Tipp Tatler Issue 168 April 2011


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The Tipp Tatler is a free fortnightly magazine distributed throughout North Tipperary and surrounding district. It is packed full of local news and interesting articles and provides the best business advertising in Tipperary

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Tipp Tatler Issue 168 April 2011

  1. 1. TATLER Fantastic Offer!Tipp Buy 5 Ads Get 1 FreeNo. 168. Fri. 29th April, 2011 Tel: 0504-51945 email: info@tipptatler.com Curraghgraigue, Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipperary. www.tipptatler.ie Ned Bourke T.V. Grattan Street, Tipperary 062-52109 / 087-8233513 Best Value in TV, DVD Satellite & Music Systems Joe Delaney Food Fare Lawnmower & CATHEDRAL STREET : . : . : UNIT 1 BROOKLANDS NENAGH (next door to Kellers Chainsaw Etc. THURLES 0504-58550 . : Off Licence) 067-41389 Sales - Services & Repair Opening times: 12-12 . Opening times: 12.30-11.30 • Doner Kebab Jonsered, Mountfield, Hayter, ay & Tues da y • Chicken Burger Toro, Rover, Etc. Mond • Chicken Nuggets • Cod Portion • Junior Box • Taco Chips • Garlic Cheese Chips Wednesday Offers Wednesday Offers Wednesday Offers Wednesday OffersW Wednesday Off : . ANY 9”pizza : ANY 12” pizza €3.99 . €5.99 : KEEP AN EYE ON OUR EVERYDAY Ballygammane, Thurles. SPECIAL OFFERS IN STORE! Tel. & Fax: 0504 23394 Mobile: 087 6625288 Offers above subject to change without notice VAT Reg: IE 1902126 K Children & Adults Beginners and Improvers Welcome Music LessonsKids Speech and Drama,Improve confidence and self esteem • Tin Whistlein a fun, relaxed environment! • Flute • Low Whistle •FiddleAll ages and abilities catered for. • Banjo Call :086 358281 - Email: kidzmusic.music545@gmail.com
  2. 2. Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945 We make it easy V.G. FENCING with excellent rates and choice Industrial / Agricultural / Private / Equestrian 0504 90402 or 087 9042610 www.boomerangskips.ie boomerang Decking & Kerbing SKIPS & RECYCLING Tel: Victor on 087-2106821 Fully Permitted & Insured. We will fill your skip for you! JokesMy wife says I never listen.......or Little Tony was so happy to see his Marriage is like a deck of cards, you them. She will not nag you, and willsomething like that. grandmother that he ran up and gave start off with 2 hearts and a diamond always be the first to admit she was her a big hug. "Im so happy to see and after a few years all you want is wrong when youve had a disagree- you, granny. Now daddy will have to a club and a spade ment. She will never have a head-Did you hear about the banker who do that trick hes been promising to ache, and will freely give love andwas recently arrested for embezzling do!" compassion whenever needed. She€100,000 to pay for his daughters His grandmother was curious. "What will never question your behaviourcollege education? trick is that, sweetie?" Why did the potato cross the road? or the company you keep. She willAs the policeman, who also had a The little guy grinned at her. "I heard He saw a fork up ahead. support you and understand that youdaughter in college, was leading him daddy tell mammy that he would have important decisions to makeaway in handcuffs, he said to the climb the walls if you came to visit throughout your life and dont havebanker, "I have just one question for us again!" time for nonsense..."you. Where were you going to get "Its no good, sir," said the hopeless Adam asked God, "What will thisthe rest of the money?" pupil to his English teacher. "I try to woman cost?" learn, but everything you say goes in God said, "An arm and a leg..." both ears and out the other." Adam said, "What can I get for just a "Goes in both ears and out the oth- rib?" er?" asked the puzzled teacher. "But Kylenoe you only have two ears." L Horse & Jockey "You see, sir? Im no good at math, either." Facebook is like jail, you sit around Thurles and waste time, you write on walls Co. Tipperary and you get poked by people you dont know. A brunette, a redhead and a blonde Tel: 0504-44057 get captured and are placed before a Email: benny@cooldine.com firing squad. Two confirmed bachelors sat talking. They are about to be executed and Their conversation drifted from poli- Specialising in the brunette says "Look...Hurricane" and points to her left while she gets tics to cooking. "I got a cookbook once," said the New Houses away. The redhead girl says first, "but I could never do anything with it." Renovatioins "Look...Tornado", points and gets "Too much fancy cooking in it, eh?" L away. asked the second. & External insulation Finally the blonde tries to do the same thing she says "FIRE" "You said it. Every one of the recipes began the same way - Take a clean dish and...." Adam was walking around the Gar- For their anniversary, a couple went den of Eden feeling very lonely, so out for a romantic dinner. Their teen- God asked Adam, "What is wrong age daughters said they would fix a with you?" dessert and leave it waiting. Adam said, "Lord, I dont have any- When they got home, they saw that one to talk to." the dining room table was beautifully Industrial, Commercial God said, "Then I will give you a set with china, crystal and candles, companion, and she will be called a and there was a note that read: "Your Fully Insured & C2 Registered woman. This person will cook for dessert is in the refrigerator. We are you and wash your clothes, she will staying with friends, so go ahead and always agree with every decision you do something we wouldnt do!" " Contact Benny O’Dwyer make. She will bear your children I suppose," the husband responded 0504-44057 086-2523057 and never ask you to get up in the dryly, "we could clean the house." middle of the night to take care of
