Interview with Kim Doyal: Behind the Scenes of Women in Business 2.0


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Kim Doyal, also known as the WordPress Chick, is the mastermind, the filmmaker, and the producer of the documentary film, Women in Business 2.0. Featuring 15 business women who have built their success using the Internet. In this interview Kim Doyal gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to make the film and get it to market.

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Interview with Kim Doyal: Behind the Scenes of Women in Business 2.0

  1. 1. Denise Wakeman, The Blog SquadInterview withKim DoyalBehind the Scenes: The Making of Women in Business 2.0
  2. 2. Interview with Kim DoyalProducer of Women in Business 2.0 The Movie[To listen to the audio interview click here.]Denise Wakeman: Hi. Im Denise Wakeman. Founder of The Blog Squad. Today I amvery pleased to have the opportunity to speak with a woman who had an idea, a dream,and executed it in a way that is touching peoples lives all over the world. You may haveseen some emails or blog posts in the last few weeks about a new documentary moviecalled Women in Business 2.0. That movie was the dream of Kim Doyal also known asThe WordPress Chick. Kim had a dream to tell the stories of women who have created successful businesses using the internet. After many months of dedication and hard work, Kim has made it a reality. I have been so incredibly impressed watching this process. I will let Kim give you the back story. First, Kim I want to congratulate you publicly, in person on the recent launch of the movie and also thank you for including me among the amazing women you interviewed. I was really quite honored to be in the company of such terrific people. I probably know half of them personally. The other half it was wonderful to get to know as I watched the movie. Ive been reallyimpressed by the fact that you provided a window, a back window, a back view intowhy, what and how women are creating the lives that they want on their terms and aredoing it specifically by harnessing the power and the global reach of the Internet. I thinkthat was a brilliant idea.Welcome Kim. Thank you for taking the time from your super busy schedule to sharesome behind the scenes looks at the making of Women in Business 2.0.Kim Doyal: Thank you Denise. Im totally honored to be here. I think I said this before inthe post, I love spending my time with everybody and really enjoyed getting your backstory personally. So thank you very much for having me.Denise: Youre so welcome. I want to make sure that everybody gets to experience youas well because I had that privilege.Why dont you set the stage for us, Kim. What was the impetus for creating a movieabout women doing business on the web?Kim: You know, I actually saw a trailer for another movie. It was similar documentarystyle, it was about internet marketing. I watched the trailer and there was not one singlewoman in it. The whole precedent for this, it was not anti-man at all and theres somegreat people in general doing things. As a female I wanted to hear how other peoplehad gotten there. 2 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Interview with Kim DoyalProducer of Women in Business 2.0 The MovieThings have changed so much on the web that things are happening so much fastertheres sort of a preconceived notion that theres these overnight "riches" and all of that.Some of the women that Ive been following, I just really was hungry for knowing a littlebit more about how they got to where they got. At the place where I want to know this,Im sure there are tons of other people, other women out there that want to know this aswell. I wanted to highlight women who are doing great things on the web. The guys areout there full force. Women are too its just their voices arent being heard in my opinion.[Click here to watch the Women in Business movie trailer...]Denise: Yeah, I think that it is changing a little bit. I think this movie will help acceleratethat change. When I started working on the web in 1995 all the people that I followedand knew were men pretty much. With the exception of Ali Brown. Ive been watchingher since she started too. We started around the same time. Ive been following her fora long time. I know shes featured prominently in the film as well. Well get to that in aminute.Do you have a background in film? How did you know what to do?Kim: I totally do not. It came about because I had been working with a couple offilmmakers with their websites. They had contacted me and they had done some films in the spiritual genre. Its just something that weve been collaborating for a little bit and as soon as I saw that trailer it was one of those ideas. I approached them to see if they would be interested in collaborating on this and going in to get the film side of this since obviously Im not a film maker. They were excited. Its great. What was very hopeful for me is that Im just somebody who works very well with accountability. By working, by setting this up with them I actually set up a system that okay yes by this date Ill send out the request letters, Ill write the letter, do some follow up. That sort of fell into place. This is sort of a little behind the scenes. I dont know if Ive shared this with you Denise or anybody else. They bailed on me three days before I came to Southern California. Denise: Oh, well I knew that there had been some glitch but I didnt really realize the magnitude. Kim: It was 4 or 5 months just in the planning to getthose scheduled and lined up. Weve got a fine relationship but it was real personalreasons on their end. With their film equipment in hand and some training I was kind ofon a mission and knew at that point this had to happen still. It was strange but not to be 3 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Interview with Kim DoyalProducer of Women in Business 2.0 The Movieesoteric; it was definitely one of those things that surprised me how calm I was when hecame up 3 days before to say, "I cant go with you." I just sort of knew, thats okay. Itneeds to keep going. There was a little bit of a different dynamic then I think because itwas all female. The interviewing, everything. Again, not anti-man. It shifted a little bit.They actually kind of stepped out at the last minute for personal reasons and they werealso supposed to edit the film for me.Denise: Oh wow.Kim: So within a short period of time-this is what was so amazing to me, I do believethat when youve got the right idea and