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Junior paper

  1. 1. Brockington1 Working with medications is the best job. Pharmacists get to deal with drugs all the time.Becoming a pharmacist takes some time and some extra schooling. Despite all of the schooling,becoming a pharmacist is great because you may be the one to make that medicine to help savesomeone’s life. There are many advantages and disadvantages. To become a pharmacist it usually takes about six years of schooling plus taking anexam. This is how you become licensed: there are two degrees given to pharmacists such as:five-year Bachelor of Science and a six-year Doctor of Pharmacy degree. “Since 2005, schoolshave to award pharmacists with the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree” (Pharmacists). A pharmacist’sjob is to “advise patients, physicians, and other health practitioners on the selection, dosage,interactions, and ranging effects of medications”(Pharmacists). They distribute prescriptiondrugs to patients. “Many different pharmacists specialize in specific drug therapyareas”(Pharmacists). This is giving different medications to see which one best helps thatpatientbetter. It may be a different medicine that works for one patient but doesn’t quite work foranother. They prescribe different medicines to help with depression, stress or other problems.Most pharmacists work full-time about ten to twelve hour shifts, while you do have that fifteenpercent of pharmacists does work part time. Work conditions for them are excellent. They workmostly in tidy, neat, and safe areas. There are not many job related injuries. “There are manydifferent types of pharmacists: hospital pharmacists, who get their information from the patientschart; clinical pharmacists make sure patients are getting the correct medication therapy; andnuclear pharmacists, who work with radioactive materials, so this means they have to wearprotective gear” (Pharmacists). Mr. Milden works atBiogen Idec they make Multiple Sclerosis medicine called Tysabriand Avonex. He works in Cell Culture. “Cell culture is the process of which cells are grown
  2. 2. Brockington2under certain conditions” (Milden). Mr. Milden said, “The best part of his job is when they bringin the patients that benefit from the medicines the make and these patients get to tell theirstories” (Milden). Being a pharmacist best suite me because I love to be the one making adifference in at least one person’s life. “The worst part of his job is the hour job to and fromwork” (Milden). This might not bother me as much because I love to be behind the wheel. Heworks a twelve hour shift and has rotating weekends. This is excellent because you make plentyof money and you also look forward to that weekend you have coming up to be off. I hope to bedoing this exact work when I get out of college and start internship. There are advantages of being a pharmacist. One of the advantages of becoming apharmacist is the job security. You receive respect from your community. They trust you to getthem the right medicines in the right dosage. If you do everything correctly they will trust youand continue to come to you. Having someone’s trust is a really big key to having a successfuljob in this field. If they continue to come to you the more money you will make. The patientmore than likely will recommend you to someone else if you do your job correctly. The salary isanother advantage. “Money magazine reported the highest salary of $134,000” (Advantages).They help to cure some of the most infectious diseases, as well as give out antibiotics that kill thebacteria that cause the disease. There are many disadvantages of being a pharmacist as well. “The classes needed tobecome a pharmacist are very challenging” (Disadvantages). Some are harder than others and notthe easiest to pass. There is little room for advancement. Some people are able to become amanager, while others go from job to job. You can become close to being involved innegligence. It’s not hard to get yourself into but it’s hard to beat such a case. You could make amistake that may seem tiny but can have a big effect on someone’s life. “This can happen just by
  3. 3. Brockington3putting the wrong dosage on the medicine label. Shift-work is a disadvantage, because you maynot get the hours or the days that you need and want” (Disadvantages). That can be a problem forthose who want to be a pharmacist. Liability happens more in the pharmacy world than people think. More than 1.3 millionpeople are hurt every year due to medicine related problems, meaning the pharmacist makessome type of error with their medication. “There are more deaths due to malpractice than AIDS,breast cancer, or traffic deaths. These errors could cost as much as $29 billion or $72 million forone case of malpractice. On estimate, a 100,000 people die due to malpractice. There aren’t toomany that go to the hospital to find out if their medicine is the cause of them being sick; but onlyabout three percent” (Pharmacy). You have legal information for victims of pharmacymalpractice. “This information includes state laws, state pharmacy board. If you decide