  3. 3. Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945 Weight Loss Through Metabolism Correction REAL10WEIGHT REAL WEIGHT LOSS With system metabolism analysisSystem 10 is a scientific plan that will bring you verybased Weight Loss pro- limited weight loss results.gramme designed to correct Metabolism faults like slug- Thyroid functionyour metabolism faults. Sys- gish thyroid [35% of adults], Liver functiontem 10 is rapidly becoming constipation [40% of adults], Blood sugar levelsIreland’s most popular high blood sugar [50% ofweight loss plan and has a adults] and toxic liver [dueproven track record nation- to medication, smoking etc], Food Exercisewide of people losing 1 stone can limit or stop your weightand up to 2 sizes in one loss no matter how muchmonth. A good metabolism dieting or exercise you do. Before photo: Bridgis critical to proper weight We address all of the above 16st 10lbsloss. With a good metabo- metabolism faults.lism you burn more fat everyhour, 24 hours a day. Noth- Exercise, especially toning is eig li invaluable to weight loss be- taing can beat that for amazing e de vc cause it speeds up the proc- Adresults. Because System 10 After photo:is a metabolism correction ess of fat burning, (for every 11st 3lbsprogramme, once you reach pound of muscle you haveyour target weight you will you burn 60 calories a day) makes you feel better and We give you...keep the weight off. most important of all gets rid Metabolism analysis Weekly private weigh-insBased on extensive research of inches that you cannot Individually designed food plans Flexible exercise plansby Limerick Dietician, Lec- achieve through dieting Nutritional supplement recommendationsturer and Creator of System alone. Lose weight without 3,6 & 10 Week plans for 10 to 40lbs of weight loss Support & motivation10 David Mcdonagh, this is exercise and you end up a Body fat analysis Cardio tonic exercises classes in selected venuesthe only plan in the world to saggy mess! System 10 www.system10.euinclude the 3 essential keys Weight Loss is suitable forto fixing your metabolismfor the best and fastest loss men and women and is avail- able in 3, 6 and 10 (lose up SIGNS OF A WEAKever. The 3 essential keysare caloric specific balanced to 40 Ibs) Private weigh ins, constant tracking and moti- METABOLISMfood plans of normal, nat- vation included onural food, realistic exer- all plans.cise and correction of Common Medical Conditionsmetabolism problems. Clinic in Auburn Blood Sugar Imbalance - Diabetes CLINIC: Overhead Healthyme, Pearse St., NenaghThe combination of Lodge, Ennis. - Sugar Cravings -High/Low blood pressure - High cholesterolthese keys ensures Contact Liam - Low Energy - Light headedness - Osteoporosis Contact Liam 087 1432670 for appointment - Under-active Thyroidthat every pound you on 087lose is pure fat (not 142670 to get Stress Unhealthy Appearancewater or muscle like started or for -Easily irritable - Dry skinon most plans). Any more informa- -lack of quality sleep - Fungal nail infections -Emotional over-eating - Brittle nails and hairplan that does not tion.have all 3 keys is Hormone Imbalance Overweight / Obesenot a genuine weight -Endometriosis / PCOS - Excess fat especially on - Fertility problemsloss plan. It is a fad - Worsening PMS Stomach, hips and thighs - increased Body Fat - increased Fatigue Food Intolerances / Allergies What Our Advertisers Say - Irritable bowel sysdrome - Candida Digestive Disorders - Heartburn / Acid Reflux - Psoriasis / Eczema - Constipation - Bloating / Trapped Wind"Even in the current climate we are getting plenty of - Diarrhoea - Bad Breathwork in North Tipperary from advertising in the TippTatler. We have been advertising in The Tipp Tatlernow for 2 years and would recommend it to anyone." 3. 6 & 10 week programmes available for Men and Women (loose up to 40lbs)Michael Keane Carpentry (see advert on Products & Services to correct the above metabolism faults and to finally get your weight underpage) control, contact weight loss specialist Liam on 087 1432670
  4. 4. Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945 Tipperary GAA stars gearing up for ‘Race The Rás’ Are You Paying Too Much For Life Assurance ? Tipperary GAA star Declan Browne GOAL and The Irish Cancer Soci- Free Financial Review of All Your Existing Policies is making a final appeal to amateur ety. Tim Shelly cyclists from all over Tipp and sur- The participants will set off each rounding areas to join them for a morning three hours before the offi- Financial Planning Advisor stage of the Race for Rás charity cy- cial stage start in an attempt to stay Kenyon Street, Nenagh cle next month. well ahead of the professionals. Af- T. 067 37000 M. 087 6764415 E. tim@talkfinancial.ie ter biking for an average distance of The former inter-county footballer 156km, they hope to enjoy their own and All-Star is joining a host of race to the finishing line. well-known ex-GAA players, plus members of the public from all over Other GAA stars who have con- Gardenia Landscape & Design Ireland, to cycle at least one stage of the 2011 An Post Rás tour of Ire- land, which takes place from Sun- firmed their participation include Galway’s Ollie Canning, Kerry greats Ger Power and Seamus day, May 22nd to Sunday, May Moynihan, Ciaran Whelan from DECK IT! PAVE IT! PLANT IT! BUILD IT! 29th. Dublin, ex-Kilkenny star DJ Carey, We do it all The Race for Rás event is being held Cork’s Sean Og Ó hÁilpín and Brian to raise funds for GOAL and The Corcoran and Clare’s Tony Griffin. Mick & Josie Other Services Irish Cancer Society. Deild Cottage, Park, Fencing, Walls A small number of riders will at- Toomevara, Co. Tipperary Extensions, Building Work Browne has agreed to bike the sixth tempt to complete the entire tour, Tel: 067 26885 Fully Insured stage of the race from Blarney in including former Dublin and Leitrim Mobile: 086 333 0163 Cork to Tramore on Friday, May footballer, Declan Darcy; Roscom- Email: gardenia@live.ie All types of building work undertaken 27th, taking in the towns of Dungar- mon great Paul Earley, and well- van and Bunmahon on the way. He known physiotherapist and star of will be joined on the route by formerTG4’s ‘The Underdogs’, Eamonn Ó Waterford stars Dan Shanahan, Paul Muircheartaigh. Flynn, Brendan Landers and Dave If you would like to take part in The Ultimate Bennett. Race The Rás, and raise money for No Dust, No Smell, GOAL and The Irish Cancer Soci- FLOOR SANDING No Hassle In total, more than 50 GAA luminar- ety, please log on to Company ies will team up with members of the www.racetheras.com. - Guaranteed! public for the fundraiser to try and LO Call - 1890 252 383 www.UltimateFloorSanding.com raise in excess of €200,000 for Seamus Gleeson Our Ultimate Guarantee: Franchise OwnerWe Will:ü Turn up when we say we willü Finish on time T: 1890 252 383 