home.implementation, where feasible, of some Tipperary County Board would like toof the ideas and suggestions received thank Tipperary North and South Countyfrom the students. Sean Nugent, County Councils for hosting a joint Civic Complete Home Brew Starter Kit only €99.95Chairman, addressed the forum and Ken Reception recently to honour the The new Coopers DIY Beer KitHogan, Tipperary Under 21 Hurling Tipperary Minor Hurlers and the includes everything needed toManager and Pat Mulcahy, County ASAP Tipperary Intermediate Hurlers on theirOfficer gave informative presentations. All Ireland successes in 2012 and the make 23 litres of great tastingThanks are due to John Smith, County Tipperary Handballers on their successes beer - a patented fermenter thatYouth Officer, all those that assisted on in the recent World Handball makes brewing even easier andthe day and also to the Post Primary Championships held at Citywest, Dublin. quicker, an easy to read plasticSchools who facilitated us by allowing hydrometer specificallytheir students to attend. made for beer, plus an Instructional DVD ROM to answer all yourIrish People Sue The Banks brewing questions.Hundreds of Irish people have fraudulent in their activities and Delivery anywhere in Ireland €3.95lodged High Court proceedings broke liquidity laws. The cases cost Visit www.homebrew.ieagainst banks and building societies each litigant €138 in court fees toalleging fraud and claiming €1 instigate, which the group insistsmillion compensation. A Facebook means that the banks cannot thencampaign called Debtoptions is touch the applicants while the case isproviding advice and support topeople who find themselves pending. A number of videos on YouTube under ‘Irish People Sue Neuromuscularstruggling with their mortgages.Claire Cullinane, one of the The Banks’ feature interviews with some of the people who have lodged & Physical Therapyinstigators claims that the banks were cases. Neuromuscular & Physical TherapyCryotherapy Treatment and Orthopedic Sports massage serves to address soft tissue injuries andCryonic Medical designs and This technique, already widely used conditions associated with chronic and acute paindevelops equipment using highly in leading sports clubs across thepressurised gas at very low world, is now available to all healthtemperatures. This enables care professionals. CRYOTHERAPYpractitioners to use thermal shocktreatment, a technique which remains Cryotherapy treatment is avaialble at New to Tipperary, Cryonic Medical isentirely pain-free for the patient. the Neuromuscular and Physical a drug free non invasive Treatment Therapy Clinic, 17 Liberty Square, for pain and inflamation. This painlessThe thermal shock reaction allows Thurles. Phone Helen Ryan at 083- treatment can speed up your recoverythe treatment of pain or inflammation 1477864 process following injurieswithin seconds and without the needfor medication. Discount on all Treatments for December Contact for appointment Moynihan & Ryan Helen Ryan (Kennedy) 083 1477864 17 Liberty Square, Thurles Commercial Spares Ltd. late evening appointments available The Mall, Thurles, Co. Tipperary Clients with health insurance are entitled to a part refund Tel: 0504 20885 Tel/Fax 0504 20884 M: 086 0384179 Jim M: 087 6300075 Joe Bosch Varta, Hella Battery
  • 8. Tipp Tatler A Classical Christmas with Celine Byrne @ Brownes Hair & Beauty World-renowned soprano Celine Night’ and ‘Have Yourself a Merry Byrne, who earlier this year made her Little Christmas.’ Covent Garden début, performs Hair Style for the first time at (any Hair Style you wish for) Nenagh Arts Centre. Date: Saturday 15 Make - up ‘A Classical Christmas with December (with individual lashes) Celine Byrne and Guests’ will Time: Doors 7pm | Nails feature familiar songs from the Concert 8pm (file & Paint) world of opera in addition to Admission: €25 well known Christmas carols All for €50 and songs such as ‘O Holy Also availabe: Hair & Make-up for 40.00 Hair & Nails for 30.00 Nails & Make-up for 30.00 Book NOW on (0504) 20872 Friar St., Thurles Jim and Dr. Nick’s Christmas Circus Family Cabaret at The Source Jim and Dr Nick are a comic double Christmas. Jim & Dr Nick are two of act who use a combination of awe– Ireland’s leading street entertainers inspiring juggling, gravity-defying and are coming indoors to The The Perfect Gift For This Christmas giant unicycles, baffling magic and Source Arts Centre.12 Days of fitness €15 illusions that leave almost everybodyPT express sessions only €15 wondering precisely what is Join Jim and