20110804 Tulane CITAC monthly meeting

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Outline for monthly CITAC meeting - August 4, 2011

Outline for monthly CITAC meeting - August 4, 2011

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  • 1. Campus information technology AND academic computing
    Monthly Staff meeting
    August 4, 2011
  • 2. Agenda
    StrategicAgenda Update
    WaveMail and Active Directory Migration
    Start of Semester Activities
    Move-in Weekend
    Black-out windows
    Change control
    Major Projects
    Facilities Status
    Technology Connection Update
  • 3. Introductions
    New Staff
  • 4. Strategic Agenda FY2012
    Focus Areas
    Create the Technology Services Center
    Integrate all public facing services and tools
    Integrate School of Medicine IT
    Enhance communication
    Pace of change is accelerating
    Create administrative clarity
    strategic plan
    consistency and standardization
    Enhance support for research
    continue strong focus on Primate Center
    high performance computing support
    Enhance support for instruction
  • 5. Strategy for FY12
    1) Develop a strategic agenda for the year focused on 3-5 top level projects (July 2011)
    2) Develop a strategic plan for campus information technology and academic computing (Fall 2011)
    3) Develop a report of FY11 accomplishments and FY12 goals (Summer 2011)
    4) Begin issuing a regular version of that report at periodic intervals (December 2011)
  • 6. Email conversion
    Everyone but three categories is moving to Wavemail (Exchange 2010 in the cloud from Microsoft)
    Blackberry users cannot transition yet (so neither should the people who share calendars with them)
    CommVault customers who have not moved their email back
    HIPPA customers
    Matt Dovie and Gina Allen are working hard leading the project and communications
  • 7. Active Directory Migration
    In process
    Uptown and Downtown are next
    Evaluation impact on printing and developing timeline
  • 8. Major Projects
    Now meeting on Mondays at 10 for project reviews
    Licensing Renewals and new MacOS License (Corliss)
    Cox Cable Renewal (Derek)
    CRM Deployment (Derek)
    Desktop Management/KASE (Randy)
    Encryption (Paul)
    Moodle Review (Jim)
    Move-in Weekend (Larry)
    Primate Center Database (Jeff)
    Summer Classroom Refresh (David Z.)
    Technology Services Center (Corliss/Derek)
    Student Printing (Sheldon)
  • 9. The Space Shuffle - Downtown
    Move Downtown Desktop Support team into adjacent suite
    Downtown AV team clear and begin using adjacent office for staging
  • 10. The Space Shuffle - Uptown
    Onsite team moves to 1334 Audubon & HTML
    Most of Classroom & Media team moves to old SA offices
    Repair Station moves to part of old Classroom &Media offices
    Videoconference room moves to old Repair Station
    Rest of Classroom & Media (David Z.) moves to old videoconference room
    Onsite team moves to remaining Classroom & Media offices
    Programming team moves to 1334 Audubon
    Communication team moves within existing HTML space
    Faculty development team (Mike & David) swaps office with computer support (John Ducote)
  • 11. Technology Connection Update
    Our retail arm and partner
    Critical part of how we deliver service
  • 12. Discussion
  • 13. Recognition
    Thank yous
    Good job's