M: 086 321 0669 F: 091 876 513 The Wolfe Tones E: seamus.gleeson Not create or leave any mess (dust free systems used) @UltimateFloorSanding.com set for Cahir House Hotel... And leave you with a beautiful looking floor! Killaun, Dromineer, Nenagh On Saturday, April 30th the legendary their boisterous set and songs The Wolfe Tones take the stage in what is Wolfe Tones just celebrated their 45th surely going to be a night to Anniversary with their popularity not BRACKEN UPHOLSTERY remember. They have consistently been selling venues up and down the abating one bit. Tickets for this show are €20 and are available from Cahir WHITEFORD, BIRR, CO. OFFALY country for decades so this event is House Hotel on 052 74 43000. expected to sell out fast. Famed for RE-UPHOLSTERY OF ANITQUE & MODERN FURNITURE - 3 PIECES SUITES A SPECIALITY Bar Seating New or Re-Upholstered Collect & Deliver Free Jumping from a plane for horses Over 30 Years in Business TEL: 057-9120620 MOB: 087-1223384 Young Borrisoleigh woman Lily Le- The Irish Horse Welfare Trust, Char- on is planning to jump out of a plane ity No. CHY14634 was established from a height of 13,000 feet to raise in 1999 and gained charitable status funds for the Irish Horse Welfare in 2002. IHWT is involved in the fol- Trust. The tandem skydive will be lowing work: Rescue, Rehabilitation carried out under the supervision of & Re-homing of horses and ponies, Skydive Ireland. Lilys love of horses Racehorse Re-training for Re-homing comes from being brought up around Programme, Campaigning on issues them at her family owned Timotrec affecting Equines, Promoting Equine Horse Riding Centre located at Welfare Awareness and Education. Showroom Open Rusheen, Borrisoleigh (see IHWT operates from it’s a 68 acre www.timotrec.com for more info). farm in Woodenbridge, Co. Wick- Neptune Stockists She needs to raise €1000 and is ap- low. Visit www.ihwt.ie for more in- 0505 47066 pealing for donations from anyone formation. Shinrone, Birr, Co. Offaly who knows her or who has a love of www.deaneryfurniture.com horses.
  5. 5. Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945Hold it at The SourceHave you been to The Source recent- of serving dinner to seventy people Now Openly? If you have, I’m sure it was to and supplying finger food for a hun-attend an entertaining cultural event. dred and forty, bar facilities, 250 seat T. & D.These are often organised by local auditorium, gallery, communitygroups using the venue to stage a space, library and leisure centre nextplay or a concert. But did you know door. It is near hotels and the centrethat The Source can be used for a of town, has onsite car parking, and Darcy Meatsvast variety of different purposes in- all the technical expertise and facili-cluding conferences, awards ceremo- ties needed to make your event anies, exhibitions, training courses, huge success.press conferences, Christmas parties,book launches, seminars, meetings, The Source is a very flexible amenity • Roast Joint of BeefAGMs, presentations, trade shows, to have in the heart of Thurles andand social events. it’s usefulness to the community • Spring Lamb Stocked should not be overlooked. It is a great • BeefThere are a lot of advantages to using place to go to for a fantastic nightThe Source for staging all sorts of out, but it can also be used for a vari- • Porkactivities including: a destination and ety of other purposes. Why don’t you • Lambeye-catching building in the heart of contact Artistic Director ClaudiaIreland, direct rail links, easy to get Woolgar on 0504 90340 and see if • Deep Freeze Orders Takento by road, one stop shop with facili- The Source can accommodate you? • BBQ Specialsties and spaces, a restaurant capable Retail & Wholesale Meat Suppliers St. Josephs National School, Aglish Unit 6, Enterprise Centre, Borrisokane Celebrates 50 Years Phone 087-6885882 / 086-2545228St. Josephs National School Aglish All are welcome.celebrates 50 yrs and is hosting a re- A souvenir booklet of photographs All Products Locally Sourcedunion for all past pupils and those through the decades will be available.associated with the school. Celebra- For further information contact thetions commence with Mass in Aglish school on 067-21271 or emailchurch on Saturday May 28th at 6pm nsaglish.ias@eircom.net.followed by a get-together in theschool. Our Visit Marketing Services firm in Ne w m roo Show Tipperary helping Businesses Grow in the Recession Everyday you hear bad news stories businesses in Tipperary so far. Una All these images of designer kitchens look great,about bankruptcies, businesses clos- mentioned that ‘I have a number of but how do I know what is right for my home?ing, and jobs being lost. But there are clients who have decided to reallyencouraging signs for some business- grow their market share and take ad- Get some kitchen sense at Savvyes in North Tipperary. vantage of the fact that their competi- tors are simply hoping to ride out the www.savvykitchens.ie savvy Kitchens by Andy Spillane Savvy Kitchens, O’Donovan Rossa Steet, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, IrelandA local woman, from Upperchurch, recession. The only way they can do T 0504-90515 F 0504-90515 info@savvykitchens.ieThurles, is bucking the national trend that is through developing a market-and has recently set up a marketing ing strategy and marketing system.services business aimed at helping Clients have been surprised by thelocal businesses with their marketing. level of success they’ve achieved by‘I set up Marketing Eye as I saw agreat market for a service whichhelps businesses with their marketingefforts. While many think setting up having a marketing system in place.’ Marketing Eye can help your busi- ness get noticed, get more business G G G OLDENG ARDEN SAND & GRAVEL LTDa business in a recession is crazy, it’s and increase your profits. So ifactually the best time for me as I help you’re interested in growing your GOLDENGARDEN, DUNDRUM, CO TIPPERARYbusinesses beat the recession’ says business, contact Marketing Eye to- ALL TYPES OFUna Ryan from Marketing Eye. day. BUILDING, PLASTERING SAND & AGGREGATESUna, who has over 15 years experi- For further information call Una onence in marketing, has been delighted (087) 9490343 or e-mail TOM TUOHYwith response she has got from local unaryan@marketingeye.ie 087-1342764