Dr. Nick as they prepare6 months membership €150 happening. The unique approach of for Christmas in their own unique12 months membership €300 PLUS these two clowns creates a series of style that will have the whole family12 days free voucher for a friend with hilarious slapstick situations and the laughing into their mince pies, their6 months membership and over! comic rivalry between Jim and Dr performance is full of slapstickPlus *50 days for €50 T&C Apply. Nick leaves everybody asking just routines that will be enjoyed byOffer ends Friday 24th December Happy Christmas who is wearing the trousers here? young and old alike. It’s magic! to all our CustomersCall 086 8222295 / 067 32802 This is a great show for the whole Saturday 15 December 2pm and 4pm Opening HoursFind us on Facebook @ ‘Ultimate Woman Ladies Gym’ family with a feast of circus skills and Mon - Fri 7-9pm To see our full list of classes. Starts from €4 only most important of all, a flavour of €8/ 25 (family of four) Sat 10-4pm17 Quintins Way, Nenagh Antonia OKeeffee Art Exhibition Valerie and Amy’s Hair & Beauty Launch in Cloughjordan 79 Main St., Cashel Wishing all our Clients The public launch of the Sheelagh na Gig winter art exhibition takes place Antonia has a Merry Christmas Tuesday, 4 December at 7pm in exhibited both and a Prosperous New Year Sheelagh na Gig bookshop in in Cork and from all Management and Staff Cloughjordan. All are welcome. Cloughjordan and has a number of pieces in private This solo exhibition features the work collections. All works in the exhibition Opening Hours: of Cloughjordan-based artist Antonia are for sale, and the exhibition runs Plenty of offers to avail of. OKeeffe. A 2006 graduate of until the end of January. Xmas Eve Tues 10-6 Call NOW on 062-64965 Crawford College of Art in Cork, 8am-2pm Wed 10-6 to book your Antonia OKeeffe currently makes Sheelagh na Gig bookshop in New Year’s Thurs 10-9 Eve Fri 10-9 appointment small paper-based collages using Cloughjordan hosts a number of solo to avoid recycled materials that feature artist exhibitions every year. The shop 8.30am-3.30pm Sat 9.30-5 landscapes and birds. She also paints is open Wed-Thu 10.30am-5.30pm, disappointment larger layered works in oil on board. Fri-Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 1pm-6pm. Gordon’s Turkish Barber Shop Liberty Square, Thurles (087)193 8563 Phone:- Louise 089-4201423 Vouchers available for all Treatments All Hair Cuts €10 including Hot Towel Shave €18 Pamper Packages Decleor Facials and a full range of other beauty treatments Hot Towel Shave & Haircut €28 Swedish / Hot Stone Indian Head Massage Gift Vouchers Available For Aromatherapy Treatments That Special Occasion Reiki Reflexology An Ideal Christmas Gift And much more
  • 9. Tipp Tatler www.tipptatler.ieDeep Thoughts For Those WhoTake Life Way Too Seriously- Save the whales. Collect the whole - OK, . . . . so whats the speed of FINN’S BAR Borrisoleigh 0504-50708set. dark?- A day without sunshine is - When everything is coming yourlike...night. way, youre in the wrong lane. Friday 21st - Tommy Foley- On the other hand, you have - Hard work pays off in the future.different fingers Laziness pays off now. Wednesday 26th - Dermot Kelly- 42.7 percent of all statistics are - Every one has a photographic Thursday 27th - Trad Nightmade up on the spot. memory. Some just dont have film. Friday 28th - K2 & Dan- 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a - How much deeper would the oceanbad name. be without sponges? Saturday 29th - Trad Night- Remember, half the people you - Eagles may soar, but weasels dontknow are below average. get sucked into jet engines. Sunday 30th - Elvis (Greg Traynor)- He who laughs last thinks slowest. - What happens if you get scared half Fancy Dress to death twice?- Depression is merely anger without Monday 31st - New Year’s Partyenthusiasm. - I couldnt repair your brakes, so I Michelle O’Dwyer made your horn louder.- The early bird may get the worm,but the second mouse gets the cheese - Why do psychics have to ask youin the trap. for your name? Joe Wishes All Customers A- Support bacteria. Theyre the only - Inside every older person is aculture some people have. younger person wondering what Happy Christmas happened.- A clear conscience is usually the & A Prosperoussign of a bad memory. - Just remember - if the world didnt New Year suck, we would all fall off.