Dentsu Public Relations Company Brochure (2013)
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Dentsu Public Relations Company Brochure (2013)



Dentsu Public Relations Company Brochure (2013)

Dentsu Public Relations Company Brochure (2013)



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Dentsu Public Relations Company Brochure (2013) Dentsu Public Relations Company Brochure (2013) Presentation Transcript

  • Leadership Communications Perception p Management E g g Engagement Community Management Research & Analysis g Experiential Marketing Big Data Thought Leadership g Creative DENTSUInsight PUBLIC Storytelling PDCA Cycle RELATIONS O ti i ti Optimization PESO Media Facts & Context Social Psychology Transparency PR IMPAKT® Contents Creation Social Listening Change Behaviors g Branded Content Narrative Emotional Connection Public Speaking Issue Management e g Communications Dialogue Change Minds Social Media Information Supply Chain Channel-neutral
  • 01 Why “Engagement”? 02 President’s Message 04 The New PR 06 Creating an Emotional Connection 08 Understanding the Distribution of Information 10 Corporate Communications 11 Improving the Communication Skills of Leaders 12 Anticipating Social Changes 13 Dentsu Public Relations Expertise 15 Award Highlights 18 Award History in Japan 19 Award History Overseas 21 Company Overview
  • WHY “ENGAGEMENT”? :-) A Shift from “PR to Inform” towards “PR to Engage” :-) :-) :-) :-) We have entered an age where the one-way distribution of :-) information no longer produces desirable business outcomes. In a world overloaded with information, we only take action once we :-) notice a message, see that it is personal and relevant to us, and :-) then connect emotionally with it. :-) :-) :-) Going forward, the role of public relations needs to change. It has :-) to build on and strengthen “engagement” through changing the minds and behaviors of the target audience. :-) Engagement is an intangible asset through which the public, namely customers, business partners, investors, and employees, :-) :-) supports organizations, and brands and provides them with opportunities for sustainable growth through positive action. Delivering meaningful results—that is what is most demanded of PR today. :-) :-) :-) :-) 01 View slide
  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Innovating New Forms of Communication with Technology and Creativity 02 View slide
  • The rise of digital and social channels means that delivering the right message to the target audience, along with the ability to influence thinking and behavior, requires an extremely high level of expertise. Instead of relying on communication through existing news media, organizations today need to take on the role of media outlets themselves. By being creative and leveraging the latest technology, organizations can engage with stakeholders effectively. Built on a solid foundation of long-term partnerships with our clients, we integrate corporate and marketing communications to help clients successfully engage with their stakeholders and manage their reputations in the ever-changing communications landscape. Dentsu PR leverages deep insights into the evolving information supply chain, and Takehiko Chikami President & CEO Dentsu Public Relations Inc. supports clients’ communications initiatives with a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach. 03
  • THE NEW PR A New Type of PR in Changing Times Social media continues to bring about profound changes in modern The new information supply chains have also led to significant changes in the communications. However, it is not the only forum for conversation. New corporate PR process. For example, the words and deeds of business leaders, ‘information supply chains’ are beginning to take shape—channels of which have been traditionally conveyed through the news media, can now be communication that never existed before, but with close connections to accessed by anyone at any time via video sharing sites or other such services. existing media. Consequently, the leader’s response now has a more profound impact on In the field of marketing PR in particular, we need to promote products and corporate brands than ever before. services by adopting the most effective communication channels with a Dentsu PR provides a Leadership Communication Program to manage ‘media-neutral’ stance. It is these channels that act as the infrastructure the reputation of organizations. This program is designed to establish stronger through which people share, identify, and spread information. engagement with stakeholders, both within and outside the company, and When communicating information in such an environment, we need to create ensure the sustainable growth of an organization. a ‘story’ that people will want to share with others. The important factor here In addition, our deep understanding of information supply chains gives clients is ‘storytelling’. By combining the ‘context’ based on social interest with the greater control over their communication strategies. This includes navigating ‘content’—the product or service—we can convey an engaging story that crisis communications with appropriate responses to minimize damage, risk people will want to pass on. management to prevent crises before they happen, and issue management It is also important to consider the degree to which people are receptive to the story they are being told. ‘Social listening’ can be used as part of a real-time Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle to analyze the ‘big data’ on social media, and is an effective way to discover insights that greatly contribute to communication strategies. 04 to quickly anticipate and respond appropriately to legal changes or shifts in public opinion.
