The price of living in peace with obama


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  • Knowledge of the divine will is progressive; so is its understanding. Yet what I knew of Jesus of Nazareth yesterday is truer today, and will remain the truth tomorrow.
    Blessed be the LORD God of Israel who is wise in all His workings.
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The price of living in peace with obama

  1. 1. THE PRICE OF LIVING IN PEACE WITH OBAMA “…The future of the US was (is) bound to the Middle East by forces of economics, security, history and fate” - Barak Hussein Obama.What I can extract from this weighty statement are:  THE Middle East Mr. President has in mind is Israel.  The US President considers it his fate to re-order the Middle East, even if it means stepping on Heaven’s toes.  Events in the Middle East will determine whether the US remains a world empire or not.My first reaction is to point out that Israel and the US were never united by economics orthe need for defense but because God had allowed it so. Secondly, the new found petro-wealth of the Muslim Arab world is not strong enough to cause any change in Israelfarther than allowed by God for the working of His glory – any calculation in thisdirection will be a colossal waste of time and resources.Thirdly, since Israel and the US are still connected as at now, it my business, as a Jew toexamine the policies of whosoever calls the shot in the US. Herein lies my interest in theUS presidency even a Nigerian Jew (physically and spiritually).This is why I can no longer keep quiet: the truce is over!Every day I wake painfully aware that the whole world belongs to my God and hence toIsrael. Because of the stubbornness of my brethren, I am equally aware that the sons ofBaal are either daily insulting my God or subjecting me and those who reject hisillegitimate powers to sub-human existence – to squalor and penury. When I take a lookat a Maggi-cube, my favourite biscuits, a pack of cornflakes – all are embossed with theHalal symbol and inscription – an annoyance from Saudi Arabia and the occupants of theKaaba, to rub it in that it now has political and economic controls. Again, I consider anddiscover that my innocent brothers and sisters in Christ are daily forced by the need to bepolitically correct, to recognize Baal or Allah as he now wants to be called, as the God ofAbraham. Why should any body commit idolatry by recognizing that which is not true?How can Allah and Yahweh be the same God when for instance, Yahweh says it wasIsaac He asked Abraham to sacrifice but Allah says it was Ishmael? Or when Jesus Christsays He died and resurrected but Allah insists He only fainted or that another person wascrucified instead of Him? The LORD GOD of Abraham that I know can not lie even inthe face of danger nor does He suffer from memory loss. These are proof enough thatthese two different beings, hence it pains me that Ball has his shrine on my Father’s HolyGround – the Temple Mount. My only consolation is that Yahovah had promised to dealwith any one who puts his pillar or post upon His!!!Yet how can I be happy in this world seeing this? Those not yet born again better becauseI will provoke the jealousy of Heaven until this insult is properly sanctioned, in this worldand in the next.I can no longer pretend I am not bothered by what happens in Israel: as long as theheavens and the earth remain, Israel remains the Touch-button of peace or war betweenGod and man, and among nations. God had said That Israel is His portion in the earth andto confirm this, when He needed to become man; He became an Israelite. When Heneeded a country to call His own He chose Israel. It is in Israel that God worked outman’s physical and spiritual redemption – every grain of sand on that land is Holy untothe LORD. Empire fall or prosper depending on how they treat Israel – whether approvedby God or not. The German Empire could not take off because it was premised on wiping
  2. 2. Israel off the face of the earth. The Luciferean Caliphate had a say over Israel because itwas granted them for a season. That season is over and it can not be renewed. Theturmoil in the world today revolves around Israel: the sons of Baal want further control ofIsrael as a symbol of the zenith of their political ascendancy – a thing made possible onlybecause of unbelieving and apostate humanity – yet it will end in a crushing fall. In 2008, a crafty dragon masked as a lamb was thrown up, armed with enough guile toaccomplish the timeless design of the haters of YHWH (psalm 83:2-12), but I have badnews for him: never again will any man or spirit subject to Lucifer touch Jerusalem, thosewho dare will be