- Change is inevitable, except fromvending machines. - Light travels faster than sound. That- If you think nobody cares, trymissing a couple of payments. is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. Philly Ryan’s Bar- How many of you believe in - Life isnt like a box of chocolates; its more like a jar of hot chilli Silver St., Nenaghpsycho-kinesis? Raise my hand. peppers. What you do today, might Prop: Tom Kennealy burn your butt tomorrow. Sat 15th Get in the mood with:- Modern Souls 10pm Sat 22nd Martin Freshman Ryan 10pm Sun 23rd Kenny Ryder & the Rock’n Rebels 8pmNorth Tipperary Macra Wed 26th Live Wire 6-8pm Followed by DJOn Friday night last the Monthly cancer. Following the meeting a quiz Thurs 27thBoys from the Black Stuff 9pmmeeting of the North Tipperary was also held in Quinlans and the Fri 28th Johnny Fean Band - featuring Johnny Feancounty executive took place in Moyne/Templetuohy club would like from Horslips, Steve Travers from theQuinlans Pub, Moyne and was to thank all those who came to Miami Showband & World Renownedhosted by the local Moyne support the event as it was a great Drummer Blendi Krasniqi 10pm/Templetuohy club. A cheque success and fun was had by all. The Sat 29th Christmas Draw with Ebony 10pmpresentation was held for the "relay Ballinahinch-Killoscully club will Loads of cash prizesfor life" fundraiser held earlier in the hold their Christmas party in theyear. Padraig Moran and Imelda Bonnan Bui on Saturday 15th Sun 30th Wig Wam Glam Band 9pmWalsh were on hand to accept a December and there will also be a Mon 31st New Year’s Eve Party with DJcheque for €3044.12 from the North best Xmas jumper competition on Tues 1st Brian Hogan Celtic Supporters Club -Tipp Macra committee and thanked the night, so get those ridiculous Annual New Year’s Day Table Quiz in aid ofthem all for their efforts in this jumpers out! Nenagh Day Centre & Droichead (Kidney Dialysis)regard. The team captain Sarah First Prize €200. €20 for table of 4.Guilfoyle congratulated everyone on Music by Livewiremaking the event a huge success. The Droichead Foundation was set up to help with homeThe fantastic team spirit showed by treatment facilities for people requiring home dialysisnorth tipp was evident especially inthe long hours of the night and into All Parties Catered Forthe morning, the fact that we raisedsuch a substantial sum of moneymade it all the more worthwhile. Sheadded that we hope to have a team Padraig Moran and Imelda Walsh representingthere next year as it is a great cause Relay for Life being presented with a cheque from North Tipperary Macra in Quinlans, Moyne. Pub: 067-31350 - Tom: 087-9852671 Find us onand way of promoting awareness of
  • 10. Tipp Tatler st oard The Mouse Trap tees KCo es d eyb Guaraneluse Set for FREE Wir y our r A mouse looked through the crack in That very night a sound was heard an ing on it or e o Savd M p audancrepai apto n every Mainte the wall to see the farmer and his throughout the house – like the sound IT L wife open a package. “What food of a mousetrap catching its prey. The might this contain?” the mouse farmer’s wife rushed to see what was wondered. He was devastated to caught. In the darkness, she did not discover it was a mousetrap. see it was a venomous snake whose Computer Repairs Retreating to the farmyard, the tail the trap had caught. The snake bit mouse proclaimed the warning: the farmer’s wife. The farmer rushed IT Maintenance “There is a mousetrap in the house! her to the hospital and she returned There is a mousetrap in the house!” home with a fever. Virus Removal The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head an...d said “Mr. Everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the Offsite Backup Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup’s main consequence to me. I cannot be ingredient. But his wife’s sickness bothered by it.” continued, so friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock. The mouse turned to the pig and told To feed them, the farmer butchered him “There is a mousetrap in the the pig. The farmer’s wife did not get Hot W house! There is a mousetrap in the well; she died. So many people came a te r Heating For The Future 24/7 house!” The pig sympathized, but for her funeral, the farmer had the From €4000 said “I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, cow slaughtered to provide enough but there is nothing I can do about it meat for all of them. • Underfloor Heating • Heat Pumps but pray. Be assured you are in my The mouse looked upon it all from • Geothermal Heating • Time & Temperature control system prayers.” his crack in the wall with great • Solar Hot water • Condensing oil Gas boiler The mouse turned