its the right purpose and integrity behind it,people showed up left and right. I dont know that I could have asked for had I knownbetter. I found a female editor who actually had 25+ years in network editing. Sheknocked it out of the park. I was thrilled and she got it done. I had no experience, longstory short, in film making. It was something I wanted to hear and see those stories. Ireally felt passionate about it. It was one of those its good that you dont know what youdont know, right?Denise: Right. I guess that thinking back, because its been a few months since we didthe interview together, you were the camera person and the interviewer. I guess I justthought that was what you had always intended.Kim: Its funny. I think you were probably a few into it. Having done a few at that point itgave me a really good grasp because the vision of what the movie was supposed tolook like came to fruition being behind that camera. I really started seeing where I wouldwant a title or maybe a graphic in the shot and also making sure that the backgroundsof each interview was a different setting. It came across. Actually, having to do it was ahuge benefit I think.Denise: And now youre a film maker. Heres a key question. How did you choose thewomen featured because of course there are hundreds of women doing business on theweb and there are 13? 16? 13? In this film?Kim: 15. 15 including me.Denise: 15. Sorry, I should have gotten that number right. 15 women. How did youchoose? Was there specific criteria that you were basing your choice on?Kim: The criteria that I used was kind of ambiguous and I do think I got a little moreclarity as I went forward. I started initially with people I had been following and had beeninterested in because obviously not everybody said yes. There were-some were justtiming wasnt right. Maybe some I think were concerned with doing something genderspecific. Some had personal things that the timing just didnt work out.I started with people that I had been following and had subscribed to or knew had beenout there for a while. The beauty of it though is that each person that I connected with-I 4 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Interview with Kim DoyalProducer of Women in Business 2.0 The Moviehad a list of 20 people and I just sent out the emails and started working from there.When I got to speak with each person some people asked, "Who else can I connect youwith?" It was amazing. I would get literally goose bumps. I would be running down thehall, "Oh my gosh, this person is connecting me with this person."My goal with the criteria is that I wanted women who obviously were doing business onthe web. Some people obviously have businesses that are just web based. Otherpeople have a business that theyve taken to the web and are using the internet to drivetheir business now. The criteria really was that they were creating a quality of life forthemselves. It wasnt necessarily about a dollar figure that they attained. Some peoplewant that huge bank account, some people dont. However that looks to each person,still at the end of the day its business and we do need to earn an income.It was just looking for people that were really pursuing things that made them happy viathe web, their business. I know that sounds pretty generic. Not that "go out there andattack the web and just sell whatever you can get their hands on." It was "where is therea sustainable business?" Really the foundation and people who are in it for the longhaul.Denise: Right. The day that it arrived in the mail I watched the whole thing. I was soexcited to see everybodys story. I was, "I want to know the back story of all thesepeople." You kind of know the front story on some and Im friends with a few people so Ikind of know their stories but the people I didnt know I wanted to know. The theme thatemerged for me was really about lifestyle too. Nobody really-a couple people mentionedwhat their annual earnings are but that seems sort of an afterthought, "Yeah, Iveachieved this so that I can do all these other things." There was so much about serviceand giving back and I think that was a really powerful message in the film too.Kim: Thank you. That was a huge eye opener for me too. But the annual earnings weresort of the means to the end that they can do those things and pursue-helping otherpeople was a huge message and kind of who they were. It seemed that as each-for youguys who have been in business for a long time it was fascinating to see that there wasjust such a connection between, "As I earn more money I can do more good. As I earnmore money I can do more good." It seemed to be a very authentic evolution. That justgave me goose bumps.Denise: As somebody who was interviewed, I had no idea what anybody else wouldsay in theirs because of course each interview was discreet. There wasnt a lineup ofpeople to get in the chair. Its not like we heard what anybody else was going to say yetthere were so many similarities in the stories. It was fascinating.Kim: Thats what I think I mentioned in the end. The fascination of the connectionbetween a couple things I was like, "Everybody touched on this," and there was adifferent angle or perspective but there was such great commonalities betweeneverybody. 5 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Interview with Kim DoyalProducer of Women in Business 2.0 The MovieDenise: Youve talked about a big challenge that you encountered when your originalfilm crew had to back out at the very last minute. Were there any other challenges thatyou had to overcome or that you didnt expect?Kim: In the making of the movie?Denise: Yes.Kim: Gosh. I should write a book on this. I think-obviously just coming up with this ideaand going for it, its just that the resources financially, logistically, physically people werelimited. Its literally been myself, an assistant, and an affiliate. Theyre pulling this alltogether. Its tricky when its one of those things that I know where Im coming from this.I know where the integrity and intention is behind it but having never done it, there aregoing to be mistakes and concerns.Little things. Even from whether its changing the initial logo and graphic to getting somefeedback from some of the women and sitting back, I was able to see that and go,"Youre right." What was nice about it was that I think somewhere along the line I kind ofremoved my ego from opinions or references so much and the goal was about makingthe best product I could. I think it was just honestly it was man power. Man power andjust again