dealt a most humiliating and crushing blow. I speak not a prophet orpastor but as a Jew redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ.In summary, I have determined that this captain of the hosts against God, is the spiritbehind the crafty wars and unrests being simulated to intimidate Israel; I have alsodetermined that all these upheavals and distortions in the international economic andpolitical arena are mere smokescreen for him to continue ruling for his father. After allthese, I came to the conclusion that until this captain ceases to have political andeconomic power for ever, the world will never have peace. This captain and chiefantagonist of Israel is Mr. Barak Hussein Obama. Thus with everything I am made of, inthe most unambiguous terms I declare that even Mr. Obama can raise $100 trillion incampaign funds, even if all apostate Africa, Arabs or apostate part of the world vote forhim; he WILL NOT and CAN NOT be elected again, neither him nor any other personmentored by Satan. He can no longer be president of the USA nor of any other part of theworld. This will mark the beginning of peace for the whole world.I have said, I will no longer keep quiet because with the present kind of peace(submissionto satanic worship), innocent people are daily passing through the gate of idolatry intoeternal damnation.It was prophesied long, “with peace, he shall destroy many”. I am even ashamed I keptquiet so long:Jesus of Nazareth, the time has come for you to honour your Name in my life: as I say iton earth, so let it be done by the Throne of Heaven except you are not the one who calledme to ‘strengthen’ my brethren, except you are not the one who said, ‘I will gather thosewho rejoice in my greatness’ (isa.13:3), except you are not the one who told me, ‘in yourfoolishness I will be glorified’. If you are the one then answer me with almighty thunderfrom the Throne, if you are the one then prepare for a harvest of glory because myfoolishness is at its zenith: I am taking on Mr. Barak Hussein Obama, emperor of the 8thempire, armed with only my declarations.Let there be the end to the truce between God and Lucifer; I can no longer live underanybody other than God – Lucifers government has been most vindictive and agonizing.For those who may want to call me names, please be informed that as a Jew it is mybusiness that Obama ceases to be president because over the last 3 years I have watchedhim show in no uncertain terms that his destiny is to challenge YHWH and to meteinjustice to Israel – the land Israel holds was given by divine fiat to him, any one thatthinks otherwise opposes God.The second reason I am making this declaration on Obama is to prove the following:  Whether YHWH and Allah of the Koran is the same God. I say they are not. If Obama wins, it means they are.  Whether the earth belongs to Allah through Mohammed or to YHWH through Jesus of Nazareth. I say it belongs to Jesus. If Obama wins, it belongs to Allah.Let all the hosts of Allah, Buddha or any other fallen named fallen prince; let everyapostate scientists, occultists and apostate Christian take note and take side appropriately.I also call on the Throne of Heaven, the hosts of heaven, the hosts of the earth, the hostsof the sea, the air and the dark places to take note and to approve this wager. The spoils
  3. 3. of war shall be the right to do right to the Temple Mount and the restoration of glory tothe House of Israel.When we win, by the finger of God, we will burn Lucifer’s shrine; cast part of its dustsinto the Dead Sea and part into the Mediterranean Sea, and in its place set up the Church-Temple – the Latter House, where the whole earth will gather every month to worshipJesus of Nazareth. Also, we ask the God of Heaven and Earth to send mighty fire toconsume all occultists’ bodies, gathering and re-gathering; thunder and fire to consumeall religious order and congregation that oppose the worship of Jesus as Saviour and God,and a complete termination of demonic power and gatherings.I am entering this contest not as a prophet or pastor because I am neither but as a veryangry African Jew. I am on the side of YHWH and do propose that only His Nameshould be mentioned as God over all the earth. Only those who reason this way may joinme. Those who fear hunger and the sword, those who believe ‘everybody and every wayis right’ should continue making peace with Lucifer for crumbs – they should align withMr. Obama and Co.I have charged the universal weapons of warfare to answer my cry; I shall prevail in JesusName.In this the whole earth will know, what God does not let can not be.Thank you Jesus.Michael Anietie-NteAbasi-Israel Nkanyi-NseAbasi-Israel Uyeh Akadakhaene Uyeh.