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Introduction to the Marketing Cloud for Phillipines with AllFamous

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  • QUANT HARD NumbersIncrease RevReduced Cost: We are seeing more customers start to quantify the cost savings of reduced call volume and enhanced real time customer service through social. Relevant Ex by Customer/Preso here:Utility companies managing outages and driving communication via social, leverage social engagement to drive EE behavior change and assess attitudes toward Smart Grid. Boulder Energy Smart ARRA-funded no mass marketing Non-profits and higher ed use social to drive fundraising and donor engagementOther companies are linking social media benchmark metrics to CSAT scoresFor customers already on the Salesforce platform, this is an value worth exploring.
  • 2 ears and 1 moutha) See how people engaging around active livingb) Learn from others in the industry, what has worked, what didn'tc) Systematically Collect Word Of Mouth from Staffd) Identify influencers and activate super-fans
  • Grassroots relationships, Move Norish BelieveOn instagram alone 50,000 tagged imagesLast year, one competition 60,000 entries
  • Move - Norish - recipes, beautyBelieve - positivity and happiness
  • Fan Opinions on Fashion - make the pieces conversationalFan Advocacy (50K photos on instagram)Fan Participation in Product* inspirational singlet, UGC to submit their own slogans’ designs, profit share. 60K submissions (40,000product sizes, maternity, larger sizes
  • 10% purely on a last click basis, more on Multi-touch Store based social KPIs, growth, engagementCombined with sales dataMove the focus to long term relationships not quick sales
  • Kamusta Kayo - Welcome Modern Marketers

    1. 1. Kamusta Kayo : Welcome Modern MarketersDerek LaneyDirector Product Marketing@derektweets
    2. 2. Skills of the Modern MarketerKeeping up to date is challenging
    3. 3. Business Case is No Longer Elusive51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product orbrand after liking them on FacebookConsumers 40% more likely to spend money withbrands that engage on socialCompanies that don’t engage on social see customerchurn 15% higher than those that do“JetBlue can handle five customer related tweets for every one callhandled through a call center.”– Bain & Co: Putting Social Media to Work
    4. 4. Today’s ObjectivesToday’s Learning Objectives:6 Top Tips for Social StrategyListening DemonstrationPublishing Demonstration
    5. 5. 6 steps to build a killer strategy6Steps
    6. 6. Align Social Goals with Business Goals1Step
    7. 7. Listen /AnalyzePublish /MeasureYour Brand Your Competitors YourCustomer’s World1 2 34 5 67 8 9EngageListen to Your Customers World2Step
    8. 8. Demonstration : Listen at Scale
    9. 9. How to Listen to Every Customer
    10. 10. Lorna Jane Video
    11. 11. Find Your Interesting Story“The Caterpillar brand is built on the backs of great relationships”Briant R. Stokoe, Social Media Program Manager for Caterpillar3Step
    12. 12. Exec SummaryGoals, Objectives & MetricsTarget Audience PersonasRoles and ResponsibilitiesTheme, Topics and TypesWorkflow, Optimization & DistributionBuild a Plan and Playbook4Step
    13. 13. Demonstration: Content ExecutionMove, Nourish, Believe
    14. 14. Reusable Engagement MechanicsSeek Opinions Activate Advocates Involve in Design
    15. 15. 2525Demonstration: Publishing
    16. 16. Use the Whole Kitbag5Step
    17. 17. Test, Measure and Repeat What Works6Step
    18. 18. Measure and Replicate SuccessSocial Goals Sales Goals
    19. 19. Commbank Video
    20. 20. Just in case…Today’s Learning Objectives:slides: bit.ly/mcloudphpebook: bit.ly/mc50tips