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Sydney Boardroom Briefing for ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

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  • Shangri-La Identified 4 Key Challenges, this is very consistent with what we are seeing across our research in Travel & Hospitality1 – Technology > It All Starts with DataWe need to leverage the data we have Profile & Persona Behavior: web analytics, social signals Interactions: bookings, loyalty, guest service data bring data closer to marketing reduce ad-hoc requests made to IT to PULL LISTS in real-time look for high potential, high value segments for campaign creation TODAY -> new strategies are costly to test, and difficult or impossible to execute2 – Operations > In order to deliver more personalised campaigns we need to scale the production process to get more out the doorcurrently it takes the team days to produce a campaign pull data from siebel, push lists to experian, build creative, test, execute, wait, look at results limited template reuse little dynamic content and personalisation no realtime view of results3 – Interactions > We need to sense and respond to customers understand where the customer is at in the lifecycle tailor relevant communications based on the data we have trigger based on behaviour, signals or transactional activity4 – Strategy > Surprise and Delight > Customer Experience Drives Loyalty (our people are the frontline) Data is the basis of exceptional experience We rely on pinboards with guests faces And quality but manual systems for data collection and on property execution Mobile is not leveraged
  • Select which statistic is most pertinent to your prospect. The research stat in this slide can be edited. 39%of marketers report difficulty collecting customer data fast enough – a mandatory requirement for brands hoping to achieve immediate message personalization (“Real-time customer insights and engagement across all channels are the name of the game. In the absence of a centralized view into customer data, interactive marketers struggle to execute effective cross-channel programs, fueled by real-time, actionable customer insight. ” Forrester Consulting, The New Campaign Management Mandate, June 2011“With the pace at which consumers interact and expect marketers to respond to them, manual time-intensive processes don’t cut it anymore. Marketing technology, listening across all channels — digital and social — and advanced data management capabilities are foundational capabilities to address this need.” Forrester Consulting, The New Campaign Management Mandate, June 2011As a marketer, you have access to massive amounts of customer data that’s all over the place, but it’s challenging to collect this data in a manageable way and then turn around and quickly leverage this data in your customer communications. It’s vital that you gain a centralized view of each of your customers to execute effective cross-channel programs. The lack of centralized customer data ultimately affects your ROI. Questions to ask prospects:Are you able to access and integrate the data easily from both sources in order to create a single view of each customer? Are you able to create personalized messaging based on specific data integrations? Are you able to attribute ROI back to a certain channel?
  • Tactical Solutions to Integrate Data for a Single View of Each Customer Align your resources to consolidate and integrate your siloed data Leverage ExactTarget’s strong integrated partner network Give purpose to your data and get a single view of each customer by organizing and measuring the results through CRM, web analytics programs, SocialEngage™, and ExactTarget's Interactive Marketing Hub™.Manage multi channel marketing and communicate using the right medium to “send the right message to the right person at the right time via the right medium. Automate these sends across mediums in a single campaign using a single interface.Merge your data points from multiple sources to create personal, dynamic customer messaging. Send Welcome Emails and link to a Preference Center Landing Page where you can invite customer to identify product needs and interestsPreference centers and registration forms are ideal opportunities to collect incremental data that will improve automated segmentation. For example, instead of asking individuals whether they prefer Newsletter A or Newsletter B, ask them to rate their interest in 10 topics. That allows subsequent, dynamically generated emails to always lead with one of the topics they are most interested in and feature that topic in the subject line. By increasing the perceived relevance of the email, open rates and click rates should improve.
  • Client Success: Expedia Problem/Need/Goal:When it comes to booking travel, Expedia is a leader in the industry. Their goals with email communications are to send timely relevant offers and transactions within a narrow window of time. Solution:Expediacame to ExactTarget for real-time transactional communications that would leverage any of their hundreds of data sets to drive true 1:1 message. On a daily basis the ExactTarget Services team helps makes sense of it all and deploys the industry’s most complicated, data rich communications. Result: Today, when timeliness of send is of the essence, ExactTarget sends over 1,000,000 emails an hour for Expedia incorporating no less than 150 dynamic elements. These dynamic elements are built from predictive modeling, optimal offers, abandoned searches, and alerts/notification data (amongst many others). Check out these other Client Success examples in the Client Success Library related to this challenge:Iceland Air (Automated Drip Campaign) (Rewards Program)Speak Relevantly to the Travel & Hospitality industry through other Client Success Stories:Go to Client Success LibrarySearch under these Filters: Travel & Hospitality Operations: Automation Technology: IntegrationsInteractions: Convert/GrowTriggered EmailCampaigns
  • Flight Centre
  • Social Marketing for Travel & Tourism

    1. 1. Social Marketing for Travel & Tourism
    2. 2.