to the cow and sadness. So, the next time you hear • Water Pumps & Softeners said “There is a mousetrap in the someone is facing a problem and house! There is a mousetrap in the think it doesn’t concern you,Thomas MaherTel:087 8378791 / 0504 45310 Fax: 0504 34911 E: house!” The cow said “Wow, Mr. remember: when one of us isCloncleigh, Two Mile Borris, Co. Tipperary Mouse. I’m sorry for you, but it’s no threatened, we are all at risk. We are skin off my nose.” all involved in this journey called So, the mouse returned to the house, life.......Phil Hogan may end up in High Court head down and dejected, to face the farmer’s mousetrap alone.over Household ChargeThe Minister for the Environment,Community and Local Government, Charge Bureau, the Household Charge form, the Local Government Local Company Celebrates Ten YearsPhil Hogan may find himself in the (Household Charge) Act 2011, In BusinessHigh Court if he fails to answer a Bunreacht na hÉireann and the Non- Nenagh-based company QA director of QA Resources and topicsnumber of questions related to the Fatal Offences Against The Person Resources held an Industry Training discussed on the day included RiskHousehold Charge according to a Act 1997. The letter states “If you do day on Thursday 1st November Assessment and Lean Manufacturingletter received by us. A notice, dated not answer ALL of the questions in marking 10 Years in business as – Carmel Cregan, Director of QA27th November 2012, has been sent the manner prescribed, we will have thanks to their customers and Resources concluded the day’sto the Minister demanding answers no issue standing the €157 required, contractors in the Pharmaceutical & session and thanked all whomto several questions relating to the for our client to take you and your Medical Device industries for attended.Household Charge. Attached to the cohorts into the High Court…” continued support. The event tookletter is a copy of a summons to place at The Carlton Castletroy Parkappear in Westport District Court The full copy of the letter can be read Hotel in Limerick and includedissued to an individual for failing to on (search for speakers frommake a declaration regarding the ‘Phil Hogan High Court’) multi-nationalHousehold Charge. corporations According to our sources the author includingHogan was given 72 hours to of the document has agreed to talk Genzyme (arespond to the letter which was about the Household Charge at a Sanofi Company)issued by Fitzpatrick Financial Lay Litigation Day, being held in Waterford, CookSolutions of Portlaoise, Co. Laois. Moate, Co. Westmeath on Saturday Medical, StrykerThe letter has questions seeking 8th December. Visit Ireland &clarification on a range of issues Olympus Biotechunder the following categories :- The for more info. Limerick andsummons served, the Household Northstar Healthcare in Mike Murphy Debt Support Cork. Declan Kelly, Genzyme (a Sanofi Company) -speaker, Siobhan Carey, Olympus Biotech -speaker, Carmel Cregan, Director QA The opening Resources, Paddy Brougham, NorthStar Healthcare Limited - Concerned about your Finances? welcome was speaker, Catherine O’Brien, Director QA Resources, Rita delivered by Gleeson, Stryker Ireland -speaker, John Gorman, COOK Medical Contact me now Catherine O’Brien, -speaker, Elaine Sheehy, Pfizer Nutritionals -chair 087-7881087 / 089-4629620 Visit for News, Entertainment skype: M4DMIKE5 & Events from around the County
  • 11. LOCAL SERVICES - LOCAL SERVICESNed Bourke TV & Video Shreelawn Oil Munster Chauffeurs 3 Gratten St., Tipperary 062-52109 Contact your local representative for Enda Everard Sales & Service competitive rates in the Thurles Area Mob: 086 1716100 Airport Transfers • Hens & Stags Weddings & Civil Partnerships Sky Digital Your local driver in the Thurles Area Concerts • Birthday • Events • Match • Debs Free to Air Satellite Richie Doyle Tony Cogan 086 8332424 Bansha, Co. Tipperary Calving Cameras Tel: 062 54011 / 54018 Fax: 062 54009 Uniforms IMPROVE YOUR HOME for Nurses, Beauticians, ‘It pays to chose a company that cares!’ Prevent an unnecessary Fire Hairdressers, Chefs etc. Let us make your Tile or Slate Hazard in your home! Clean & Professional Service Full Stock available at Roof look like new for Less than you think with our roof Using Brush & Vacuum Uniforms on the Move cleaning & coating service Contact: Ph. Eileen for Appointment New roofs & repairs Con Donegan 086-0668826 0504-32229 Flat roofs replaced & repaired Chimney repairs & repointing 087-6839920 Dry verge cap systems supplied Fascia, Soffits & fitted & Gutters All Upvc roofline products fitted Co Painting & & cleaned Dry ridge tiles supplied & fitted also catered for Interior & Exterior painting Call MartinPVC Cladding & Steel Sheds Decorating Free Estimates Full Guarantees MOBILE: 0876 338 880 Painting & Decorating No Deposit Required OFFICE: 0674 2444All sizes made to order Internal & External Fully Insured AvailableMaintenance Free Power Washing & in many colours Knockalton, Nenagh,Delivered and Erected Tel:086-8211 007 Co. Tipperary Spray Painting Terracotta 25 Years Experience Martin Mockler, Rustic087-796 4298 / 087-983 2832 All work carried out to Rathmanna, Brown Grey DON’T DELAY, CALL TODAY! Green 0505-47943 the Highest Standard Thurles Blinds & Curtains PREMIER BLINDS AND CANOPIES MARY’S FOOT HEALTH CLINIC Take your first steps to healthy feet Do you suffer discomfort from……… September Offers LAUNCHING OUR Corns New Patio Canopies and Carports Callus & or cracked heels Made to Measure Curtains, Roman, Athlete’s foot Roller, Vertical and Wood Blinds Custom Made Ingrown toe nails to any size Alu. Profile Fungal & thickened nails (Long Life Rust Free) Mobile clinic Diabetic Foot Assessment Patio Canopies available on request Unable to cut your nails. Smoking Shelters Door Canopies Covered Walkways Clinics now available at After 6pm, Contact Sean Domestic and Commercial Roscrea Centre Pharmacy 0505-22718 087-8226803 Choice of Profile Colours Ray Walsh Pharmacy, Nenagh 067-31249 Free Quotations Book your appointmentUnit 2, After 6pm, call Sean Kenneally 087-8226803 for treatment of foot related problemsO’Connor’s Shopping Centre, Cathedral StreetDublin Road, Nenagh Thurles Nenagh Thurles MARY MURPHY M.ICPO/M.ACHI/M.I.R.I.L (086) 3519416 Registered Member of the Irish Chiropodists/Podiatrists Organisation LtdPhone 067-42913 Phone 0504-22221 087 42913 0504 22221 Premier County Chartered HYPNOSOLUTIONS Transformation Paving and Landscaping Achievement Made Simple Transform your Driveway or Garden Area Physiotherapy Gastric Hypnotic Band – End Emotional Eating NOW • Block Paving Clinics Weight Loss Programme – Less than 3 stone to lose • Sandstone Paving Thurles & Templemore Quit Smoking Today – One Session • Garden Walls Therese Ryan & Daniel Walsh HypnoBirthing Programme – Pain Free Birth • Kerbs and Drainage Emma Callanan Tailor made sessions for: • Water Features - including Fish ALL CHARTERED Anxiety, Bruxism (Teeth Grinding), Breaking Habits, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Pain Relief, Insomnia, Stress, Ponds PHYSIOTHERAPISTS etc. • Repair and Maintenance All work Carried out to 0504 26090 Main Street Miriam Dunne • Help with Design and Customers satisfaction Templemore Hypnotherapist Adv. Dip. ‘ENSURE YOUR PHYSIOTHERAPIST Beside Garda Station Phone 086 838 4210 Planning IS CHARTERED’ 25 Distance No Problem rs Yea nce• Joint, Back, Muscle & Sport Injuries erie Exp Ring Patrick: 0505 43997• Deep Dry Needling For Chronic Pain Mob: 086 3650519• VHI, Quin, Aviva, H.S.F. Med 1 Templemore, Co. Tipperary
  • 12. LOCAL SERVICES - LOCAL SERVICES Diamond Dogs Grooming Salon ecoHair Irish Shamrock Trees Where every dog has their day Fiona Kelly Organic Hairdressing All Trees, Professional dog groomer Suitable for: Tree Plants Chemically sensitive people & Hedging 24hr service ** Silver Street People with low immunity Nenagh Tipperary Pregnant Mothers Health Conscious People Whitethorn & Beech 0852354235 Call Jeanne Kelly 067 33833 Hedging etc. etc. Tues-Sat open Ring John anytime 087-274 3914 Find us on facebook Wed-Fri 8am-8pm 3 Cudville, Nenagh, Tipperary BLINDS & CURTAINS Van Shelving Eamonn Walsh QFA Mortgages & Investments Ltd 15 Bank St., Templemore, Co. Tipperary Roller, Wood, Venetian & Vertical Fully Adjustable Van Readymade & Made-To-Measure Curtains Shelving Kits to Suit Authorised Free Independent Advisor Wide Range to Choose from All Makes of Vans Financial Review & Best Price Around Do you want to reduce monthly payments and • Ply Lining Service, free up some of your hard earned cash? Fitting & Measuring Service Provided • Anti Slip Floors Diploma in Wealth Management & Mortgage Practice P.J. & Breda Jones, Moneygall • Roof Racks etc. Phone/Text Eamonn 086-0471147 Email: 0505-45287 / 087-2717465 / 087-2593111 Ph: 067-24800 • 086-8572111 Eamonn Walsh Mortgages Ltd is regulated by the Financial Regulator as an authorised advisor and a mortgage and investment intermediary Fully John Healy Lawnmower Insured Hill Fabrications Automated gates General mild Quads, Sales& Service steel and Sales, Servicing and RepairsFor