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A Love Song at Christmas.

A Love Song at Christmas.

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  • 1. ODE ODE TO MY FATHER1. My Faithful Friend and Father, There be none greater, Than my dear elder Brother, Nor any being above Him wiser.2. Did the Lord of creation, Entered the world of sin, To seal man’s redemption, And we dare deny His season?3. Your life assumed mortality, To transfuse divine vitality, To mortals who look with belief, On your name, flesh and blood relief.4. Can we on the timeless graft time, Who after timeless rest made the world, Setting life’s element with no dime, Though they be priced above purest gold?5. We celebrate your love, Not your innumerable age. Who knows your days greatest sage, Almighty gentle dove.6. Those who question your self-bourn deity, Can not stand the divine purity, Which the Incarnated Life exposed, By which envious jealousies deposed.
  • 2. 7. Tis that season again, When feeble minds try the incomprehensible: We care not for the day or the month, Nor yet grave opposition to this, The purpose suits us well; Love came down at Christmas, The Word became flesh, God became Man! By which man again became god, The Heaven opened on earth, Eden’s paradise restored, Usurper’s head broken thorough, The Sceptre reclaimed, Glory and Virtue released. Tis that season again, Whereof your little boy should say, On this thrice perfect day: In the twelfth month of the twelfth year, Let the last 7th day of the twelfth aggregated, Continue to celebrate a birth most dear; The appearance of the Divine Scion, To tread terrestrial Mount Zion. I bear not enough mortal breath, Nor instruments enough Holy Bread, To name your names Most Dread, Such as we can we recite: God of God, Light of Light. Great David greatest Son, David’s Root and Shepherd.
  • 3. Bethlehem’s Noblest Son,Heaven’s only Sun.Nazareth’s Carpenter Extraordinaire,Universe Sole Craftsman.What greater glory can a father bequeath,Than for me, His direct bloodline?His throne and powers at my call!I celebrate a father above all tall! With love Daddy Jesus, Michael N. Uyeh (21-12-12)