  6. 6. Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945 Tipperary GAA Scene KOKO By Ger Ryan County PRO ELECTION OF LIAM O’NEILL ment. It required foresight, hard AS UACHTARAN TOFA work and great loyalty from so Ladies Shoes: Hispanitas | Bourne | Sachelle | many people to make this ambi- Geox | Mephisto | Daniele Ancarani | tious project a reality. It is a fit- And many more exciting brands Congratulations to Liam O’Neill ting tribute to the great John Accessories: Handbags by Fiorelli and Hispanitas of Laois on his election unop- Doyle and it will add poignancy Jewellery, Scarfs, Sunglasses....etc. posed as President elect of the to the occasion that his passing Childrens Shoes: Start-rite & Primigi .... More quality brands to arrive. GAA at the Association’s recent occurred so recently. His name annual Congress in Mullingar. will never be forgotten wherever Deposits Taken & Gift Vouchers Available Liam is a former Chairman of the hurling people congregate but A Visit is a Must! Leinster Council and is currently this centre will be a permanent Open: Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm Chairman of the GAA’s Games reminder of the pride his own 19 Main Street, Cashel • 062 61309 Email: KOKOcashel@gmail.com Development Committee. A very parish took in his achievements. experienced and able official, Liam gave a very thoughtful and FREE Business Listing on our online thought provoking acceptance Directory for Tipp Tatler advertisers. speech at Congress on his in- NEW TIPPERARY JERSEY volvement with the GAA and the No Website? No Problem! importance of his family and Following the launch of the new club in enabling him to make a Tipperary jersey with the an- Phone 0504-51945 for more info. contribution to the Association. nouncement of Skoda as the new The full text of his speech is sponsors of the Tipperary teams, available on www.gaa.ie. the new jersey is now on sale at the Tipperary GAA shop at Lar na Pairce in Thurles. CCTV OFFER OPENING OF JOHN DOYLE 4 Vandal Proof IR Mini Dome Cameras 480 TVL, 3.6mm Fixed Lens - IP 66. CENTRE IN HOLYCROSS H.264 real time - DVR TIPPERARY GAA STRATE- 17” Monitor, 4 Power Supplies GIC PLAN Holycross Ballycahill GAA club will host a senior hurling tourna- The final draft of the Tipperary ment on Sunday May 8 between GAA Strategic Plan for the de- Tipperary and Waterford to mark velopment of the GAA in the the official opening of the fantas- county over the next 5 years wasOPEN TO TRADE AND GENERAL PUBLIC tic John Doyle Centre in St Mi- presented at the April County chaels GAA Grounds. The Board meeting. The plan will be BANSHA ROAD, TIPPERARY TOWN, CO. TIPPERARYPhone: 062 52089 FAX: 062 80964 Email: kalaltd@eircom.net fabulous centre, which includes launched officially in early June. four dressing rooms, referee, of- A copy of the plan has been pub- ficials and board meeting rooms, lished on the Tipperary GAA SEAMUS RYAN catering suite, upper viewing ar- website, www.tipperary.gaa.ie. ea, gymnasium and sauna, hand- Anybody wishing to comment on SAND & GRAVEL LTD ball/ hurlball alley, outdoor the plan should email County astro-turf hurling wall and a 1 Secretary, Tim Floyd on Washed Sand, 20 mm, 10 mm & 6 mm km outdoor walkway, signifi- secretary.tipperary@gaa.ie with- Filling, 4” Stone, 2” Stone, Building Gravel, cantly enhances the clubs already in the next 2 weeks. Thanks are Crushed Stone & Top Soil. impressive range of facilities and due to all those who put so much Can Be Delivered provides a whole new impetus to work into the plan over the last 6 the emerging enthusiasm of months and in particular to Denis Ballybeg, Toomevara, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary camogie players and ladies foot- Floyd, who co-ordinated the pro- Mob: 087 - 2479397 Tel: 067 - 26236 ball, alongside hurling and gaelic duction of the final draft in re- football. The game gets under- cent months. way at 7pm with the official opening by GAA President Christy Cooney and blessing by KILLEA, TEMPLEMORE, CO. TIPPERARY Rev Fr Tom Breen taking place TOMMY FLEMING IN CON- Tel: 0505 43014 Mob: 086 022 9015 at 6.30pm. There is also a spe- CERT AT PARK HOTEL cial evening for parishioners on All scrap metal, scrap vehicles wanted Friday May 6 - the people who helped make the dream become a Collection services available if required reality and who supported the We remind supporters that re- Skips provided for factories, etc. many fundraising ventures over nowned entertainer, Tommy the last four years. Congratula- Fleming, is live in concert at the TURN YOUR SCRAP METAL INTO CASH tions to the Holycross Ballycahill Park Hotel Clonmel on Saturday Waste Collection Permit No. CPA 574 club on this very fine develop- May 7 2011 at 8pm. All proceeds
  7. 7. Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945 Tipperary GAA Scene Templemore Arms Hotel (Continued) Exclusive Wedding package 2011 / 2012from the concert will go towards of 6 and 13, to develop sportingthe preparation of Tipperary skills irrespective of their skillCounty teams for this year’s level or ability and also to devel-hurling and football champion- op a sense of sporting fair playships. Tickets cost €30 and are and personal achievement byavailable from the Park Hotel participating in various Gaelic(052-6188700) or the GAA Of- games, in a fun, non competitivefice Thurles (0504 22702). Seats environment. This year the VHIare strictly limited so early and GAA decided to lower thebooking is essential. Tommy age that children could registerFleming is one of Ireland’s most to six years old as the skillspopular entertainers so don’t picked up in the camps including 0504-31423miss this great opportunity to seehealthy living, exercise, a re-him live and to support our hurl- spect for others and a sense ofers and footballers for the seasonahead fair play can be accessed and applied by the youngest mem- bers of our communities across Bobbi’sTIPPERARY SUPPORTERS the country. The 2011 camps are expected to be extremely popu- lar with huge demand already Hair BoutiqueCLUB GOLF CLASSIC coming through and parents are advised to book early to ensure they get a place at the camp ofThe annual Tipperary Supporters their choice. Online booking isGolf Classic to raise funds for now