Oral care & dental hygiene for healthy life


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  • By Dentistry@5306
  • Oral care & dental hygiene for healthy life

    1. 1. Anatomy of the Tooth
    2. 2. What Is Tooth Anatomy? What Is Tooth Anatomy? Enamel- hard and outer layer of the tooth Dentin – the yellow hard tissue which underlying the Cementum and enamel which make most of the tooth Cemento- the point where the Cementum and enamel meet
    3. 3. Bone- the bone alveolar forms the tooth socket and offer support to the tooth Cementum-it’s like a hard-bone layer which covers the root of the tooth Blood vessels- provides nutrients to the tooth Tooth Anatomy
    4. 4. Tooth Anatomy Pulp Chamber- it is positioned in the center of the tooth, which contains the nerves, veins and arteries Root canal -it being the root of the tooth from where nerves and blood vessels travel through Nerves - send signals to brain such as pain
    5. 5. Did You Know:- Plaque-Your teeth can be affected with Bacteria(plaque) within 2-3 hours after brushing. Flossing- can help in increasing your tooth life span up to 6 years. Smoking or Tobacco- can lead to gum disease
    6. 6. Periodontal DiseasePeriodontal Disease Periodontal Disease or gum disease then main cause of them is Plaque. Other factors that are contributed on periodontal disease are:- Hormonal Changes -which makes gums more sensitive .It becomes Gingivitis to develop.
    7. 7. Drugs-some drugs can cause abnormal growth of gum tissue. Illnesses- People suffering with diseases such as HIV, Cancer, diabetes etc are at higher risk and get infected by gum disease and cavities. Poor and bad oral hygiene habits - irregular brushing and flossing in daily routine and smoking make gingivitis to develop.
    8. 8. Cause Of GingivitisCause Of Gingivitis Gingivitis (gum inflammation)- this is one of the periodontal diseases which affects the tissues that surround the teeth. It starts when your teeth is not properly treated then only bacteria starts growing in your mouth. Signs of Gingivitis:- Mouth sores Bright red or tender gums , bleed while brushing Swollen gum
    9. 9. How To Keep Proper Oral Hygiene How To Keep Proper Oral Hygiene Brushing teeth in proper way helps in preventing tooth decay and also helps in preventing gum diseases. Brushing teeth adds benefits in bad breath. Brushing teeth twice a day improve s teeth health.
    10. 10. Benefits Of FlossingBenefits Of Flossing Flossing helps in preventing from plaque, which can lead to tartar. Flossing can remove excess food particles , where toothbrush doesn’t reach.
    11. 11. Why Tongue Cleaning Is Important? Keeping a good tongue hygiene is extremely important for better health. Because bacteria can lead gum diseases and tooth loss.
    12. 12. Proper Eating Helps In Oral health Improper diet can effect the immune system, which leads to the higher risk of periodontal disease. Consult your dentist for proper diet for oral health specially for the elderly people. Who have problem in chewing.
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    14. 14. www.dentistry@5360.com
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