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Advertising Your Twitter Account


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Tips on how to get the word out about your twitter account.

Tips on how to get the word out about your twitter account.

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  • 1. Advertising Your Twitter Account
  • 2. Linking
    • Register your Twitter account with the Social Media Hub
    • 3. Link to your account from your Facebook site
    • 4. Follow other units/senior officials/services
    • 5. Try to have those you follow retweet something you said.
    • 6. Ask other posts to follow you once you follow them
    • 7. Use "#followfriday." This tag is used as a way to recommend people your followers might be interested in following. Try to get others to recommend you as well!
  • Registering Your Site with
    • Once you have your site up and running, click on this link to register your site with’s listing of social media sites.
    • 8. Follow the instructions on the site.
    • 9. After it’s approved, your Twitter site will be listed under the appropriate service section.
  • Content Sources
    • Create your own content by:
    • 10. Advertising unit events such as contests, community service events, family days, etc.
    • 11. Linking to photos from these events.
    • 12. Linking to content on your other social media sites.
    • 13. Link to content created by others.
    • 14. articles, blogs, and photos
    • 15. Other social media sites (YouTube, Facebook)
    • 16. Reputable local content. There is no restriction on this, but make sure it has been cleared with the appropriate authority (PAO or whoever has this responsibility).
  • Twitter Tips
    • Follow those you wish to have follow you. This will tell them you exist! For example, if you want to build a media following, follow the major press outlets. If they follow you, Direct Message them informing them about upcoming trip-related Tweets. Or any Tweets that are key messages.
    • 17. Search the "following" lists of others to get ideas for new groups or organizations.
    • 18. Take advantage of the DoD Leaders twitter list, the Pentagon Press Corps twitter list, or the DoD Twittererlist, which include a variety of principles, senior officers, and other service members who tweet.
    • 19. Going to be using a unique hash tag for a special event? Tweet it! And ask others to Retweet it.
    • 20. Don't bombard your followers with tweets. Unless live-tweeting a major event, 10 tweets max per day, and spread them out.
    • 21. Adopt a voice. Don't sound too formal, but stay professional. Let your followers know there's a real person behind that embassy name!
    • 22. Have an interesting image on your profile, not just your service seal.
    • 23. You don’t have to tweet from You can use a program like or so you can track your stats.
    • 24. Remember: Twitter is a conversation. Retweet, ask questions, respond to tweets, answer questions, and have fun!
  • Real Twitter Examples
    • USAF 433rd Airlift Wing:Retweeting Airman Magazine
    • 25. RT @AirmanMagazine: Ever wondered who proposes AF uniform changes? If you're an Airman, it could be you.
    • 26. USAG - Yongsang: Highlighting Facebook content
    • 27. I posted a new photo to Facebook
    • 28. Marine Corps Reserve:Tweeting Recruitment Events
    • 29. Get those resumes in shape! - (GSC)
    • 30. NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan:Using hashtags
    • 31. Kandahar Afghan National Army Recruits Gain Leadership Skill: Fighting #Taliban