open at www.gaa.ie orthe training and preparation of www.vhiculcamps.gaa.ie.the senior hurling team will takeplace at Co. Tipperary golf club,Dundrum on Thursday May 12thand Friday May 13th. Teams of LAUNCH OF THE IRISH DAI-4 cost €600 per team for golf LY STAR PRIMARY GOand 4 course dinner. As usual GAMES 2011there will be excellent prizes on Bobbi would like to welcome Niketaoffer. There are still some tee Cavanagh, formally of the Hughtimes remaining. Tee sponsor- In schools throughout Munster, Campbell Hair Group Limerick.ships from €100 are also avail- boys and girls are eagerly await- Niketa specialises in colour, upstylingable. Please contact Supporters ing the advent of the Munster and blowdrying and has many years of experience in the HairdressingClub Chairman, Jon Tierney at hurling and football Champion- Industry.jpt@eircom.net or on 087 ships for it also heralds the start6821398 for further details. of the Primary Go Games series. Opening Hours The Irish Daily Star Primary Go Unit 14 Mon - Closed Games will once again follow Quintins Way Tues -9.30 - 6pm Wed -9.30 - 6pm the Go Games format. Champi- Pearse St. Thurs -9.30 - 6pm VHI GAA CÚL CAMPS 2011 onship day in Munster, hurling Nenagh Fri -9.30 - 8pm or football, would not be com- Sat -9 am - 5.30pm plete without the exhibitionRegistration has opened for this games provided by boys andyear’s VHI GAA Cúl Camps in girls from the competing coun-which over 80,000 children from ties. Two games with elevenall round the country are expect- players per team, one for boys Joe O’Connell Motor Factorsed to participate this summer. and one for girls will take place Hollyford, Co. Tipperary Tel:062-77100/:062-77070With over 1,000 camps taking on the day of each Munster Se-place in Ireland and overseas, nior Championship clash. Games Of Body Panels, Bonnets, Wings, Bumpers, Door Mirrors, Grilles, Headlamps, Radia-and over 80,000 children aged 6 will be played at half-time dur- tors, Filters, Bulbs, Wiper Blades, Turbos, Timing Belt Kits, Wheel Bearings, Shock Ab-- 13 years participating, the VHI ing the senior match. This years sorbers, Coil Springs, Clutches, Brakes, Steering, Fuel Pumps, Exhausts, C.V. Joints, Brake hoses, Brake Calipers, Tow Bars, Catalytic Converters, Batteries, Tyres, Oil, De-GAA Cúl Camps are the most Irish Daily Star Primary Go tergent, Greasepopular childrens sporting Games will see over 400 boyscamps in the country. This is the and girls from all the counties of The One Stop Parts Shopsixth year of the massively pop- Munster line out in their county Vapormatic & Granite Tractor Partsular VHI GAA Cúl Camps. Now colours at Semple Stadium, Suitable for M.F., Ford, Deutz, John Deere, J.C.Bin its sixth year, the Vhi GAA Páirc Uí Chaoimh and other Also Available Machinery Parts, Chain, Bearings, Oil Seals.Cúl Camps is a nationally co- venues throughout the province.ordinated programme which The Irish Daily Star Primary Goaims to encourage primary Games give sports-mad boys andschool children between the ages girls the opportunity to wear Trade Inquiries Welcome & Van Delivery Service
  8. 8. Joleen Reilly with students of Thurles Education Centre North Tipp VEC award winners Helen Reilly, Ann Casey, Margaret McCarthy Thurles Education Centre On Wednesday the 13th of April We would like to extend huge three students from Thurles Edu- congratulations to Joleen Reilly cation Centre received North Tip- (Littleton) who won the All Ire- perary VEC awards for their land atom weight kick boxing educational achievements. Mar- title against Megan Maher in garet McCarthy (Thurles) re- Thurles’ Sarsfield Centre on the ceived an award in Art, Craft and 16th of April. Joleen displayed a Design. Helen Reilly (Clonmel) high level of skill on the night received an award for Personal and a determination and energy Achievement and Ann Casey that could not be beaten. We are (Nenagh) received an award for sure we will see many more wins Educational Achievement. from her in the future. Pictured here are students from cation Centre and Colaiste Mhuire Thurles Education Centre who re- Co-ed. Visit www.tipptatler.ie cently showcased their artistic tal- ents in the exhibition “Le Cheile 2” (Left to Right): Kathleen Crowe (Student), Kate Donoghue in Tipperary Institute. The series of (Student), Ann Reilly (Student), “Le Cheile” exhibitions are a joint Christine Winnifred Reilly venture organised by Thurles Edu- (Student) , Elaine Hurley (Tutor), Eileen Kennedy (Tutor) Tipperary GAA Scene (Continued)their county jersey on Big Match will formally launch the 2011 se- County finals will take placedDay, sharing the spotlight with ries. during May and clubs will be no- Information concerning all areastheir heroes on their "Field of tified in the coming weeks about in the GAA will appear in thisDreams" in front of huge crowds the Tipperary final. Thanks are section in the future. If you wishof supporters. Many children who POC FADA due to Martin Donnelly for his to include any item of interest inmade their inter-county debut in continued sponsorship of the future articles, please contact thethe Primary Game have gone on This year is the 50th anniversary event. Brendan Cummins, who County Public Relations Officerto greater things, representing of the first national Poc Fada has won the competition 4 times, Ger Ryan at 086-8149146 or viatheir counties at underage and competition organised by the is the only Tipperary winner of e-mail at pro.tipperary@gaa.ie onadult level and winning national GAA. The national Poc Fada fi- the men’s competition. Donie or before 3:00pm on Monday.and provincial titles. The launch nals will take place at its usual Nealon, former Munster Council Visit the Tipperary GAA web siteof the 2011 The Irish Daily Star venue, Annaverna Mountain near Secretary, is Chairman of the Na- at http://tipperary.gaa.ie to keepSunday Primary Go Games takes Dundalk on Saturday July 30 and tional Poc Fada Committee. up to date with all the latest newsplace at Ballykisteen Hotel, Lim- will include a men’s, ladies and in Tipperary GAA circles.erick Junction on Wednesday under 16 boys final. The MunsterMay 4 at 6 pm. Recently elected finals for men and under 16 boysUachtarán Tofa, Liam O Neill, will take place at Thurels Race- TIPPERARY GAA SCENE course on Saturday July 9th.