  • 05
  • CREATING AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION Storytelling—Building Engagement in Marketing PR Stories have the power to fascinate. That is why storytelling is being embraced as a new approach for conducting Turn the Page: Redefining the Paper Dictionary Search marketing PR. Storytelling in public relations must be rooted in fact rather than fiction. Instead of just conveying the facts, however, demonstrating the benefits of products or services as content and tying it to the social context will make the story more appealing. When people realize that a story is personal and relevant, as opposed to someone else’s business, they become the storyteller in place of the company and the chain of storytelling begins. This is how trends are born. Acquiring and retaining ‘brand storytellers’ is therefore key to any successful marketing strategy. 06 →Case study page
  • A Successful Case of Storytelling The Kojien Dictionary Story When people are interested and excited about something, they want to share their enthusiasm with others, and if this continues long enough it becomes an established trend, as happened in the case of the Kojien dictionary. The dictionary world is fast moving toward digitalization, but the ‘analog’ act of looking up a word in a paper dictionary has been proven to raise the academic ability of children. This created a new sense of purpose—from simply being a way to look up words to becoming an ‘intellectual training tool’—and gave rise to a story. Parents preparing their children for junior high school entrance exams began to think of this as an important issue, and so the method of using the dictionary to improve academic ability spread by word of mouth. To advance the story chain further, cram school teachers and other experts were employed to attest to the effectiveness of paper dictionaries, and this quickly became a story that people could advocate. The narrative brought the focus back to paper dictionaries, gaining a new customer base and generating increased Oversized posters for Kojien hung in JR Shinjuku Station prior to the release T-shirts designed with illustrations from Kojien on sale at UNIQLO after the release sales. IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence 2009 2009 Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards Public Relations Society of Japan Awards FY2008 Category: Consumer PR— Existing Product Japan Category Winner Grand Prix 07
  • UNDERSTANDING THE DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION The Information Supply Chain and Selecting a ‘Media-neutral’ Channel The various types of media today—including news media, social media and owned media—are linked to each other, forming an information supply chain . Subsequently, this chain is rapidly developing into a comprehensive infrastructure. At Dentsu PR, we have the skills to ensure the most efficient and effective distribution of information, based on our knowledge of how a particular type of information will spread when released through the right channels. An example of how information flows from social media to existing media Mass Media Media-to-Media TV Program Aggregator Site Portal Site News Site Information Source Owned Media 08 News Provided to Portal Site Social Media
  • Speeding Up the PDCA Cycle Using Social Listening to Gain Consumer Insight Social media allows people of all ages, locations and backgrounds to make their voices heard, whether they are conveying opinions, expressing dissatisfaction or giving praise. The method for extracting and analyzing the various conversations that take place across social media is known as ‘social listening’. The use of the word ‘listening’ rather than ‘monitoring’ reflects the fact that consultants are actively taking note of feedback on social media to reveal the true nature of consumer opinion, as opposed to simply observing. In addition to the standard observation of news media exposure, it is now possible to gauge more immediate reactions from people who come into contact with information through this source. Further, in fast-developing markets, companies are able to run shorter PDCA cycles alongside public relations activities and adjust communication strategy accordingly. Dentsu PR conducts social listening through both its dedicated internal division and Dentsu iPR Division’s Social Listening Department. This collaboration improves our ability to analyze and extract data, and enables us to respond swiftly to events. Outcomes that can be achieved through social listening: Identify the true feelings of people in a way that is difficult to accomplish with surveys or focus groups Understand the tone and sentiment among consumers Gauge reactions to media reports or events in real time Note any changes of tone from previous conversations Early detection of potential risk factors 09
  • CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Better Business through Engagement with the Public How should companies that offer goods and services engage with society? For sustainable business growth, corporate communications are critical. Among other things, the words and deeds of top management are widely circulated in society through social media, owned media and the news media, and consequently can affect an organization’s reputation. This might include the sense of trust, sympathy, and loyalty displayed towards that company, all of which can significantly influence the company’s operations. Dentsu PR’s specialist team for corporate communications strategy helps build strong public reputations for clients in all kinds of industries. 10
  • IMPROVING COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR LEADERS Communication Skills that Enhance Business Results The way a leader expresses him or herself in public makes a big difference to the way their company is perceived. Dentsu PR provides training in communication skills that influence the perception of employees, consumers, The program covers introductions, lectures, briefings, press interviews and press conferences, presentations, speeches and addressing the public. business partners or other important stakeholders, and motivates them to take action. Dentsu PR Public Speaking Search For non-Japanese executives of foreign-owned companies or organizations, understanding Japan’s characteristic communication culture is especially important. Dentsu PR also provides specially designed coaching for top management of such companies, focused on delivering speeches and presentations to a Japanese audience. Besides lectures on Japan’s customs, culture and the composition of the media, participants are also taught communication skills for business success in Japan—from message creation to delivery methods. The practical →Program overview page training can be applied to communicate with all kinds of stakeholders, including employees, media and clients. leadershipcommunications.html Develop Engagement Sustain Message Deliver Performance Dentsu PR’s Leadership Communication Strategy Team 11
  • ANTICIPATING SOCIAL CHANGES Identifying Issues and Proactively Responding to Them The expert team at Dentsu PR offers crisis communication management to help clients respond appropriately to any incident and minimize damage, whilst our risk management service aims to prevent crises from occurring in the first Issue management services cover: place. • Changes in business laws and regulations related to government growth strategies or deregulation • Changes in ISO standards or other business rules, or shifts in industry practices We also offer an issue management service to quickly anticipate and respond to legal changes or shifts in public opinion that are likely to affect an organization. Dentsu PR Issue Management Search →Program overview page 12
  • DENTSU PUBLIC RELATIONS EXPERTISE Marketing PR/Sales Promotion CSR Communications New products and services Developing Strategy for CSR Activities Creating Demand to Boost Sales We generate discussion about products so they become fully accepted within a target market. Our team can effectively leverage corporate pages on social media, websites and other platforms to ensure co-operation between mass-market advertising and in-store promotions. Existing products and services Revitalizing Established Products For products that have been on the market for some time, we can develop a context that prompts consumers to rediscover the product’s appeal and gain it new fans. Corporate PR Reputation Management Enhancing Perceptions With access to a powerful network that includes opinion leaders, NPOs, and the media, we analyze the current state of CSR in relation to marketing and corporate communications. We also provide a one-stop service for creating CSR strategies and help clients to effectively manage the dialogue with their stakeholders. Financial Communications Appropriate Business Valuations We help to effectively tell the stories behind management strategies and business activities to the financial community. This service includes the option of a leadership communication program. Internal Communications Increasing Employee Engagement and Commitment In times of corporate mergers or transitions to new holding company structures, we enhance employee (re)engagement and bring organizational