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  • 1997: A Federal clinical trial, known as the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), begins to evaluate the
    effectiveness of Premarin® and Prempro® (FDA-approved drugs manufactured by Wyeth). These were – and still are – the most commonly prescribed treatment for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness, having been on the market since the early 1940s.
    JUL 2002: Federal officials abruptly halt a phase of the WHI study after finding increased rates of breast
    cancer, heart attack, and stroke in the women taking Prempro.
    FEB 2004: Federal officials halt another phase of the WHI study after finding increased rates of stroke and
    dementia in the women taking Premarin.
    2002-present: Wyeth’s sales of Premarin plummet (from more than $2 billion in 2001 to $880 million in 2004) as women and their practitioners evaluate alternative treatments for menopausal symptoms, with many switching to custom compounded BHRT prescriptions.
    OCT 2005: Wyeth files a “citizen petition” requesting that the FDA essentially ban all bioidentical hormones that compete with their products.
    AUG 2006: A Texas District Court rules that pharmaceutical compounding upon the order of a licensed
    prescriber is not considered a “new drug” and therefore not subject to FDA scrutiny. The FDA appeals the case, and Wyeth continues to advocate banning all BHRT compounding on behalf of the FDA.
    JAN 2008: The FDA issues a warning letter to seven compounding pharmacies (2 more letters were issued
    thereafter), threatening to ban BHRT, specifically any compound containing estriol, which is an ingredient in about 80% of BHRT. The letter also bans any false claims of safety or efficacy, including banning the use of the term “bioidentical,” even though it is commonly used in marketing some FDA-approved drugs. The letter indicates that the FDA may broaden the threat to all compounding pharmacies that provide BHRT.
    MAR 2008: The FDA issues a warning letter to suppliers of compounding pharmacies regarding their
    distribution of bulk estriol.
    APR 2008: The FDA issues an “Import Alert” cutting off the supply of estriol and other ingredients of custom compounded BHRT.
    APR 2008: A huge public response to the FDA’s actions regarding BHRT prompts Senator Tom Coburn,
    MD, to request “documentation of specific adverse events and demonstrated safety issues related to the use of estriol” and other details on the research or studies that support the FDA’s decision. To date, the FDA has not responded to this request.
    MAY 2008: More than a dozen professional medical associations, all substantially funded or supported
    by Wyeth, submit a joint letter to members of congress in support of the FDA’s actions, without
    disclosing their ties to Wyeth.
    MAY 2008: US House Representatives Mike Ross (D-Ark.) and Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.) introduce
    resolution H.Con.Res.342 to counter the efforts of the FDA and Wyeth against compounded BHRT. The resolution states that the “FDA has acknowledged that it is unaware of any adverse events” associated with the use of estriol, and raises serious concern over the FDA’s move to ban the use of it. The resolution asks for a reversal of the FDA’s action, deeming it “not in the public interest.”
    JUN 2008: The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) visit Capitol Hill, and Senator
    John Cornyn (R-Tex.) introduces a concurrent resolution, S.Con.Res.88, also asking for a
    reversal of the FDA’s action because it does not serve the public interest.
  • Vitality Medical Clinix
  • Vitality Medical Clinix
  • Vitality Medical Clinix
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  • Vitality Medical Clinix
  • The beneficial effects mentioned in the previous slide are not seen with the commonly used synthetic form of progesterone, known as Provera. This slide illustrates the difference in the molecular structure of progesterone as produced in the body and the man made chemical Provera. You can see the extra chains added in the Provera molecule. The alterations of the basic progesterone structure in Provera changes the way the receptor will bind the compound and changes the response of the receptor. This illustration of how progesterone has been altered is applicable to how many different natural items have been changed to become patenable products. This change in the structure resulting in a change in receptor binding is why adverse effects are more common with synthetic items as compared to natural agents. A study by Hargrove found that when Natural Progesterone was compared to Provera in HRT, natural progesterone had better results with symptoms, lipid profiles and side effects as compared to Provera. The citation for this study is in my book. In fact, Provera has been shown in numerous studies to reverse many of the benefits prescribed to estrogens including the cardiovascular benefits.
  • Fatigue or feeling tired is the number one complaint you will hear from patients. Patient’s will be napping in the middle of the day before receiving the pellets.
    Less energy: patients are always taking breaks, but after pellets, they will say, “boy I can achieve so much in a day now”
    Poor Sleep: I’m finally sleeping all through the night
    Libido: Drastically increased in both men and women and women especially think about sex everyday whereas, before pellet therapy interest was zero
    Hot flashes: Usually eliminated in three days time
    Painful intercourse from vaginal dryness: you will have patients who will say, “This saved my marriage”, Before pellets, intercourse was so painful and now I enjoy being with my husband again, we were close to a divorce, the change usually happens within five days time
    Dry skin: Oils return to the skin
    Anxiety: Level of stress is reduced
    Migraine/Menstrual headaches: Usually cause by Menstrual cycle and alleviated with pellet therapy
    Weight gain: Pellets hormone therapy give the patient the energy and in most cases patient feels like exercising and will lose weight on a diet whereas, before pellets patients were yo-yo dieters and would gain weight after being on a diet for 2 weeks.
    Depression: Almost 99.9% of patient on SSRI’s will come off their medication as a result of BHRT. Men and women who take SSRI’s have sexual dysfunction or find it very difficult to have an orgasm.
    Memory Loss: Drastically improved with pellet therpy
    Fibromyalgia: Symptoms are somewhat mitigated.
    Palpitations: Patien usually sees relief within 1 to 2 days
    Osteoporosis, Fosomix, Bonevia chemically harsh and causes esophageal erosion. You need both testosterone and estradiol to increase bone density
    Hair Loss: Patients will notice hair thickness returning
    Food Cravings: Major cause weight gain seems to diminish
    Irritability: the percentages of divorce after age 50 is staggering! Husbands say, “I’m out of here! I can’t take her mood swings anymore.
    Painful Joints: Aches seem to diminish
    Muscle Loss: Testosterone helps rebuild muscle
    Irregular Menstruation: Patient’s Menstrual Cycle has more of a rhythm
    Overly Emotional: Patient tend to be happier therefore do not seem to become over emotional in stressful situations
    Lack of Self Esteem: Patients feel better and look better which leads to feeling good about themselves.
    Restless Leg Syndrome: Becomes a problem of the past because patients fall asleep quickly and sleep for a full eight hours
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Symptoms are alleviated.

