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Automated parking revenue systems offer a range of benefits, which include:

Improved peak traffic flow at exits
Better working environment for cashier
Reduce labour cost by using Auto Pay Stations
Higher availability in volatile labour markets

IntellePark Features:

Modular parking system
Full functionality of software options in on-line mode
Prox readers for tenants
LTP with time zones
LTP with expiry date
Group cards
Validated ticket
Discount ticket
Only 230 V power supply required for operation
Financial control

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Pay on foot presentation

  1. 1. Parking Revenue System 2010
  2. 2. IntellePark Car Park SystemsIntellePark Car Park Systems MODPARK has a modular structure both on the inside and out. Providing unique and flexible solutions for standardised and customised applications . Our company has strong ties with Asytec GmbH and is the independent agent for Southern Africa. Asytec: • Supplier to the international market since 1968• Supplier to the international market since 1968 • Global leader in parking equipment design • Manufacturer of ticket systems, access control and video systems. • Over 500 sites installed worldwide
  3. 3. MODularMODular PARKingPARKing SystemSystem MODPARK, our MODular PARKing system is, • A complete car parking system • The ideal solution to manage your parking profitably • For small car parks to big multi-storey parking garages • Integrates to a great variety of technologies –• Integrates to a great variety of technologies – access control, CCTV, License Plate Recognition. We offer solutions for all your applications: • Auto barriers, Grippa spikes, Inductive loops • Parking Guidance
  4. 4. Barcode &Barcode & MagstripeMagstripe Ticket SystemsTicket Systems MODPARK Magnetic Stripe Systems • Magnetic stripe technology used by vast majority of parking garages. • Easy to read and write • Open platform for integrating a great variety of technologies. MODPARK Barcode SystemsMODPARK Barcode Systems • Profitable system even for the smallest car parks or parking garages: • Minor investment • Lower operation and consumable costs • Few mechanically operated components. • Requires minimal manual interferences to operate smoothly.
  5. 5. WhyWhy a MODPARK System?a MODPARK System? • Moduluar • User-friendly • Upgradable • Secure • Profitable • Parking system provides stable revenue stream. • Enhances security controls at your facility. • Reduces risk of car thefts. • Reliable equipment support by qualified technicians. • Our modular parking system accommodates for any extensions. • Suitable for small and large facilities. • Interface into periphery devices including: Electronic Traffic Signs Counting/Controlling systems Link to parking guidance Proximity/Hands Free Access Control Other devices
  6. 6. Parking System ComponentsParking System Components Modpark - Modular Parking System Ticket Dispenser Entrance Ticket Reader Exit Pay Station Auto Pay Station Central Facilities Management Central Software Reports Manual Cashier Terminal
  7. 7. Bar Code System Structure (overview)Bar Code System Structure (overview)
  8. 8. Car Park Entry/ExitCar Park Entry/Exit The user-friendliness of a parking garage is a decisive factor for its acceptance. ASYTEC ticket dispensers and readers are designed to be easy to use. Ticket Dispenser TDTicket Dispenser TD--4646--BCBC • Dispenses bar code tickets• Dispenses bar code tickets • Sends data to central PC • Controls entrance barrier • Attractive modern design • Stainless steel, maintenance friendly housing • Intercom optional
  9. 9. ExitsExits Ticket Reader TLTicket Reader TL--4646--BCBC • Reads bar code tickets • Sends data to central PC • Controls exit barrier • Backlit LCD screen • Attractive modern design • Stainless steel, maintenance friendly• Stainless steel, maintenance friendly housing • Intercom optional
  10. 10. Pay StationsPay Stations The Pay Station includes hopper cash transfer units. The return coins are stored in hoppers which hold 1,500 coins each. Bank note and cashless payments are optional for both types of pay stations. Auto Pay Station AKAuto Pay Station AK-- 14401440--BCBC • Vandal proof design • User-friendly interface• User-friendly interface • 4 coins change, tube technology • Banknotes (4 –6 denominations) • Suitable for cashless payment by credit card • Receipt printer • Attractive modern unit • Stainless steel maintenance friendly housing • Intercom optional
  11. 11. Central FacilitiesCentral Facilities This MODPARK system component offers all control and management operations. Offering the optimal economic use of your parking facility as well as smooth processing. Features: •Customisable at any time to your needs •From simple tasks to automatic tariff input•From simple tasks to automatic tariff input •Adjust system parameters • Car Park Management Program scalable from 4 to 16 ticket units • Statistical reporting and storage of system backup • Table top unit
  12. 12. Manual Cashier TerminalManual Cashier Terminal MODPARK Cash Desk offers optimal solutions for small and large parking facilities. • Cashier program. • Reading of barcode tickets. • Barcode scanner. • Receipt printer. • Barrier control. • Client display option.• Client display option. • Money drawer option. • Easy to expand into parking garage management station.
  13. 13. Ticket samplesTicket samples Number of the entrance device Ticket sequence number Date, Time of entry Bar Code E:03 #0004 01/08/02 11:25 IIIIIIIIIIII Welcome by Asytec GmbH Bar CodeBar Code MagstripeMagstripe Optional space for customer imprint by Asytec GmbH In der Dalheimer Wiese 1 D-55120 Mainz-Mombach
  14. 14. Software andSoftware and ReportingReporting Statistics Programme The statistics programme enables the car park operator or user to obtain data concerning : • car park occupancy rates, • movements and • all payment processes over long periods of time. Parking Garage Management Offers all control and management operations for the optimal economic use of your parking facility as well as smooth processing.
  15. 15. License Plate RecognitionLicense Plate Recognition Our license plate recognition system (LPR) is a valuable extension of any car park system, compatible with ASYTEC parking equipment but not restricted. • Revenue protection • Access control to customize work flow processes • Software modules are modular and server based. • The client/server principle allows for central management • User logins get only the modules needed for his/her daily work
  16. 16. Intercom SystemsIntercom Systems Our customers can choose from a wide range of intercom systems which can be applied according to their individual requirements. Our range of products includes: • Reasonably priced one-way intercom units • Emergency speaker phones• Emergency speaker phones • State-of-the-art Voice over IP speaker phones