all your moving needs Light Commercial stainless of Lawnmowers.Reliable and Efficient service Courier Service Entrance gates and rails steel We are Main Dealers for Honda, fabricated to customers Suzuki, Craftsman, Castlegarden,Furniture Removals Office / Home design and specification. fabrication services Stiga, Oleo mac & Kubota.Home Deliveries Relocation No job too Also existing gates We now service Suzuki, automated. Collection & Delivery can small be arranged Yamaha & Honda QuadsPlease phone or email for quote 0504 44300 or 087 2456493 Kieran & Martina Durkan Contact Pierce Ryan 086 2470291 • Domestic • Agri Main Dealer Main St., Littleton, Thurles,087 - 94 16 927 New Inn, Cashel, Co. Tipperary Email: • Commercial Co. Tipperary for Suzuki Quads M.C. CYCLES Paul Carroll Bohernanave, 0504-23022 All makes of Bikes Thurles, FULL AFTER SALES SERVICE Merry Christmas 087-292 0138 to all our Tree Surgeon • Trees Topped, Pruned, Felled, Cut For Firewood etc. • Hedge Cutting • Garden Maintenance L Matt Cleary Customers • Wood Chipping Service Qualified RSA Instructor We don’t sell cheap bikes Go Karts 087-123 6360 0504-51765 Covering Mobile: - We sell bikes cheap! KMX Karts FETAC & NPTC Approved Nenagh & Thurles Open: 10 - 5 - Mon. - Sat. Closed Wed. Fully Insured - Reasonable Rates 087-2433271The Urban Countryside - The Jackdaw By Albert NolanThe meeting had been running for Jackdaws eat a wide variety of food green moss. On the old red brick Suddenly they took flight and did notseveral hours and my attention was from earthworms, seeds, caterpillars chimney Polypody ferns were return to my house for several weeks.starting to wane. and scraps discarded by people. growing in profusion. This was a Was I in some way held responsibleThankfully a short break was called When they are feeding they move secret world that we rarely get to see for the untimely death? This isand I strolled over to the window to like clockwork toys with short jerky and I felt very privileged to be able question that I have never been ablesee if anything interesting was movements. to experience it. to satisfactory answer. The shorthappening. I had an excellent view break is over and I return to my seatfrom the top floor and the streets A few years ago a friend of mine was and leave the mysteries of thewere full of casual shoppers but very repairing a roof and Jackdaws were Jackdaws are very social birds and Jackdaws for another day.little wildlife. Next i scanned the roof building their nest in the chimney. I have a wide repertoire of calls fortops and was delighted to find a pair jumped at the opportunity to get a communicating. “Trying to do businessof Jackdaws resting on the slates of closer look at their nesting habitats. I They can become very tame if you without advertising is likean adjacent building. balanced precariously on the ridge feed them regularly and this lead to a and gently peered inside. The nest very strange incident. I have been winking at a girl in theThese are highly intelligent members was located about two feet down on a feeding the Jackdaws at the front of dark.of the crow family and are very narrow ledge. It was constructed of my house for years and each Spring Ifamiliar birds of our streets and grass and scraps of newspapers and would follow their nesting antics and You know you’re doing it,gardens. Traditionally they would their were small pieces of shiny with parental interest the first flight but no one else does”have nested in tree holes and cliff paper scattered around the nest. of the chicks. The young birds utter aledges but the chimney pots on our Usually they would use sticks but distinctive begging call thatroofs make an ideal substitute. Near these can be in short supply in a city stimulates the adults to give themmy house they nest each year in tall center and this shows the adaptability food. I was the sitting room when I Call Today to book your adconifer trees that sway dramatically of these birds. The parents returned heard a fierce commotion outside. Iin the wind. This can lead them into nosily and I quickly moved back. went outside to investigate and found 0504-51945conflict with people as they will keep The Jackdaws also had their own that one of the fledglings had beenon dropping sticks down the chimney secret garden. The old slates were killed by a car. Naturally I removed it Or emailbut this can be easily avoided by covered in colourful lichens and from the road and I can still hear theplacing a cowl over the pot. instead of a lawn there was lush harsh calls of the assembled birds.