  • Variability of hormone concentrations from one hour to next (half life too short)

    Concentration elevates quickly and in short time is so low and essentially ineffective

    Almost impossible to elevate the concentrations  high enough to be of practical  benefit to relieve symptoms

    Non-Compliance because patient often forgets to take as directed

    Pellet hormone therapy is a remarkably simple, hassle free method of natural hormone replacement that can return you to the balance and well being of healthy hormone levels. With balanced hormones, you can once again look your best and feel healthy, sexual and alive!
  • VMC and Weight Management

    1. 1. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
    2. 2. Credit Debbie L. Brinkman, CMA Dr. Julie Marchiol, DC, FIMA
    3. 3. Growing old is not for sissies Be prepared !!
    4. 4. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Improved Health Prevention of Medical Diseases Sense of Well Being Improved Libido
    5. 5. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Testosterone Estrogen Progesterone Pregnenolone DHEA Cortisol Human Growth Hormone Thyroid Oxytocin Melatonin Hormones that decline with age:
    6. 6. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Goal To replace and restore our natural hormones that decrease as we age to the optimum levels of a 30 year old Improve one's well being and quality of life Promotes a longer and healthier life span
    7. 7. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Prescribe only natural hormones that are made by our human body for our body Molecular structure is biologically identical to the hormones found in the human body Hormones are derived from soy and yam oils
    8. 8. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy We do NOT use synthetic hormones!! The medical literature conclusively documents that synthetic hormones are associated with major complications including cancer, heart attacks, and stroke
    9. 9. O O CH3 C Progesterone Natural Versus Synthetic O O CH3 C ProgesteroneProvera CH3 O O CH3C
    10. 10. PATIENTS CAN SENSE, “THINGS ARE JUST NOT RIGHT” MOST FREQUENT COMPLAINTS Tiredness Less Energy ↓ Sex Drive Hot Flashes Night Sweats Vaginal Dryness Dry Skin Anxiety Mood Swings Headaches Weight Gain Depression Memory Loss Palpitations Poor Sleep Osteoporosis Hair Loss Food Cravings Irritability Painful Joints Loss of Pubic Hair Painful Intercourse Irregular Menstruation Overly Emotional Lack of Self Esteem Restless Leg Syndrome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Poor Sexual Performance Erectile Dysfunction Urinary Frequency Symptoms of Hormone Loss
    11. 11. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Protects Against: Heart Disease Stroke Breast Cancer Colon Cancer Endometrial Cancer Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia
    12. 12. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Protects Against: Diabetes Osteoporosis Macular Degeneration and Blindness Tooth Loss Degenerative Arthritis Sexual Dysfunction Immune System Decline Sleep Disturbances
    13. 13. WAYS TO ADMINISTER HORMONES  Pills  Titrates  Patches  Creams  Injections  Pellets
    14. 14. Testosterone Treatment with Subcutaneous Pellet Implants
    15. 15. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Indications: Any man or woman that wishes to improve their quality of life, decrease morbidity or mortality, and increase longevity as convincingly documented in the medical literature http://denverhormonehealth.com