Duplicating data or replicating data


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An SDN Event presentation.
As systems are growing bigger and more complex, we are looking for different ways to work with data. An example of this is CQRS and Event Sourcing which take a different approach over standard CRUD based systems. But when the authorities on CQRS tell you that it's not a top level architecture, what do they actually mean? How should the system than be divided? In this session you'll learn the differences and why you should be replicating data, but not duplicating data.

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  • Wiekwameneraf op buzzwords?CQRSSOAArchitectureDistributed Systems
  • Who builds systems with SQL Server?Who has, for a single system, multiple databases? A system being a multitude of (distributed) applications.If so, why the division over multiple databases?
  • We creëren eigenlijk continu monolitische applicaties!Maar wat is een monolitische applicatie nu?A systemwhichconsists out of modules thatalldepend on eachother.Theycannotbeusedseperatlyandcannotbereusedbyother software.
  • Sellus AdminLeadService, FinanceStofzuigers, ASLP, BI, etc, etc.-- .NET WebsitesSiteConfigurator, Sellus Admin (SlotUnitPricer)Straal, UX Portal, Pecu Nino, CallCenter, etc, etc.
  • Contracten waar postcode regio's in staanBij zo'n contract hoort een bedrijfBij zo'n bedrijf hoort een menuBij zo'n menu horen productenBepaalde producten krijgen bulk kortingen, maar dat staat beschreven in het contract.We end with a “loop”. This can never be good!
  • Pizza payed for by your boss!
  • Blocking thread because it waitsTransaction boundaries : Do actions on crm system need to take place in same transaction?Requires LOT OF TRUST
  • Non blocking thread, but…Polling system requires additional resources on crm system
  • System knows when customer is preferred
  • Duplicating data or replicating data

    1. 1. Agenda i topic 02topic topic01 03
    2. 2. What is this? Dutch only. What is the name of the tv show?
    3. 3. Who am I?
    4. 4. Who am I?
    5. 5. Who am I?
    6. 6. What am I?
    7. 7. What am I?
    8. 8. What am I?
    9. 9. WikiWikiWeb
    10. 10. Bad coupling
    11. 11. What am I?
    12. 12. what is the best pizza?
    13. 13. Synchronouscommunication Place new order DoesCompanyHaveCredit(companyId) Company Order accepted
    14. 14. Asynchronouscommunication Place new order DoesCompanyHaveCredit(companyId) GotData? GotData? :) GotData? Order accepted
    15. 15. Event Drivencommunication Publish CompanyHasCredit status Store data Place new order Order accepted
    16. 16. OrderProduct DefineCreditAmount
    17. 17. CustomerObtainedPositiveCreditAmount
    18. 18. OrderProduct
    19. 19. Conclusion  don’t duplicate data not over service boundariesBenefits complex system simple components better performance better scalability better availability
    20. 20. SOA is business agility
    21. 21. Find me.http://bloggingabout.net/blogs/dennis/