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The end of desolation

The end of desolation



looking again at the time of the antichrist

looking again at the time of the antichrist



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    The end of desolation The end of desolation Document Transcript

    • THE END OF DESOLATION: 1290 Days and No MoreThe reign of the desolate has been pre-determined (citation)The Desolate here being a pseudonym for the king of Babylon; the antichrist.Right from the time he was set up until that which was determined against him isfulfilled, 3 ½ years ( citation to be supplied), 42 months ( citation) or 1290 days(citation) were given.In the opening passage above, he doesn’t have one week to rule but in the midst of theremaining one week to complete the 70 weeks given to humanity – that is within that oneweek leading to the end, he has a chance to make covenants with apostates in preparationfor his assuming power. Still within that week, he is given 3 ½ years.In the light of the above, 3 ½ years of peace and 3 ½ years of war does not necessarilymean we have to sum it up to 7 years rule, but 3 ½ years in which there will be both warand peace. It means a mixed grill or imperfect human governance.Other interpretations will seem to be anti-scripture.Blessed are they who keep their garments clean until the 1335 days are fulfilled – that is,the short interlude between when the desolate is broken and when the Most High givesthe Kingdom to His saints.We were created to subdue and dominate the earth. We have been redeemed and restoredas priests and kings. What are you? How is that advancing the interests of the Kingdomof God? Remember, the Most High gives the Kingdom to His saints, and we shall be Hispeople and He our God.Those who have been restored ought to enter the trenches, as priests or kings in ourdifferent endeavours for the glory of the Kingdom.Watch and pray, for with peace he shall destroy many? How does God define death ordestruction?Shalom!!