culture—that may include elements of diversity or intercultural communications—in line with corporate strategy. We offer a reputation management program, developed by Dentsu PR, that employs a variety of methods to evaluate perceptions among stakeholders and enhance the reputation of a company or organization. Industry-specific Fields Issue Management Applying In-depth Knowledge of Healthcare Anticipating and Managing Business Issues We conduct risk assessment by using stakeholder surveys to formulate strategic programs and business continuity plans. This service includes implementing public awareness campaigns, devising procedures, corporate culture development, and preparing business continuity plans to prevent crises. Healthcare Our dedicated team of health specialists provides a one-stop service, from creating a PR strategy for disease awareness campaigns to generating informed consent among patients. Business to Business Crisis Communications Generating Demand in the B2B Field Appropriate Responses to Accidents or Law Suits We promote new materials or technologies, and generate conversation through storytelling to create demand. We provide appropriate advice on how to best respond to an accident, scandal or legal issue, or if an organization is harmed as a result of baseless rumors or misinformation in the media. Business to Consumer Public Affairs Getting People to Identify and Establishing Trends Gaining Advocates among Stakeholders We design B2C communications strategies based on Dentsu Group’s unique PR IMPAKT® strategic perspective to maximize the value of information. We provide analysis of trends among government administrations, stakeholders, and the media, as well as create strategies to shape the social consensus and engage key decision-makers. Social Media We provide support to build and strengthen engagement via social media, from social listening to social recruiting, risk management, and marketing communications. 13
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  • AWARD HIGHLIGHTS Back to Basics: Starbucks Espresso Journey—Experiential PR/Promotional Activity Dentsu PR conducted a campaign that took Starbucks back to its roots to promote its espresso range, all with the aim of creating sustainable growth for the business. To attract the brand’s fan base, we opened a ‘pop-up store’ in the fashionable Omotesando district of Tokyo. Within the store, nine types of espresso were represented as book covers that were arranged on a set of shelves. Visitors selected their favorite and were able to taste the espresso as well as read the story behind the beverage. 2013 Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards Special Event Category Certificate of Excellence This unique campaign allowed consumers to experience the drink while learning something interesting about the product. PR WEEK AWARDS Asia 2013 →Case study page Professional Activity of the Year Category Certificate of Excellence Upgrading Hokkaido Rice to ‘First Class’—Communication Research/Branding/B2B It has been objectively demonstrated in large-scale research surveys that Japanese consumers are influenced by brand names when judging the taste of rice. Dentsu PR showed this data to the media, as well as rice distributors, and placed features in PR magazines that conveyed the passion and effort Hokkaido farmers put into producing their rice. We also held tasting events and created opportunities for people to experience the tastiness of Hokkaido Rice, successfully elevating the Hokkaido Rice brand. In addition to the brand promotion, we ensured the rice was set at a fair price. Hokkaido Rice has since become very popular and has even been served in first class meals on Japanese airlines. Asia-Pacific PR Award 2010 Business-to-Business Campaign of the Year International Public Relations Association (IPRA) 2010 Golden World Award for Excellence in Communication Research Category →Case study page Public Relations Society of Japan Awards FY2009 Grand Prix Award 15
