Colorado Coach Connection July 20, 2011


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July 20, 2011 Colorado Coach Connection:
Services, Programs and Resources for Coaching Professionals.

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Colorado Coach Connection July 20, 2011

  1. 1. July 20, 2011 COLORADO COACH CONNECTION Services, Programs and Resources for Colorados Coaching ProfessionalsClassifieds In This Issue: Thriving Coaches - free phone roundtables to support you in thriving while growing your coaching business! Certification in Emotional Intelligence Assessment – The NEW EQi 2.0 and EQ 360 Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey® - TESI® Certification Experience the Power of Spiritual Coaching Disarming Self-Sabotage Workshop: presenter Jacqui Crooks, UK EFT Master Free Training Call: Make Money on Social Media by Becoming a Social Media Superstar Maximize Your Coaching Impact The Integrity and Values Profile: A Powerful New Assessment Tool Designed Specifically For Coaches Deep Coaching Enneagram Training Certification Program Seasons of Change Training and Wise Woman Retreat Referral Networking List for Coaches About Colorado Coach ConnectionThriving Coaches - free phone roundtables to support you inthriving while growing your coaching business!WHO: Ann Strong offering transformative coaching, consulting and mentoring tobusiness coachesWHEN: Roundtables the third Tuesday each month,1:00 pm to 1:45 pm MT. Next live roundtable: August 16, 2011.WHERE: On the phone, http://www.ThrivingCoaches.comCOST: FREE
  2. 2. Listen to the recording:Transform Yourself, Transform Your Coaching BusinessListen to this discussion regarding how you can grow your coaching business bycommitting to something big in your personal or professional life.Join today!Certification in Emotional Intelligence Assessment – The NEWEQi 2.0 and EQ 360WHO: Marcia Hughes, J.D., M.A., Collaborative GrowthWHEN: 2011 EQi 2.0 dates: September 7-8 (Denver); December 7-8 (Denver)2011 EQ 360 dates: September 16; December 15 (webinar)WHERE: Denver for EQi; Webinar for EQ360COST: $1897 (EQi) – gain bonus free assessments and $797 (EQ 360) - gain bonusfree assessmentsHelp your clients discover the power of Emotional Intelligence with the BarOn EQi.This is the best validated, most reliable emotional intelligence measure available.It’s fun, intuitive and gives specific coaching suggestions you can help your clientsimplement in a six month program before they retake the measure to assess theirprogress. Research shows that emotional intelligence predicts 27% to 45% of jobsuccess. Collaborative Growth - 303-271-0021 or visit; or email contact@cgrowth.comTeam Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey® - TESI®CertificationWHO: Marcia Hughes and James Terrell, Collaborative GrowthWHEN: 2011 dates: September 9 (Denver); December 9 (Denver)WHERE: DenverCOST: $497 – gain bonus free assessment!TESI® creates the opportunity for a team 360 as each member of the team ratesthe teams skills from his or her perspective. Reports are available on the entireteam, and on subgroups within the team including breakouts on gender, age andteam roles. Teams understand results on engagement and skills in areas such ascommunications and conflict resolution. You will gain a practical focus on applyingESI team building skills.; 303-271-0021; the Power of Spiritual CoachingWHO: Zoilita Grant, MS. CCHt. MCHC.WHEN: TuesdaysWHERE: 1400 16th St. #400, DenverCOST: $100 Introductory session
  3. 3. Are you interested in developing Spiritual gifts, finding true purpose or exploringpast lives? I can help you do these things. Would you like to discover how tounderstand dreams, clear and balance chakras or to connect with true SpiritualGuides or Totem Animals? All of these are part of my new Spiritual Coachingprogram. Find out who you really are and expand from the inside out! ContactZoilita at 303-834-5040 or zoilita@zoilitagrant.netDisarming Self-Sabotage Workshop: presenter Jacqui Crooks,UK EFT MasterWHO: Tap Into ActionWHEN: September 10 and 11, Saturday and SundayWHERE: Denver West Marriott: located at the base of the foothills, minutes frombeautiful historic Golden Colorado and walking distance to the Colorado Millsshopping center.COST: Book now for early bird special!First time appearance in Colorado - UK EFT Master, Jaqui Crooks, will be presentingher highly praised workshop "Disarming Self Sabotage."Are you struggling with self sabotage? Immerse yourself in two days of EFT tappingand reclaim your life! If you use EFT in your practice, this is a wonderfulopportunity to take your skills to the next level!Visit my website for more information, or let me know if you have any questions! Training Call: Make Money on Social Media by Becoming aSocial Media SuperstarWHO: Ingrid Elfver (founder of the Secret Society for Coaches)WHEN: July 27, 2011 at 6:00pm Mountain time (MP3 recording to be providedalso)COST: Free Training CallClick here to learn more and register:’s what you’re going to discover: 5 strategies to make money with social media (new and different than you might think). 4 ways to build a powerful, authentic relationship with your connections (fans, followers, and friends). Answers to your social media questions (post your questions below after you register). How you can participate in my upcoming “Social Media Challenge” and get my Social Media Conversion System (normally $2,997) for a one-time-only blowout price.