  9. 9. Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945Oxfam calling on the people of Tipperaryto dust of their walking shoes Mid Tipp HillwalkersOxfam Ireland has launched €700,000 towards Oxfam Ireland’sTRAILTREKKER 2011, one of work, helping to make real and Kerry Challenge Enjoys Great Weatherthe world’s most ambitious team practical differences to the lives ofchallenges involving a non-stop people in the developing world.100km or 50km trek through the €700,000 is the equivalent of Ox-MourneMountains to Carlingford. fam Ireland’s entire livelihoodsThis walk is tough but whether programme spend in Malawi andyou choose the 100km or the Uganda in 2010. These pro-50km trek the experience will be grammes include everything fromexhilarating. A unique feature of supporting projects that increasethis year’s TRAILTREKKER is agricultural production in sustain-the introduction of the 50km trek. able ways, addressing the conse-Choose your challenge and help quences of climate change,change lives in developing coun- strengthening access to marketstries. for small scale producers, espe-Dr. Mark Hamilton,presenter of RTE’sHealth of the Na-tion, has participatedin TRAILTREK-KER: “My team, Photograph shows Catherine ly needed funds for the NationalHow Long Will You Dwan, Holycross at the head of Council for the Blind and the IrishWalk, completed the almost 30 climbers who ascended Guide Dogs Association.100km trek. I would Carrauntoohil for their first time Meanwhile a reminder that Mid-highly encourage on the recent Kerry Charity Chal- Tipp Hillwalkers rockclimbinganyone who enjoys lenge in aid of visually impaired season has now commenced andpersonal and team challenges to cially women and working with people. The climb was led by continues every Tuesday eveningtake part in TRAILTREKKER – it people affected by HIV and Aids. Winnie Flynn, John G ODwyer throughout the summer (weatheris a truly unique and epic trek.” and Tom Lysaght. There was also permitting) leaving from outside excellent walking in great weather the Horse and Jockey Hotel at conditions on Hungry hill with 6.15pm with all comers welcomeTaking place on September 10th- Oxfam Ireland’s Events Manager, Josephine Tobin, around Cum- to participate. Equipment and ba-11th, the Oxfam TRAILTREK- Grace O’Neill says: meengeera with Jim Finn, along sic training in climbing skills willKER trail is a specially designed “TRAILTREKKER will test your the Kerry Way with Ray Creaney be provided free of charge toroute that starts in Newcastle, Co. determination, stamina, dedication and beside the shores of Kenmare those new to the sport. For fur-Down before traversing the and camaraderie and anyone with Bay with Jimmy Duggan. In total ther information, text the wordMourneMountains, the Ring of a moderate level of fitness can 112 walkers participated on the rockclimbing to 087 2240368Gullion and the CooleyPeninsula train to take part. You’ll experi- five walks and thereby raised bad-and finishing in the medieval vil- ence a massive sense of achieve-lage of Carlingford. This cross- ment, not only on a personal levelborder route encompasses some of but also as a team. Your trekking Nenagh Tile &Ireland’s most stunning landscapes achievements will bring realand is steeped in Irish mythology. change to some of the poorest Fireplace Centre communities in the world, as all Tiles - Fireplace - Stoves the funds raised by TRAILTREK- Timber Flooring - Bathroom WareOxfam Ireland’s TRAILTREK- KER will enable Oxfam Ireland to Bathroom & Fireplace AccessoriesKER is also part of a growing carry out its work in east, centralglobal phenomenon. There are and southern Africa. Go on,now fifteen events in twelve dif- choose your challenge and sign upferent countries. Since TRAIL- today”.TREKKER began in 1981 in HongKong, over 32,000 teams (128,000individuals) have collectively For more details Before you buy a gatewalked over 11.5 million kilome- about signing up visit STANDISH SAWMILLS Free Fitting Up To 20% Offtres (the same distance as walking for TRAILTREK- Selectivearound the world 287 times!), be- KER 2011, text Manufacturers of Fencing & Gates On All Fireplaces Range Ofcoming great ambassadors for “TREK” to TilesOxfam’s work and raising over 51500, call 01€70 million. 6350 406 or visit Free Underlay Larch Stove www.oxfamirelan With All 6.5KW Heat Output Laminate Now €360 d.org/TRAILTRE Best Value Supplier in Ireland Flooring 10% Off All StovesTRAILTREKKER is now in its KKER. Tom Standish 087 2642032third year in Ireland and over the email: tomstandish@eircom.net Nenagh Shopping Centre, Nenagh. 067 43278past two years it raised over web: www.standishsawmills.ie nenaghtileandfireplacecentre@live.ie
  10. 10. Spell Cheque Eye halve a spelling chequer It came with my pea sea It plainly marques four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea. Eye strike a key and type a word And weight four it two say Weather eye am wrong oar write It shows me strait a weigh. As soon as a mist ache is maid It nose bee fore two long And eye can put the error rite Its rare lea ever wrong. Eye have run this poem threw it I am shore your pleased two no Its letter perfect awl the weigh My chequer tolled me sew. “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” –Mark Twain Phone 0504-51945 to advertiseThe members of North Tipp Ogra held their annual 1916 Rising Commemoration on Easter Sunday in Temp-lemore, Cllr Jim Casey delivered the oration Any One Can Be a Star, Tipperary Friends of Animals Paddy Casey at The SourceA few months ago, the Tipperary to save all the abandoned animals The Source is delighted to an-Friends of Animals opened up that are being found. To achieve nounce that Paddy Casey will betheir first shop in Abbey Lane, this, money has to be raised and making his first appearance at theNenagh, at the back of the Hiber- volunteers are constantly sought Thurles venue on Friday 6th May.nian Inn. People were extremely to help with fundraising. All that Famous for his great sing-alonggenerous in supplying the shop is asked is a couple of hours a anthems like the smash hit Saintswith clothes, furniture, books, year, small sacrifice to help alle- and Sinners, Paddy occupies amusic, pictures, shoes, linen and viate the dreadful suffering of unique place on the Irish musicnik-naks. The quality is very animals. scene. Sitting very happily in thehigh and the prices are exception- singer/songwriter tradition that hasally reasonable, which is a bless- To this end, there is a sponsored blossomed in recent Ireland, Paddying during this recession. After dog walk being held in Nenagh has also enjoyed a popularitythe care free days of the Celtic on 29th May, starting in Banba which seems to evade his contem-Tiger, every cent has come to be Square and around the Dark poraries.very precious and has to go very Road, a distance of about threefar. So if you are watching the miles. It is always a fun after-pennies and looking for good noon during which you meet like Things have gone from good toquality and