  • Dancing from Disaster: Road to Recovery from Fukushima—CSR Communications Spa Resort Hawaiians (operated by Joban Kosan Co., Ltd.), a well-known hot spring resort in Fukushima Prefecture, was forced to close as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The hula dance troupe that regularly performed at the resort went on a nationwide tour aimed at cheering up the depressed disaster victims, despite the fact that they too were suffering as a result of the catastrophe. The image of the steadfast, smiling dancers evoked sympathy among the public, and gained positive media attention throughout the country. 2011 Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards CSR Category Winner →Case study page Spirit of Togetherness—Enhancing the Japanese Red Cross’s Communication Capacity—Internal Communications In order to improve understanding and support for the Japanese Red Cross Society, it was first necessary to strengthen their internal communications and PR capabilities. On behalf of the Japanese Red Cross, Dentsu PR conducted the “Spirit of Togetherness” project, which enhanced the communication skills of the organization’s 62,000 employees, improved external communications, and raised awareness of the society’s activities. International Public Relations Association (IPRA) 2013 Golden World Award for Excellence in Internal Communications Category →Case study page Public Relations Society of Japan Awards FY2012 Grand Prix Award 16
  • Japan’s Milk Price Problem: the 30-year Challenge—Public Affairs / B2B The business environment for dairy farmers in Japan deteriorated rapidly from the fall of 2006. This was largely due to a surge in the price of corn feed used to feed cows (stemming from a spike in demand for corn used in the production of bioethanol), a rise in the cost of hay, and increased fuel expenses due to higher oil prices. As more and more dairy farmers gave up the business, a two-year campaign was launched to promote understanding of the problems facing producers. During the campaign, we held press briefings to raise awareness of the difficult business conditions facing dairy farmers, as well as street events to appeal directly to consumers about the crisis. We also conducted seminars for milk distributers to promote understanding and awareness of the farmers’ plight. Asia-Pacific PR Award 2009 Campaign of the Year Public Affairs Campaign of the Year Business-to-Business Campaign of the Year These activities brought considerable focus to the unprecedented crisis facing dairy farmers, and persuaded dairy product manufacturers to accept a price rise. In April 2008, the wholesale milk price was raised by three yen per kilogram—the first increase in 30 years. The year following this decision, feed prices rose even further. We continued to disseminate this information to the media, and in March 2009 the wholesale milk price was raised by a further 10 yen per kilogram. International Public Relations Association (IPRA) 2009 Golden World Award for Excellence in Business-toBusiness Category →Case study page Public Relations Society of Japan Awards FY2009 Long-term PR Category 17
  • AWARD 受賞歴 HISTORY IN JAPAN Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ) “PR Award Grand Prix” The PRSJ recognizes examples of excellence in public relations. Denstu PR has won numerous awards for the following projects. Fiscal Year Project Title / Client 2012 Grand Prix “Spirit of Togetherness—Enhancing the Japanese Red Cross’s Communications Capacity” for Japanese Red Cross Society 2011 Grand Prix “Innovation of City Council’s Newsletter: Challenge of Rokumaru” for Saitama City 2011 Marketing Communications Category “Aisu-no-mi Campaign 2011 PR Activities” for Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. 2010 Skills Category “PR@NET SCOPE PR Evaluation Tool” not for specific client 2009 Grand Prix “Upgrading Hokkaido Rice to ‘First Class’” for Hokkaido Rice Sales Expansion Committee 2009 Long-term PR Category “Japan’s Milk Price Problem: The 30-year Challenge” for Japan Dairy Council 2009 Event Category “Japanese Meal Appeal in Shanghai” for Japan External Trade Organization 2008 Grand Prix Product Launch Campaign for the Sixth Edition of the Kojien Japanese Dictionary, “Turn the Page: Redefining Paper Dictionaries” for Iwanami Shoten, Publishers 2008 Tools Category Production of the almanac for Astellas Pharma Inc. 2006 Skills Category “Research on Public Relations Activities for the Revitalization of Urban Centers” for the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 2004 Routine Category “Dementia Debunked” educational campaign for Eisai Co., Ltd. and Pfizer Inc. 2003 Runner-up of Grand Prix “Public Awareness Campaign” for The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 2003 Grand Prix “Garbage Reduction Project” for Urayasu City 2001 Corporate PR Category “Happy and Healthy Five Generation Families Campaign 2001” for Novartis Pharma K.K. 2001 18 Award Social PR Category “Smart Food Life Project” for The Energy Conservation Center, Japan