  4. 4. Maximize your Coaching ImpactWHO: Coaching SanctuaryWHERE: Sanctuary’s online service provides coaches with the ability to offer bettersupport between coaching sessions.It deepens client relationship, while streamlining record keeping and session follow-through.This service adds a whole new dimension to your coaching practice: e.g. a visionboard, goal setting, a journal, a coaching modules that help you easily recapsessions and provide customized content, homework assignments, exercises Integrity and Values Profile: A Powerful New AssessmentTool Designed Specifically For CoachesWHO: The HarBeck Company, Inc.WHAT: A Powerful New Assessment Tool Designed Specifically For CoachesWHERE: Suggested retail is $400. Coach’s cost is $175While most of us profess vital values like truthfulness, responsibility, accountability,loyalty, and self-awareness, we vary in our consistency to demonstrate them. Thisconsistency — known as integrity — impacts vital leadership traits, the direction ofthe organization, and employee motivation in carrying out the organization’s vision.The Integrity and Values Profile provides real integrity scores as well as scores on20 vital leadership traits. The Integrity and Values Profile: add power to yourcoaching conversations.Deep Coaching Enneagram Training Certification ProgramWHO: Deep Coaching Institute – www.deepcoachinginstitute.comWHEN: August 23, 2011 – June 15, 2012WHERE: Distance Learning + 1 week live intensive in Taos, New MexicoCOST: visit www.deepcoachinginstitute.comThe Deep Coaching Enneagram Training School offers an advanced and in-depthlearning opportunity for experienced human development professionals wishing tooffer the rich benefits of the Enneagram and presence-based coaching to theirclients.The 10-month curriculum combines distance learning courses, a presence-basedcoaching intensive and is the only Enneagram coach training program today thatincludes an important five-month fieldwork program with small, supervised groupcohorts.
  5. 5. To learn more, go to or of Change Training and Wise Woman RetreatWHO: Colorados Helene Van Manen, MCCWHEN: September 26 - October 2, 2011WHERE: Beulah, Colorado (southern Colorado)COST: visit 21.5 CEU’s while becoming a Certified Seasons of Change Coach andexperiencing a woman’s retreat at a beautiful eco – lodge in southern Colorado.Designed for Coaches who want to learn the retreat process along with gainingvaluable CEU’s, you’ll be inspired to grow your business.Led by Master Certified Coach Helene Van Manen and Karin Marcus, your work andlife will transform.For more information go to: orcoachHeleneRetreats.comReferral Networking List for CoachesWHO: Boulder Psychotherapy Institute to establish a Find a Coach DirectoryWHEN: Sign Up Right Now! Will go live when we have 100 sign upsWHERE: BPI@Indra.comCOST: Free or $150 for enhanced yearly listingBoulder Psychotherapy Institute (BPI) will offer a free networking service forCoaches. Coaches will be listed in a Find a Coach Directory and be able to sendprofessional announcements about workshops and classes. The list is moderated forappropriateness and filters spam. You can sign up by emailing will collected for the listing and go live when we reach 100. This will be agreat resource for getting clients.The Following are the Who, What, When, Where, Why and Howof this PublicationWHO: Anyone who receives this notice may advertise as well as others who want tonotify our readership of their services and/or programs.WHAT: You may advertise anything you want that will be of interest to thisreadership, primarily coaches. The "Colorado Coach Connection" editor has the rightto refuse any advertising request that appears to be inappropriate, with no
  6. 6. explanation required. Advertising could include free offers, programs, classes andworkshops, coaching specialties, items needed, items for sale and othernetworking-type of communication.WHEN: The "Colorado Coach Connection" publication is sent out the 5th and the20th day of each month. All advertising requests must be received and paid for bymidnight on the 1st and 15th of each month.WHERE: Please submit advertising requests to Kelly Johnson:dcfva@denvercoach.comWHY: If you have any information about goods or services that you want theindividuals on this list to know about, this is the place!HOW: Submit your advertising request using the following format:TITLE OR DESCRIPTION OF EVENT, SERVICE OR PRODUCTWHO: Your Name and/or Company NameWHEN: Date and/or TimeWHERE: LocationCOST: FREE or $00.00SAMPLE AD The body of your ad can be up to 75 words. Please be sure to countthe words in your ad before submitting. Your ad will look like this sample ad. This isa great way for us to stay more connected and informed.Items are placed in the publication in the following order: First: Free services by DCF members Second: Fee services by DCF members Third: Free services by non-DCF members Fourth: Fee services by non-DCF membersPlease mention whether or not you are a DCF member when submitting youradvertising request.Cost for the Ads:One Month Ads - are sent to the readership 2 times in that month. DCF Members: $10.00 Non-DCF Members: $20.00Six Month Ads - are sent to the readership a total of 12 times - 2 times eachmonth. DCF Members: $45.00 Non-DCF Members: $100.00NOTE: Please send an e-mail version of your ad to be cut and pasted into thepublication. You may change your ad over the course of the 6 month period. Makinga 6 month commitment allows you to receive a discounted price. Ads are placed asthey are written; there will be no editing. If the ad does not meet the format orrequirements, it will be returned to the sender.All payments must be received prior to ads running.Mail payment to:
  7. 7. Kelly Johnson P.O. Box 3667 Parker, CO 80134Make checks payable to: Denver Coach FederationAll submissions are placed at the discretion of the "Colorado Coach Connection"editor.We are looking forward to your participation!For more information about the Denver Coach Federation, please feel free to sendan e-mail to or visit our website: Denver Coach Federation