How To Build Long Lasting Website Traffic


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How To Build Long Lasting Website Traffic

  1. 1. Dennis White- How To Build Long Lasting Website Traffic WWW.THESLIDESHARESECRET.INFO What is traffic and why do you want it? Well, traffic is the people that visit your website. The more people that visit your website, the better. If you are selling or promoting a product, you always want targeted traffic. This traffic could be converted into customers. If you have a personal website or blog that you like to share things on, then you want to get in front of as many people as possible. In any case, more traffic is never a bad thing. How does traffic work? Traffic can come from a variety of sources. Anywhere you can promote your website, there is potential traffic available. There are typically two types of traffic, however. Traffic that affects search engines and traffic that does not. Both are useful, but depending on your goals, one method could be better than the other. Google for example, uses a system called nofollow. If the links you are creating around the web are nofollow, then they
  2. 2. will not affect the rankings on some search engines. If the links you are creating are dofollow, then they will affect the rankings on Google and other search engines. Generating these dofollow links create what we call backlinks. The more quality backlinks that you create to your website, the better you will rank. Backlinks are only useful if you use them correctly and responsibly, though. This is one of the common methods for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This article series will focus on both methods for building traffic. Optimizing your website On your actual website, you want it to be optimized for the search engines. We won't spend too much time on this, but we'll discuss some of the essentials. Firstly, you want to use standard compliant code. An example of using compliant code is keeping your html and css separate. Also, you should create a sitemap so that your content is easily indexable by the search engines. Another thing to look into is the robots exclusion standard. One of the most important aspects of optimizing your website is creating good titles and links. You want both your page title and links to be easily read by search engines and humans. For more on this, check out the Wikipedia entry on permalinks. More information on optimizing your website can easily be found on Google. Try searching for search engine optimization.
  3. 3. Content Management Systems, such as the popular Wordpress, have plug-ins available to make this much easier. That is why many people prefer blogs, because they are typically liked by the search engines and easy to work with. We will talk about why blogs typically get good rankings later on in the ebook. Optimizing your links on other websites Remember backlinks? An important part in making backlinks work for you is creating them correctly. When you leave a link on another site, you need to pay attention to what is called the anchor text. The anchor text of a link is just as important as the permalink, as they are easily indexed by the search engines. Your anchor text should include your keywords. For example, the words someone would type into Google to find your website. The same is true for blog posts, your anchor text should include the title of the blog post. Using Keywords Effectively Now that we know how links use keywords, let's talk about the article itself. When you write an article, you want to use keywords. The better keywords that you use the better chance that your target audience will find your website. Write naturally and descriptively and the keywords should flow by themselves. Before you can do this however, you need to find a good keyword domain name related to your website. Putting everything that we have learned so far together Now we know how to effectively setup our website for traffic. We also now how to promote our website through links on
  4. 4. other websites. The main section of this article is coming up, which is where to promote. I cannot tell you how many times I have had people ask me how to get more visitors to their website. What we have just learned is the very first step to building traffic and the most important. Now that we know how, we are ready to learn where to go to generate this traffic!