  • AWARD 受賞歴 HISTORY OVERSEAS International Public Relations Association (IPRA) “IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence” IPRA, which is based in the U.K., holds an annual awards event for excellence in public relations around the world. Winners are selected for each category, and the best campaign receives the Grand Prix award. Dentsu PR has received awards for the following projects. Year Award Project Title / Client 2013 Internal Communications “Spirit of Togetherness—Enhancing the Japanese Red Cross’s Communications Capacity” for Japanese Red Cross Society 2010 Communication Research “Upgrading Hokkaido Rice to ‘First Class’” for Hokkaido Rice Sales Expansion Committee 2009 Consumer PR— Existing Product Product Launch Campaign for the Sixth Edition of the Kojien Japanese Dictionary, “Turn the Page: Redefining Paper Dictionaries” for Iwanami Shoten, Publishers 2009 Business-to-Business “Japan’s Milk Price Problem: The 30-year Challenge” for Japan Dairy Council 2005 Grand Prix and Health Organizations Category Winner “Dementia Debunked” Educational Campaign for Eisai Co., Ltd. and Pfizer Inc. 2004 Overall Institutional “Public Awareness Campaign” for The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 2003 Community Relations “Venous Project” for Urayasu City 1993 Other “AIDS Awareness Programs Aimed at Students and Educators” for Special Committee on Aids, The Council of Health Management facilities, National Universities 1991 Marketing Communications (Established Services) “To Support Milk and Milk Products” for National Milk Promotion Association 1991 Public Service “Bunka Shutter Asakusa Picture Scrolls” for Bunka Shutter Company Ltd. 19
  • PR Week Awards Asia (formerly Asia-Pacific PR Awards) These prestigious awards for public relations in the Asia-Pacific region have been presented by Campaign magazine, published by Haymarket Media Limited, since 2001. Winners are selected for each category, and the best campaign receives the Campaign of the Year award. Year Award Project Title / Client 2010 Business-to-Business Category Winner “Upgrading Hokkaido Rice to ‘First Class’” for Hokkaido Rice Sales Expansion Committee 2009 Campaign of the Year Business-to-Business Public Affairs Category Winner “Japan’s Milk Price Problem: The 30-year Challenge” for Japan Dairy Council Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards These awards, sponsored by Holmes Group (based in the U.S.) were launched in 2009, and generally receive over 1,000 entries in more than 60 categories. SABRE stands for “Superior Achievement in Branding and Reputation”, and the awards recognize public relations campaigns that demonstrate excellent results in branding and building reputations. Year Project Title / Client 2011 CSR Category Winner “Dancing from Disaster: Road to Recovery from Fukushima” for Joban Kosan Co., Ltd. 2009 20 Award Japan Category Winner Product Launch Campaign for the Sixth Edition of the Kojien Japanese Dictionary, “Turn the Page: Redefining Paper Dictionaries” for Iwanami Shoten, Publishers
  • COMPANY OVERVIEW 受賞歴 Company Name Dentsu Public Relations Inc. (Dentsu PR) Established September 20, 1961 Capital JPY40 million Representative Director Takehiko Chikami, President & CEO Number of Employees 228 (as of October 2013) Head Office Hamarikyu Mitsui Building, 5-6-4 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045 Branch Office Kansai Branch Office: Dentsu Kosan Dojima Building, 2-3-5 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 530-0003 Sales JPY8,285.6 million (fiscal year ended March 2013) Main Affiliated Organizations Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ); Japan Society for Corporate Communication Studies; International Public Relations Association (IPRA); Japan National Press Club; Foreign Press Center Japan; The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan; The Japan Marketing Association; The Word of Mouth Japan Marketing Association; Japan Internet Advertising Association; Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry; The Japan Overseas Enterprises Association; Medical Journalists Association of Japan; Japan Medical and Scientific Communicators Association; Osaka Advertising Agencies Association; Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Affiliated Companies Kyodo News PR Wire; Dentsu Blue Focus (Beijing) Overseas Business Partners MSLGROUP Certifications Acquired Environmental Management System, ISO 14001:2004 (JISQ14001:2004) Group certification Information Security Management System, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (JISQ 27001:2006) Group certification *104 employees and a director (105 in total) are PRSJ-certified PR planners (as of October 2013) ISO14001 Earned group certification in June 2006 Phone: +81-3-5565-1055 Phone: +81-6-6342-3360 IS 91070 / ISO/IEC 27001 :2005 2013.12 21
  • :-) Printed in Japan