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Content from the Marketo Social Media Rockstars Event

Sydney, Australia

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  • The social revolution has been long anticipated
  • But is only now starting to be recognized as bearing business results
  • As an example: - Compare the change currently going on in marketing, we have not seen its like since the dawn of televisionThe more things change… the message is similar - stories are still the thing that drives engagement - customer focussed insights, not product focussedThe media has changed - but now the stories reflect a desire for reality and authenticity, driven by the transparency social media has provided - content is highly customer drivenThe audience talks back - dove need to scale a global presence for the brand
  • COKE
  • The goal of this event is to show you how to design campaigns which drive revenue through optimizing marketing campaigns, but this is not the only reason to be on social.Ultimately our primary goal is to create engaged customers who are satisfied and motivated.
  • Where is your customer? EXAMPLE: Caterpillar – B2B, initially started by erecting presences on facebook and twitter before finding customers preferred to engage on more focussed blogs and forumsEngagement for market research – “ask the audience” EXAMPLE: Clothing retailer - Whats your must have item this seasonPublish / MeasureUse insight to drive your content strategy, test what worksTAKE AWAY: A community manager spends X hrs a week actively listening
  • Storytelling Case Study
  • Its not enough to have a social community ninja and a funky sock wearing creativeExamples:* B2C: CommBank – Programmatic training and a social business strategy B2B: GE – peer communities, cohortsJeremiah Owyang – Social Strategy Prioritizing for Scale:Training, Enablement, Peer Communities
  • How is your investment strategy need to change - Invest in Agencies for Killer Mobile Apps - or Brand Journalists to find your killer customer storyExample: Dreamforce Marketing Cloud KeynoteAami: Rhonda Campaign, Can Campaign
  • Measure back to your original goalsStep 1 - Baseline > Step 2 - What do you want to change and what will success look likeStep 3 - What content will drives the changeStep 4 - executeStep 5 - Measure and Amplify Example: Kraft
  • Marketo Tie-in is through building the social profile and CRM integration
  • Helping Make Revenue Rockstars

    1. 1. Helping Make Revenue Rockstars Derek Laney Director, Product Marketing Mgmt @derektweets
    2. 2. Markets are Conversations “the result will be a new kind of conversation. And it will be the most exciting conversation business has ever engaged in”Source:, “The cluetrain manifesto.” Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger 1999.
    3. 3. Social Finds its pay dayEngaged customers spend 40% moreAnd have a 30% more satisfied (NPS)Source: Bain & Company, “Putting social media to work” 2011
    4. 4. Social Media Has Changed Marketing ForeverThe Largest Shift in 60 Years Old Way New Way Unsolicited Engaging One to many Transparent Untargeted Targeted Static Real Time
    5. 5. People Are No Longer Faceless Data Residential Cell phone addresses numbers Email Cookies that addresses expire in 30 days
    6. 6. People Are PEOPLEAnd Are More Connected Than EverEnormous Opportunity:Listen in real timeBuild &engage connectionsTurn insight into actionBe more targeted than ever
    7. 7. How do marketers takeadvantage of this opportunity?5 Tactics of Social Rockstars
    8. 8. 1. Set Business Goals not Social Goals A Framework for Social Media Analysis - susan_etlinger
    9. 9. 2. Listen to their Customer’s World Your Your Your Customer’s Brand Competitors WorldListen /Analyze 1 2 3 Engage 4 5 6 Publish / 7 8 9 Measure Deriving Insight From Social Data 10
    10. 10. Find the interesting story“The Caterpillar brand is built on the backs of great relationships”Briant R. Stokoe, Social Media Program Manager for Caterpillar
    11. 11. 3. Prepare to Engage at Scale Prioritizing for Scale – #DF12
    12. 12. 4. Use the Whole Kitbag (integrate) Social Social Ads Social Presence Connections Search Your Consumer Website Generated Email Media Blogs Ratings Display Mobile Apps Reviews Broadcast Widgets Print Brick and Mortar Public Lead/Direct Marketing Relations
    13. 13. 5. Measure Everything Advanced Social Media ROI #DF12
    14. 14. Signs you May Have a One Hit Wonder Fragmented No Unified Too Conversations Data Many Systems Ineffective Marketing Results Multiple groups Campaigns and Multiple point engaging engagement solutions disconnected Mixed Disconnected messages Multiple from the measurement enterprise Customers only dashboards see one brand Inefficient & No customer uncoordinated record or profile
    15. 15. World’s Only Unified Social Marketing Platform Turn insights to actions and connections to customers for life.
    16. 16. Where to Get Help & Develop Your Strategy