Anti Slip Solutions For All Surfaces


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Anti-Slip solutions for all surfaces

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Anti Slip Solutions For All Surfaces

  1. 1. Anti-Slip Solutions for all surfaces Guaranteed!Derrick Norton, T 01925 497 450 M 07900 368
  2. 2. Contents• The Dangers• What can we anti-slip?• Where can we anti-slip?• The competition• What do we have?• Our clients
  3. 3. The Dangers• No-one wants to put themselves, their staff or customers at risk, it is a far better option to have a safe, non slip finish applied to your flooring surfaces. A non slip finish allows you peace of mind knowing that all can go about their daily business in safety. Most clients’ find their floors are only slippery when wet or damp and so just simply chose to optimise maintenance, and set out warnings. Unfortunately, this does not solve the underlying problem; the floor still remains slippery, people remain at risk and the business still remains liable.
  4. 4. What can we Anti-Slip?• We can anti-slip any surface or floor achieving values exceeding all regulatory levels (under both dry and wet conditions). Indoors or outdoors, our treatment will usually last for the useful life of the floor.• Ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles.• Limestone, granite, marble, travertine, slate and terrazzo.• Concrete, terracotta, epoxy, linoleum, metals, wood, laminate, vinyl, acrylic and thermoplastics.
  5. 5. Where can we Anti-Slip?• It can be applied and used across a wide range of sectors, including:• Factories, warehouses and offices• Airports, ports, train and underground stations• Hotels, bars, restaurants, casinos, cinemas, amusement parks and gyms• Shops, supermarkets, showrooms and shopping centres• Schools, hospitals and care-homes• Government and public sector buildings• Vehicles, trailers, ramps and steps• Swimming pools and changing rooms
  6. 6. The competition• Acid or chemical etching is one method that is often sold as a quick and easy “invisible treatment” of tiled or mineral based floors. Unfortunately the results are usually far from what was promised. It leaves a very uneven finish and can lead to unsightly white salts to bloom permanently on the surface. Acid etched floors quickly become permanently stained and impossible to clean. The acids are hazardous to work with and are at best only a very short term, temporary fix. The HSE does not endorse this type of treatment and comments accordingly within its website and literature.
  7. 7. What do we have?• Guaranteed for the life of the surface being treated!• Can be applied anywhere, regardless of ambient temperature.• An Anti-Slip Process which is neither:-• Damaging to the surface• Damaging to the aesthetics• Toxic or has damaging VOC’s• What would it cost in litigation?
  8. 8. Some of Our Clients• Hilton Hotels, Ramada Hotels• Schools, Oxford University• Marstons Pubs, Mitchell & Butler Pubs, Krazyhouse Liverpool• Ibrox Stadium• Subway (Ireland)• MOD & a research establishment.• Birmingham Botanical Gardens• Abbey Leisure, Pool Side• Nursing homes.• The Public (Baths & Showers)