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  • 15. Tipp Tatler Prayers Prayers: €7.50 Initials:______ Counselling Miraculous The Miraculous Prayer – Novena Anxiety Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I’ve Other____________ By Jim O’Shea asked for many favours. This time I ask You this very special one For a number of years I have been stressor that indicates extreme danger. Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, exploring a number of painful This enables the threatened human to (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart promise publication and favour will be psychological problems (depression react by running or fighting. The heart of Jesus and place it within Your own granted. Never known to fail. L.C. being the last one) to help you understand beats faster to supply the muscles with broken heart where Your Father sees The Miraculous Prayer – the nature of these complaints, and how extra oxygen and energy for either flight it. Then in His merciful eyes it will Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I’ve you might ease them, or, better still, get or fight. Long ago, this was a response to become Your favour, not mine. asked for many favours. This time I rid of them altogether. Sometimes threats from wild beasts or from attacks Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, ask You this very special one understanding them can bring ease, and by neighbouring tribes. promise publication and favour will be (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart perhaps do away with the guilt that some We should not confuse anxiety with worry granted. Never known to fail. N.D. of Jesus and place it within Your own people have, because of merely having or fear. Sometimes they are closely The Miraculous Prayer – broken heart where Your Father sees such painful issues. It might be helpful to related, but worry, for example, may arise Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I’ve it. Then in His merciful eyes it will remind ourselves that we are not if we have too much negative thinking or asked for many favours. This time I become Your favour, not mine. responsible for our feelings, but we are self-talk. Our life style and how we are ask You this very special one Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, responsible for our behaviour. socialised can lead to worry. For example, (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart promise publication and favour will be As I write these articles, Ireland is in the if we overwork, eat the wrong type of of Jesus and place it within Your own granted. Never known to fail. M.O.D. grip of a deep recession. By the time they food, have insufficient rest and sleep, and broken heart where Your Father sees The Miraculous Prayer – are published things may have changed. feel that it is ‘strong’ to carry all our it. Then in His merciful eyes it will Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I’ve As of now, hundreds of thousands of burdens, we are leaving ourselves open to become Your favour, not mine. asked for many favours. This time I people have lost their jobs, and thousands worry. Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, ask You this very special one have had their wages cut. A great number promise publication and favour will be (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart of people are struggling to pay their Anxiety. What promotes it? granted. Never known to fail. T.R. of Jesus and place it within Your own While mild anxiety visits all of us and is mortgages, and many are unable to do so. The Miraculous Prayer – broken heart where Your Father sees Budgets are harsh, and, while most beneficial, many people experience a Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I’ve it. Then in His merciful eyes it will more severe type of anxiety. Some studies people understand that sacrifices have to asked for many favours. This time I become Your favour, not mine. estimate that 33% of people experience be made, they are frustrated at the ask You this very special one Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, moderate to severe anxiety at some time message that seems to be coming from (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart promise publication and favour will be the political establishment - financial in their lives. We are uncertain about the of Jesus and place it within Your own granted. Never known to fail. T.R. stability is more important than people. sources or causes of severe anxiety. Some broken heart where Your Father sees Pouring money into irresponsible banks psychologists feel that it may have a it. Then in His merciful eyes it will The Miraculous Prayer – seems to be more important than catering genetic root, and others argue that it is a become Your favour, not mine. Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I’ve for vulnerable people in terms of health learned behaviour in a family. Dr Edmund Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, asked for many favours. This time I and education. The Irish public have had J. Bourne, who is a psychologist in promise publication and favour will be ask You this very special one to endure the statement from a northern California specializing in the granted. Never known to fail. I.B. (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart spokesperson of Fitch, a ratings agency, treatment of anxiety disorders and related The Miraculous Prayer – of Jesus and place it within Your own that his organisation was concerned at the problems, and author of several books, Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I’ve broken heart where Your Father sees low rate of repossessions in Ireland. It including the bestselling Anxiety &Phobia asked for many favours. This time I it. Then in His merciful eyes it will reminded me of the Establishment during Workbook, highlights 10 aspects that ask You this very special one become Your favour, not mine. the Famine, who secretly rejoiced at the foster and maintain anxiety and phobias. (mention favour). Take it Dear Heart Amen. Say this prayer for 3 days, eviction rate and the prospect of larger Knowing these is a good way to help of Jesus and place it within Your own promise publication and favour will be farms, when the unfortunate tenants had defeat this painful complaint. The first broken heart where Your Father sees granted. Never known to fail. D.O.D. left for