good value, pay a vis- minded people and a wonderful great recently for the former busk- his best known songs with exclu-it to the Tipperary Friends of An- array of dogs. er who supported U2 on their Ver- sive sneak previews of some of hisimals Shop in Abbey Lane and tigo tour and has had week long latest material. So this promises tonot only will you be scooping up Anyone interested in doing the sold-out residencies at the Olym- be brilliant night of music.great bargains, you will be help- Dog Walk, is asked to contact pia in Dublin. America has starteding a very worthy cause. They Linda on 086-8163707 for their to open its doors following a sen-are open from Wednesdays to Sponsored Dog Walk Card or can sational performance on The LateSaturday. also collect one in the Show with David Letterman. Paddy Casey is at The Source Arts Sportsman’s Dream in Kenyon Centre on Friday 6th May at 8pm.With the recession hitting hard, Street, Nenagh. Tickets €18 / €16 concession.people are very hard pressed to He is currently working on the fol-keep and feed their own animals It was Mahatma Gandhi that said, low up to his last Meteor Award For Bookings please call the Boxand the Tipperary Friends of Ani- “The greatness of a nation and its winning album Addicted to Com- Office on 0504 90204 or log on tomals are being asked to take on moral progress can be judged by pany (Part One). Paddy has a fan- www.thesourceartscentre.iefamily pets as well as still trying the way its animals are treated”. tastic set planned mixing some of
  11. 11. Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945Crowds Enchanted at Virtuoso’s CDLaunchVirtuoso Chamber Choir certain- night include their eerie arrange-ly “ Enchanted” their audience in ment of Sound of Silence whichthe Marian Hall Birr on Saturday was much talked about by concertnight. On entering the hall many goers at the interval. Other favou-people were shocked and amazed rites include a five part arrange-to see the transformation that the ment of Siúil a Riún andhall had undergone in preparation undoubtedly the emotional rendi-for the event with red hued up- tion of Danny Boy both of whichlighters creating a delightful ambi- feature on the album.ance and a twinkling fairy lightback drop complimenting the The choir thanked the many peo-stage. ple who enabled them to make the night a great success in particularThe choir processed up the centre Tommy Lyndon their MC andisle by candlelight, dressed in most importantly their familiesstunning full length gowns singing and friends who helped in prepar-an uplifting version of Jubilate ing the hall and supported them inDeo in four part canon . Following every way to make the launch athis the girls sang various church huge success.songs rounding off the first sec-tion with a John Rutter Piece – Virtuoso have one remainingThe Lord Bless you and Keep launch concert on Thursdat 28thyou. April in The Church of Ireland, Church Road Roscrea at 8pm.Birr Choral society and Will Cul- The choirs album Enchanted islagh provided guest spots at the available in many shops in Birrconcert and at times the choir and in the surrounding areas – for Hard-hitting play ‘Five Kinds of Silence’were joined by local violinist Au- a list of shops visitdrey Lynch who performed on www.virtuoso.ie at Nenagh Arts Centre this weekendtheir album. Highlights of the Orchard Theatre Company are working in conjunction with ADAPT Services to help raise fundsUpcoming Events in Cloughjordan and improve the public’s awareness of the abuse that is around us every1. Thursday, April 28th, The day. Through the play ‘Five KindsMethodist Hall, Cloughjordan, Public meeting: What organic and of Silence’ which was written by7.30 to 9.30pm low-input has to offer growers, Shelagh Stephenson; the Company their customers and the planet bring a voice to an issue that is not Public meeting: The Climate Cri- openly spoken about in Ireland. The piece tours to Nenagh this Saturdaysis: What Next? A joint event with Feasta, (the the 30th of April. Foundation for the Economics ofThe international negotiations on Sustainability) and IOFGA, thea global climate treaty seem to be Irish Organic Farmers and Grow- of Silence’ is the story of a familymaking very little progress. After ers Association. Chaired by Dr. ‘Five Kinds of Silence’ asks the au- where control has become the driv-a review of the current situation Sinead Neiland, Chairperson of dience why would a man or woman ing force, where everything has itsand the reasons for it, the meeting IOFGA torture their own children? The place and there are only rules, dutieswill explore alternative proposals main character Billy controls his and punishments.for dealing with the situation Speakers will include Gundula wife and two adult daughters to thewhich do not simply involve re- Azeez, a former policy adviser to extent that they can’t leave the room ADAPT has a range of services forstricting fossil fuel use. Speakers the Soil Association, Martin Peck, without asking permission. He runs women survivors of domestic abusewill include David Healy, a who raises sheep organically in his family as a personal fiefdom, and their children. By attending the and the women are there to service performance of ‘Five Kinds of Si-former ministerial policy adviser, Wales, and Joe Condon, who rais- him and his madness. He is violent, lence’ you will be helping ADAPTRichard Douthwaite and Brian es cattle organically in South Tip- disturbed but also tragic, sad, a lost to provide some of the followingDavey of Feasta, and Gundula perary, selling the beef direct to soul. One day his family shoots him services: safe emergency refuge ac-Azeez, a former policy adviser to the public. The evening has been dead. The play shows us a distorted commodation, free phone helpline,the Soil Association. planned to suit people who are world of madness, control and de- court preparation & accompani- already farming organically or spair through the eyes of dead Billy ment, advocacy & accompanimentAdmission: €5. Enquiries to who are thinking of doing so. and those of his family struggling to to services, training & developmentinfo@feasta.org or to 086 364 There will be plenty of opportuni- understand reality outside their sti- opportunities and childcare support.2728. ties for questions and discussion. fling tomb. ’Five Kinds of Silence’ plays at 8 Admission €10 (concessions Winner of the 1996 Writers’ Guild p.m. on Saturday April 30th in Award for the Best Original Radio Nenagh Arts Centre Ticket from2. Saturday, April 30th, The available). Enquiries to Play and the 1997 Sony Award for 067 34900 or online atMethodist Hall, Cloughjordan, info@feasta.org or to 086 364 Best Original Drama, ‘Five Kinds www.nenagharts.com6.30 - 9.00pm 2728
