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Second draft scriptel
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Second draft scriptel


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  • 1. Music Video Second Draft ScriptThe Killers- SpacemanScreen writer: Ellie Ryan
  • 2. Music Video Second Draft ScriptVideo Title: The Killers - SPACEMAN VIDEO AUDIO LYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX1. *WALKING TOWARDS BUILDING* Band talking, laughing. *MESSING AROUND, JUMPING AND LAUGHING* Medium Shot/Long Shot Hand held filming *Quick cut to next shot*2. *WALKING INTO MAIN DOORS* Close up on back of their heads, and then long shot from behind. Low angle *Blur to next shot*3. *ESTABLISHING SHOT OF THE ROOM WITH Introduction THE BAND WALKING IN.* . Close ups, slow motion filming4. *FILM DRUMMER PERFORMING IN THE (0.12)Drums come in RECORDING STUDIO* Close ups on instrument Still shots on a tripod *Cut to next shot*5. *SINGERS, GUITARISTS IN THE (0.19)Second round of background BACKGROUND.* vocals Medium shots *Cut to next shot* Still filming on tripod6. *FILM VOCALIST PERFORM* (0.26) Main vocals come in Close-up on microphone and “It started with a low light, vocalist. Not much of the face is Next thing I knew they ripped me in shot. Mainly the mouth and from my bed microphone. And then they took my blood Still shot on a tripod type” *Cut to next shot*7. *FILM VOCALIST’S FOOT TAP TO DRUM (0.33) “It left a strange BEAT* impression in my head” Close up Vibration on the screenat drum Still shot beat *Cut to next shot*
  • 3. Music Video Second Draft Script VIDEO AUDIO LYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX8. *MEDIUM SHOT OF GUITARIST* (0.38) Close up, medium shot “You know that I was hoping, Hand held That I could leave this star- crossed world behind” DISSCUSION ABOUT LYRICS Vocalist makes a ripping actionat.(0.45) “But when they cut me open” *Cut to next shot*9. *LONG SHOT OF THE WHOLE BAND (0.50)Slight laughter from the LAUGHING* band. Long Shot, Close up, Hand held filming *Cut to next shot*10. *FILM SINGER AND DRUMMER JOKELY (0.51) SINGING TO EACH OTHER. * “And you know I might” Medium shot *cut to next shot*11. *FILM VOCALIST SINGING* (0.53) Medium shot. “Have just flown too far from the floor this time, Cause theyre calling me by my name” *Cut to next shot*12. *FILM BAND PERFORM FROM DRUMMERS (1.04) VIEW* Wide shot, low angle. “And the zipping white light beams Disregards the bombs and satellites” *Cut to next shot*13. *FILM GLASS OF WATER THAT MOVE TO (1.10) THE BEAT OF THE SONG.* “That was the turning point Close up That was one lonely night” Filmed on tripod. *Cut to next shot*
  • 4. Music Video Second Draft Script VIDEO AUDIO LYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX14. *FILM LEAD SINGER PERFORM AND HOW (1.16) HE SHUTS HIS EYES.* “The star maker says, „It aint Medium, Close up. so bad‟ The dream makers gonna make you mad” *Cut to next shot*15. *LEAD SINGER OUTSIDE LOOKS INTO THE “The spaceman says, SHY THEN DOWN AT THE FLOOR. HE THEN „Everybody look down, SHUTS HIS EYES AGAIN KEEPING THEM Its all in your mind‟“ CLOSED * Wide shot Fast forward. Filmed on tripod *Cut to next shot*16. *FILM SINGER STOOD OUTSIDE WITH “Well now Im back at home, and EYES STILL SHUT AND LETS GO OF THE Im looking forward to this life MICRO PHONE STAND.” I live Filmed on tripod, medium shot. You know it‟s gonna haunt me So hesitation to this life I give” *Cut to next shot*17. *FILM VOCALIST WHO HAS OPENED HIS “You think you might cross over, EYES AND IS BACK IN THE STUDIO.* Youre caught between the devil Close up, Establishing shot. and the deep blue sea Filmed on tripod You better look it over, Before you make that leap” *Cut to next shot*18. *FILM BAND PERFORM* “And you know Im fine, Wide shots, close ups But I hear those voices at night Filmed on tripod sometimes- They justify my claim, And the public dont dwell my transmission Cause it wasnt televised But, it was the turning point, Oh what a lonely night” *Cut to next shot*
  • 5. Music Video Second Draft Script VIDEO AUDIO LYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX19. *FILM DRUMMER IN SLOW MOTION.* “The star maker says, "It aint Close ups, Medium shots so bad" Hand held filming The dream makers gonna make you mad The spaceman says, "Everybody look down Its all in your mind" *Cut to next shot*20. *FILM BAND PERFORM* “The star maker says, "It aint Establishing shot so bad" Filmed on tripod. The dream makers gonna make you mad The spaceman says, "Everybody look down Its all in your mind" *Cut to next shot*21. *BAND PACK UP THEIR INSTRUMENTS* (2.44) Medium shot, Long Shots. *Cut to next shot*22. *GUITARIST AND DRUMMER LAUGHING AS (2.50) SINGER DAYDREAMS * Long Shot *Cut to next shot*23. *FILM VOCALIST BACK OUTSIDE* “My global position systems are Close ups, Estabilishing shot vocally addressed They say the Nile used to run from East to West, They say the Nile used to run... From East to West. And you know Im fine But I hear those voices at night Sometimes...”
  • 6. Music Video Second Draft Script VIDEO AUDIO LYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX24. * GUITARIST AND DRUMMER LAUGHING AS “The star maker says, "It aint SINGER DAYDREAMS * so bad" Close ups, wide shots The dream makers gonna make you Steady filming mad The spaceman says, "Everybody look down Its all in your mind" X2 *Fade to next shot* *Black and white*25. *FILM LEAD SINGER OUTSIDE* “Its all in my mind * Its all in my mind Hand held filming Its all in my mind Close ups Its all in my mind Its all in my mind” *Fade to next shot* *OUTRO*26. *SHOWS SINGER START LAUGHING AT THE *4.14* BAND THROWS SOMETHING AT THEM JOKELY.* Establishing shot *Fade to next shot* Steady filming27. *FILM BAND WALKING OUT OF THE *4.20* STUDIO CHASING THEM* Medium shot *Fade to next shot*28. *FILM FINISHED ON A PAN ACROSS THE *4.27* INSTRUMENTS AND THEN ONTO THE DRUMS WHICH HAS THE PRODUCTION COMPANY NAME IN THE MIDDLE.* STEADY filming29. *SCREEN TURNS BLACK* END.*4.36* Medium shot.