America. The current state of one, which I will mention again in it. Then in His merciful eyes it will commentary on Ireland’s woes is surely different contexts, is of anxiety-producing become Your favour, not mine. sufficient to induce anxiety in most situations. Another one is anxious self- people about all the uncertainty and the talk, which will be looked at later also.Tipp Tatler - Conditions of Publication whole or in part without the written permission of harsh budgets that lie ahead. Surveys- All material submitted to Tipp Tatler will be the publishers. have shown that many people fear thatsubject to the following conditions. The placement - Advertisers should notify the publishers of any Jim O’Shea works as a counsellor from their standard of living will be reduced,of an advertisement or editorial copy will be error immediately after the appearance of the first and others are terrified that they will lose Furze, Thurles. Ph.087-8211009deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions. insertion to allow subsequent insertions to be their homes. Jim O’Shea’s book- Tipp Tatler has tried to ensure that all information amended. While I keep in touch with what is ‘When a child dies. Footsteps of ais correct at the time of going to press, but the - The Publisher reserves the right to amend happening in the context of the economic Grieving Family’ is published by Veritas.publishers cannot accept responsibility for any advertisement copy where absolutely necessary. If misery, I don’t expose myself to too much The royaltieserrors or omissions. the Publisher considers it necessary to modify the bad news. I have stopped buying those from this book- The publishers cannot accept liability for any loss space or alter the date or position of insertion, the newspapers that seem to wallow in will go the thesuffered directly or indirectly by any readers as a Advertiser will have the right to cancel if such misery. Of course, I do not avoid the bad Children’sresult of any advertisement or notice published in arrangements are unacceptable, unless such changes news that is in the media, I simply limit Hospital inthe Tipp Tatler or on the website are due to an emergency or circumstances beyond the time that I spend reading or listening CrumlinNor do they accept any liability for loss arising the Publisher’s control. Where the advertisement about it.from the non-inclusion or late publication of an forms part of a series order, the liability of the Anxiety is a widespread reality that all ofadvertisement or editorial. Advertiser shall be limited to the pro-rata cost of us experience at some stage of our lives. Jim O’Shea’s- The publishers reserve the right to refuse, amend those advertisements already published. Indeed mild anxiety can be beneficial and new bookor withdraw any advertisement without explanation. - In the event of any error, misprint or omission in help us perform better. It is a natural called Abuse,- The publishers reserve the right to revise the printing of an advertisement or part of an reaction to danger or painful situations. aboutadvertisement copy to conform to the standards of advertisement, except where attributable to an act We do not like feeling anxious, butTipp Tatler in house style. or default by the Advertiser or his agents or where normal or mild anxiety is a positive part domestic violence,- Free editorial is placed at the discretion of the covered by the above, the Publisher will either re- of our lives. It is natural to fear danger, workplace andpublisher, a space booking fee may be applicable insert the advertisement or make an adjustment to and anxiety helps us to focus on different school bullying isfor editorial required to be adjacent to an the cost. No re-insertion or adjustment will be made tasks or problems and deal with them in now available onadvertisement. where the error, misprint or omission does not a more efficient way. An anxious Amazon, published- The opinions expressed in literary contributions materially detract from the advertisement. In no reaction is an ancient part of human by Cork Universityare not necessarily those of the editor or publisher. circumstances shall the total liability of the evolution to deal with a perilous stressor. Press and in- All copy-right reserved by Tipp Tatler. No part of Publisher for any error, misprint or omission exceed The human’s nervous system releases a Bookshops.this publication may be reproduced, recorded in the agreed net cost of the advertisement chemical called adrenalin when facing a
  • 16. NENAGH TYRE CENTRE Limerick Road, Nenagh All Spiritual Enthusiasts Welcome! WHERE: The Abbey Court Hotel WHEN: Sat 29th & Sun 30th Dec Nenagh, Co. Tipperary Time: 11am to 6pm Admission Fee: €5.00 - Free admission for children under 12 yrs Car Tyres Tractor Tyres FIND OUT WHAT 2013 Renowned Psychic Truck Tyres HAS IN STORE FOR YOU! DENNIS CURRAN Why not have areading with one of our many and Medium New & Rethread STEPHEN HONAN gifted psyhic/mediums on the day *Clairvoyants * Spiritualist* available for readings on Exhausts *Psychic readings * Angel cards * Tarot both days Wheel Balancing Wheel AlignmentWide variety of exhibitors Free talks on the day*Space clearing & divining * Crystal Japa Yoga Meditation Puncture RepairHealing * Kinesiology * aura Soma *Water & Skin Care products * Alexander Technique Sufism Alloy RepairRahanni * Reiki * Reflexology ShamanismHand Carved Wood * Jewellery * DiviningIndian Head Massage * Colour Therapy Manifesting your goalsSpiritual Paintings * Spiritual Remedies Emotional Freedom TechniqueDelicious Seasonal Food * Meta Medicine Mobile Breakdown Repair Unit* Handmade Natural Candles Family Systemsand much more...... Happy Christmas to all our Customers Kids Corner: Face painting and other activities available! For the ladies: Beauty treatments available Jimmy Creamer 067 32422 M.C. CYCLES Main Street, Roscrea. Tel. 0505-23252 Expert Laois, Kea Lew Business Park, Portlaois, 057 8660601 Christmas stock arriving daily. Now taking deposits for Chistmas, Pay off weekly FULL AFTER SALES SERVICE (now in stock) Go Karts KMX Karts MacBook & Internet Tablets All makes of Bikes starting from €99 We don’t sell cheap bikes €10 Gift Voucher free with purchases of all Ready To Go Phones - We sell bikes cheap! Merry Christmas to Happy Christmas All our Customers to all our Open: 10 - 5 - Mon. - Sat. Closed Wed. Customers and Friends Bohernanave, Thurles, 0504-23022 087-292 0138