  12. 12. Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945Skoda Sponsors Tipperary GAA White Gypsy Ruby Irish Red AleSkoda has signed a three yearsponsorship deal with Tipperary da brand name was unveiled today. Brewed in TemplemoreGAA that will see the car compa- “An innovative and challengingny invest €200,000 in the county car marquee, Skoda will bring a Irish red ale, red ale, or Irish ale task of moving a brewery andeach year. The sponsorship, new dynamic to the promotion of gains its slightly reddish colour re-commissioning it was under-which begins after the 2011 na- Tipperary GAA both within and from the use of a small amount taken. Finally after 6 months thetional leagues, covers both the outside of the county,” said Barry of roasted barley. The term red brewery was ready to go and du-hurling and football codes and O’Brien, Tipperary county board ale or red beer is used by brewers ly open in August 2009. Initiallyincludes all grades from minor to chairman. “The Skoda brandsenior inter-county teams. As part name will adorn all our county in countries other than Ireland; contract work was undertaken toof the agreement, a new look Tip- jerseys from minor to senior in however the name Irish Red is get the brewery up and running.perary jersey displaying the Sko- both hurling and football.” typically used when roasted ma- However, Cuilan’s ambition has terial is used. In the United always been to brew a beer States, the name can describe a which would be widely availableBeard of Zeus Win Buddy’s Got darker amber ale, and some breweries may produce a “red” in the local area. Since the de- mise of Perry’s in Rathdowney inTalent beer that is a lager with caramel 1966 there has been no local ale colouring. available throughout North Tip-A packed house witnessed a very The judges (Noel Ryan, Veronica perary. With this in mind theexciting final of Buddy’s Got Talent Crowley, Andrew Walsh) retired to Cuilan Loughnane is a native of White Gypsy Brewery are nowlast Friday night in Buddy’s Bar, mark their sheets, and the audience Templemore who took up an in- launching “Ruby” Irish red aleCapparoe, which saw filled in their voting cards, and we terest in brewing while working with the focus very much onBorrisokane/Ballinderry band the all waited with anticipation. Then in Vancouver in Canada during brewing a good flavoursomeBeard of Zeus crowned deserved came the moment, and the resultoverall winners. It was a thrilling the 90’s. Cuilan came back to beer. was announced; in 3rd place and re-final which saw 8 top class acts Ireland in 1997 and started a job ceiving €200 cash was Harmony.compete for the top prizes. First on Second place went to Cian Morris, as a brewing assistant in Dwan’s Ruby Irish Red Ale started life instage was Michelle O Dwyer from who received €300, and the winners brewery in Thurles under English Dwan’s brewery in 1997 underNenagh who got the event off to a who received €1000 cash and re- brew master David Jones. When the name Rich Ruby. It was ahigh quality start with a great per- cording time in Earth Recording Jones moved onto a brewery in recipe created by the then Brewformance, accompanying herself on Studios, Nenagh, was The Beard Of Sweden, Cuilan took up the run- Master David Jones. In 1998 itguitar. She was followed by Michael Zeus. It would have been difficult ning of Dwan’s brewery. In won a gold medal at the Stock-Lambe from Lorrha, who sang one for anyone to argue with the results, 2001 Cuilan and his wife Sally holm Beer and Whiskey festival.of his own compositions and then as any of the other acts could also set up the Shelta Beer Co. Ltd In 2000, the beer was enteredfinished with a great performance of have featured in the top 3, such wasPiano Man, accompanying himself and obtained a lease from Bill into the International Industry the standard. All 8 acts deserve great Dwan for the brewery in Thurles. Awards held in London, and wonon piano and harmonica. credit; they gave very professionalNext up was Greg Starr who gave a Bronze Medal. The recipe was and entertaining performances andhis usual classy performance, start- can be proud of their achievement. Over the next 3 years they ran a slightly tweaked to put a bettering with a beautiful rendition of Mr very successful export business balance on the final flavour andBojangles and finishing with a rous- Certainly Harmony could have a and won many awards for their the beer went on to win 3 golding Nessun Dorma. Bringing the bright future, particularly if they beers. In 2004 the Dwan busi- and 2 bronze medals at beer festi-first half to a close was Bridget Ma- stay together and vary their pro- ness was sold and Cuilan moved vals in the UK over the followingher from Roscrea. Bridget gave a gramme as they progress with their to Messr’s Maguire’s in Dublin 3 years. Cuilan then beganlovely performance of Don’t It music. Cian Morris is already well city centre where he ran the working for Messr’s Maguire’sMake My Brown Eyes Blue and a known in North Tipp and is easily asrousing rendition of the jazz stand- brewing operation until 2009. in Dublin and the beer disap- good as anything we have seen on An opportunity then arose to pur- peared off the market for the nextard Too Darn Hot. the All Ireland Talent Show; let’s chase the Kinsale brewery which 5 years. But now finally it’s be- hope he gets a break in the near fu-The second half commenced with ture. The Beard of Zeus has to be had ceased operating. A suitable ing brewed again in TemplemoreCian Morris who started with a song one of the freshest and most enter- premise’s was located in Tem- and available for the first timeof his own, Supernatural Cover Girl, taining bands around this area, with plemore, the brewing equipment throughout North Tipperary. Forfollowed by a cover. He was in ex- their unique take on every song they was purchased and the arduous more info. Phone 086 1724520cellent form and also well accompa- do. The simple mix of acoustic gui-nied by Brian Richardson on guitar. tar, bass, and banjo works reallyNext up was Harmony, 4 young well, but all 3 of them can sing and itgirls from the Nenagh area, whogave us something unique with an their harmonies are impressive. They also have the knack of choos- Visacapella rendition of 2 current chart ing music that works for them and Opensongs. Their unique arrangements 10.30am - 6pm adding their own touch to it. We all 7 Daysand super harmonies were impres- look forward to the launch night ofsive. their CD which hopefully they willNext was the Beard Of Zeus who make as part of their prize.gave us White Winter Hymnal bythe Fleet Foxes, and their own very On behalf of the judges, Noel Ryanunique take on the Beach Boys’ paid tribute to all the contestants,Barbara Ann. Closing the competi- and thanked Joe Mulqueen for hav- Fairy Fort Farm, Summerhill, Borrisoleightion was Mikey Finn who once ing the initiative to stage the compe- (Just off the Templemore Rd. 1 mile from Borrisoleigh)again gave an intimate and heartfelt tition and give up and coming talent 086-402 1659 www.traditionalfarm.comperformance of his two songs, ac- this opportunity. It was a great suc-companying himself on guitar. cess and best of luck to the winners, and all who took part.
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