    3. 3. “Starting in 2013, digital marketing will be one of the top three imperatives on 100% of CEO agendas.” Gartner Predicts 2013: Digital Marketing Pushes Marketing Executives to a More Strategic Role
    4. 4. Common Challenges Technology:L Operations: Interactions: Strategy: everage Data we Have Local Relevance v Global Control Keeping Customers Engaged & Loyal Deliver Customer Experience
    5. 5. Using Data Site to Facebook Looks at Facebook friends and shows relevant reviews Flights integration Scripts & loops through the relevant flights in my area Actual marketing The actual promotion & reason for the email User Profile Aggregates all of my site activity and my status Facebook integration Requires login to Facebook Knows my home city Grabs my location and uses to determine flights near me
    6. 6. Local Relevance Managing Presences at Scale • 5 brands • 1300 properties • 1500 users
    7. 7. Global Control in a Crisis • Listening for PR, Crisis Communications & Consumer Affairs • CSM helped develop their crisis playbook • Social Hub Classifies & Routes Actionable Posts to Engaging Agents
    8. 8. Compile your Playbook • Business Objectives • Roles & Responsibilities • The Plays • The Workflow • Escalation • Reporting Comments: Your playbook is your foundation document for how you will execute in social. Download our guide.
    9. 9. Keep Customers Engaged
    10. 10. Align to a Content Plan • Exec Summary • Goals, Objectives & Metrics • Target Audience Personas • Roles and Responsibilities • Theme, Topics and Types • Distribution & Optimization Comments: A shared content calendar and plan is the key to executing integrated campaigns across channels consistently, it starts with great pillars (themes) and a kitbag of mechanics (tactics).
    11. 11. Deliver Customer Experience • Engage with travellers in real time • 1 hr first call resolution • Use data to deliver unique experiences (KLM Surprise)
    12. 12. Technology: Common Challenge Data for Relevance “39% of marketers report difficulty collecting customer data fast enough.” eMarketer, 2011
    13. 13. Relevance is Revenue
    14. 14. Data Bookings Loyalty Guest A A single view of data Interactions in email, web, mobile, social&guest services Connected to Social
    15. 15. Interactions over the lifecycle Stay Experience Regular Engagement Dynamic and relevant content that Acquire Cross-Channel Expand acquisition strategy to include web, mobile and social. engages subscribers based on preferences and behavior Saves Dynamic and relevant content that engages subscribers based on preferences and behavior Identifying & engage customers with a high propensity to churn Loyalty Program Onboarding Rewarding most valuable customers Define relationship based on Loyalty or non Loyalty for behaviors that drive retention LTV ( + ) Win-backs: Re-acquire most valuable churned Revenue Customers with outreach & offers ACQUIRE ONBOARD Time (t) ENGAGE RETAIN LTV ( - )
    16. 16. Promotions Welcome Series Website Acquisition Loyalty Incentives Browse Abandon Loyalty Rewards Social Engagement & Advocacy Booking Abandonment Winback In Store Reengagement Social Acquisition Browse Retargeting Refer a Friend Post-Purchase (Next best offer) Small Audience Large Audience
    17. 17. Success Spotlight Leveraging Data for Personalisation • Redesigned loyalty program • Launched newly personalised messaging with stronger call to action • 55% increase in gross revenue and 11% increase in unique clicks
    18. 18. Success Spotlight Automation Success • Needed to send personalized immediate offers • Leveraged hundreds of data sets • real-time, 1:1 messages • 1 million+ emails send per hour for Expedia incorporating no less than 150 dynamic elements
    19. 19. Real-time Mobile Travel Alerts 12345 • SMS Marketing • Real-time Alerts • Geo-fencing • Mobile Application Push Welcome to Hong Kong, Julian your personal valet will be ready to greet you at the Shangri-La in 20 mins, for directions reply “W”
    20. 20. Personalised Customer Service • Guest’s identified immediately • Full Interaction History • Agent Knowledge Base • Agent logs calls to help the Property anticipate the customer’s needs
    21. 21. Personal Service • Greet guests with personal information and experiences • Past Interactions visible • Preferences are recorded to create the next experience for the next visit
    22. 22. The Value of Relevance 55% growth in email attributed revenue 7x efficiency in campaign deployment (annually dropped from $2M to $270K) 45% increase in engagement