Tulane i2 iptv presentation


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Presentation given at Internet2 meeting, April 23, 2013.

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Tulane i2 iptv presentation

  1. 1. IPTV @ TULANEFINDING THE RIGHT PARTNERJim Bradley Assistant Vice President for InformationTechnology and Academic ComputingDerek Toten Director of Campus Technologies
  2. 2. Tulane UniversityNew Orleans, Louisiana – founded 1834Total students: 13,486Students living on campus: 3,844Number of residence halls: 12
  3. 3. Tulane Legacy CATV Plant1992 – Tulane installs a CATV system• Dish farm with local head-end• 75 channel, 550 Mhz RF system• Co-ax to the outlet
  4. 4. Tulane Legacy CATV Plant1996 – contracted with Cox Communications forcontent delivery• Fiber feed replaces unreliable dish farm• Cox fiber to Tulane head-end• Tulane RF plant remains the same• Cox channels re-modulated and re-distributed ascustom lineup2009 – aging RF plant requires replacement• Started process to replace or renovate• Serious consideration of IPTV
  5. 5. 2010 - Cox proposes to rehabcampus CATV plant• Lay new fiber across campus• Re-wire all residence halls• Build new head-end• HD channels• VoD capability• Four-fold cost increase• Ten-year commitment• $10,000,000 dealCox CATV Improvement Proposal
  6. 6. Issues with Cox CATV proposal:• $10,000,000• Very disruptive to campus• Voice & data not anopportunity for Cox at Tulane• Will this CATV technologyand model still be viable infive years? Ten years?• Not the right choice for Tulane• Probably not the right choicefor Cox, eitherCox CATV Improvement Proposal
  7. 7. Time to seriously consider IPTVConditions were right• Aging CATV plant• Major network overhaul underway• 10Gb distribution, 1Gb access ports• New wireless access points• dual-band 802.11nReviewed the IPTV service environment• Identified key providers in higher ed• Conducted a limited pilot of IPTV technology• Anadequate solution was identifiedTulane ready for IPTV, but stilllooking for the right partnerIPTV as a solution
  8. 8. Challenged Cox executives to provide an IPTVservice that met our needs and expectationsCoincidentally, Cox redeveloping their homewireless product into an IPTV serviceAgain, conditions were right:• Cox a valuable and long-term partner to Tulane• Experienced CATV service provider• Deep relationships with content providers• IPTV already in beta• Existing CATV contracts with CoxCox as an IPTV partner
  9. 9. Contract flexibility• IPTV beta testing alongside legacy CATV system• Continue to provide access to both systems whilecritical IPTV features are stood-up• Set-top-boxes• Mobile apps• Local broadcasters and local origination channels• Popular channels (ESPN, Comedy Central, etc.)• Although dual systems are running, Cox only billingfor one (same audience)• Turn off legacy CATV once IPTV can provideequivalent serviceCox as an IPTV partner
  10. 10. • IPTV content originates from Cox HQ in Atlanta• A Content Delivery Node (CDN) in Tulane’s NewOrleans data center receives and caches contentover a dedicated 1Gb circuit• SSO authentication via Tulane’s RADIUS server andsubsequent handoff to Cox• Multicasting not available over hostnetwork at this time• Playback clients for Mac OS andWindowsCox IPTV Pilot
  11. 11. Spring semester, 2013 – validation of service• 34 channels of HD video• Wireless enabled• No local broadcasters• No local origination• Lineup still missing some notables (ESPN, Viacom)• Rolled out to all students, one residence hall at atime, throughout the course of the semester• As of Monday, April 21:• 3716 users registered to the service• 545 active users• Available throughout the Tulane networkCox IPTV Pilot
  12. 12. Quality and reliability of IPTV service over the Tulanenetwork is sufficient for most users• Wireless performance issues (correctible)• Computer performance issues (multi-tasking)Students enjoy the simplicity and convenience of IPTV• Consider it a value added to dorm living• Fits into their digital life stylesNetwork operations are not adversely affected by thisserviceIPTV Pilot Results
  13. 13. What do students want from IPTV?• Convenience – always available• Their favorite channels – Some would pay extra forpremium programming• The ability to watch TV via any device• Stand-alone television(with set-top-box orother appliance• From their computer• On any mobile deviceIPTV Pilot Results
  14. 14. Future of IPTV at Tulane“Must-Have” for service to be successful• Expanded channel lineup• ESPN, Comedy Central, Fox News, etc.• Mobile apps (iOS, Android)• Set-top-box device or other appliance“Would-Like-to-Have” to improve service• VoD• Improved user interface• Subset of channels accessible to allTulane affiliates (news, weather, localorigination)
  15. 15. Future of IPTVIPTV everywhere on any deviceIPTV providers develop relationships with contentproviders to allow IPTV portability• Students connect to IPTV through their institution• Students maintain that relationshipeven after graduating• IPTV provider has lifelongcustomer• University has lifelonginteraction and can providecustomized alumniprogramming