to get anattorney it’s always best to get one who has dealt with a malpractice lawsuit previously”(Pharmacy). If they’ve never handled one of these types of lawsuits you may not need their helpwith your case. Receiving someone else’s prescription is a form of malpractice. This happens sometimesdepending on if the pharmacy is busy, and the pharmacist may accidentally give the prescriptionto the wrong patient. An example of a malpractice pharmacy lawsuit is Chanda Givens, pregnantwho was having problems with her medications. “Chanda Givens wanted to ensure the health ofher unborn child when she became pregnant last February. Her doctor prescribed a prenatalvitamin, Materna. But instead, a Walgreens (WAG) store in suburban St. Louis gave herMatulane, a chemotherapy drug that interferes with cell growth” (Many). This would interferewith the development of the baby. “According to the federal lawsuit she later filed againstWalgreens, Givens, then 29, suffered weeks of nausea, vomiting, neurological symptoms…
  4. 4. Brockington4dizziness, lightheaded, chills and shortness of breath” (Many). Medical exams showed her fetuswas not developing normally. “She miscarried in early April. Mrs. Givens and her husband latersued Walgreens for $75,000” (Many). This was the last bit of information released. Certaininformation can be given out about malpractice lawsuits. This is because most of these cases areconfidential and you won’t be able to get any information about that case. "Drug recalls are when Food and Drug Administration gets large amounts of reports fromdoctors regarding to a drug or after the manufacturer realize something went wrong in theprocess” (Drug). The drugs are placed in one of the three categories. ”Category I is using orbeing in contact with the recalled drug, and may cause problems may even cause death. CategoryII is using or being in contact with the drug and isnt too likely to cause problems, and may causeyou to have little problems or ones that can be treated. Category III is using or being in contactwith the drug, but you have little problems" (Drug).“In 2010 there was a recall on Tylenol 8Hour Caplets because it had an old musty or moldy odor, and it caused people to be nausea,vomit, and have diarrhea. It had 2, 4, 6 tribromophenol which had gotten into the bottles. This isused to preserve the wood that the bottles are stored on” (Tylenol). They are supposed to beannounced when there is a drug recall because you may be the one with the contaminated drug.Drug recalls happen more then we think, so always keep your ears open. Zolpidem which is generic brand of Ambien, and Pregabalin which is the generic brandof Lyrica are shown on TV all of the time. "Zolpidem is used to treat those who have a hard timesleeping and staying asleep"(Zolpidem). It has many side effects such as drowsiness, tiredness,headache, and dizziness. "Pregabalin is used to relieve pain from damaged nerves"(Pregabalin).It has many side effects as well. Such as: tiredness, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. They tellyou to contact your physician if you experience any of these side effects. A pharmacist is
  5. 5. Brockington5supposed to be able to answer any questions about side effects if you have any or any otherquestions you may have. They probably wouldn’t mind if you had a million questions. This willhelp them from making a mistake that can cost them their career. You never know how lifethreatening a side effect may be to you or your life. There are many companies refusing to give many of the medications they have to lowincome families. Johnson & Johnson is one of many refusing to allow access to these lowincome families to HIV medications. Many drug companies have patent on thesedrugs. "Creation in July 2010 of the Medicine Patent Pool- which encourages the pharmaceuticalgiants to loosen their grip on licenses so that cheaper, better and more accessible HIV medicinescan be made"(Harvey). This would make it much better for these families unable to purchase theexpensive drugs. Johnson & Johnson knows they are putting many lives at risk, but seems as if itdoesnt bother them at all. "They hold patents on three HIV drugs that are desperately needed inthe Global South"(Harvey). Even though there are other patents from other patents for the fixeddose needed. So those companies staying away from the pool is being pressured. If thecompanies join the pool and prices go from about $1,000 to less than $100. ”Recent studies showthat people with HIV on anti-retro-viral treatments are 96% less likely to pass on the virus, andaround thirty children die every hour as a result of AIDS" (Harvey). It’s a nightmare when thecompany that stands for so much positivity can but wont help those in need. Maybe with thepressure on them they will change their mind about giving up their patent. In conclusion, being a pharmacist is one of the best jobs available, Do you? Being apharmacist comes with many advantages and disadvantages. This career takes someresponsibility and much patience is needed. It’s not the point of getting the job done, but are youdoing your job correctly.
  6. 6. Brockington6