having to come up with the funds to pay a professional editor when that wassupposed to be worked into an agreement. Again, with the intention the money hasshowed up. Its worked itself out. Not knowing the things that I had to deal with along theway. Id say probably man power was the biggest challenge.Denise: Its interesting because I hadnt really thought about the financing of it obviouslysince I wasnt involved in that end of it. I can imagine it must take a bit of cash toactually put something like this together. You did it very bootstrap-like as well. You didhave to travel - you were in Southern California for quite a while and for our listeners,you live in Northern California. Did you have to travel to any other states to getinterviews?Kim: This is the fun thing. I actually had a couple people travel to me. This-the biglesson that from the get-go I realized that for this movie you just need to ask which isnot something I think a lot of-I dont want to generalize but women dont want to ask forhelp and I just thought why not, right? Initially, I asked Fabienne Fredrickson. I said isthere any way you could get out to California for this interview. Why not? She said yes.Then she planned a training around it. Kind of two birds with one stone.Even Wendi Friesen who lives in Colorado where the original editors lived, we weregoing to shoot her interview there and as soon as that didnt work out I thought Im justgoing to ask her. She flew into Reno. We met there because Loral Langemeier is up inNevada, Lake Tahoe. She flew to me and we got her interview done, both of those. Ontheir dimes. I simply just asked them if it was possible for them to do it and they saidyes. 6 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Interview with Kim DoyalProducer of Women in Business 2.0 The MovieDenise: Thats fantastic. Thats fantastic. You had the opportunity to speak with 14other women, right? Do you have a favorite moment or a favorite interview that reallystands out for you? Im not fishing here. :Kim: The thing is there is something that totally stood out with your interview. It mightsound silly to people but I really, really enjoyed seeing that personal side of you. Thestory of you running and you tweeted something, I just thought that was great. Yourejust such a professional. Ive been reading your stuff for a long time. It was really fun tosee that. As you said in your interview too, youre a private person. I completely respectthat. We got to see a different side. That was really fun. I felt like, "Okay, this is neat."There was a moment when Fabian brought me to tears. It was when she was speakingabout being able to be an example to her children. Im all my kids have which is a hugewhy. I dont want to sound so self righteous because Im also doing this for me. Ive gota mission and Ive got things I believe in because theyll go off to college some day. Shebrought me to tears.For the most part, I would say every single interview was a pleasant surprise. I thinkthere is a preconceived notion that when someone achieves a level of success theyrenot these everyday people, and they are. Just being silly and laughing with people itwas really neat. The patience that people showed me when I had an audio issue orlighting or playing with, "lets try this setting." Really, I did. I had a lot of fun getting tohear the personal sides. Like I said, Fabienne brought me to tears. Lorel Langemeierhas energy that is off the hook. Oh my gosh. "Ill just push the car from Tahoe to the bayarea." You cannot be in her space and not feel that energy. There were some funmoments like that. They were all really neat.Denise: Her energy came through the video too. Really powerfully. I thought, "Wow. Ihavent ever done any of her trainings but maybe I need to go be around her."Kim: Shes kind of in her space.Denise: Exactly. So I know youre in the early stages of launching the film at the time ofthis interview. Its been out for about a week or so, right? I think I got my copy about aweek ago.Kim: Yeah, the physical copies have literally just been mailed out a week ago.Denise: Did you have a marketing plan in place? Do you have anything special plannedfor getting the word out? Are you using social networking and all that stuff?Kim: We are. This is probably where its been a little bit of the cart before the horse.Again, not knowing what you dont know and being limited, we had a very tentativepreorder prelaunch thing. Ali [Brown] let me bring it to Shine and it was pretty fun to sellit there. It was just on a table but it was neat to get that exposure. We had a little bit of 7 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. Interview with Kim DoyalProducer of Women in Business 2.0 The Moviethat initially. Its been really fun because having made some connections there wedecided that-were doing a big launch on December 1st.Were doing 12 holiday gifts. People receive a gift every other day up until December23rd and these are from the women in the film. Theyre going to be unique downloads oroffers. Not offers per say but downloads or products that are not relative to the movie.Just extra bonuses that the women in the film are providing.We do have one kind of fun thing, the movie is all being transcribed. Thats going to bea fun bonus in there. Weve started lining up women for Take 2 because we couldnt getenough women in the first one unless we wanted 20 discs. Some of those women aresupporting this and were going to be offering some unique bonuses as anunannounced thing. Its all going to start December 1st. Ive gotten some uniquetestimonials and well share those.But, definitely social media and on a side note-you know Joan Stewart. We started tolook at implementing some PR. I dont know anything about publicity. I just reached outand asked. Ive got a local publicist who works in Silicon Valley in San Francisco. Sowere meeting - the goal is really not to just do some big internet launch. Theres amessage behind this and were going to drive it just as long as I can. The next film iscoming out next year.Denise: That was going to be my next question. Are you going to be doing Women inBusiness 3.0 but Take 2 sounds better.Kim: I have to give my mom kudos. She came up with that one. Theres a lot of stuffwere playing with. I got a testimonial from a woman, or an email from a woman inGermany who asked if it would be translated into German. She said "there arentenough women over here, maybe I could be the first." I dont know what its all going tolook like because Im still trying to breathe. Definitely, there will be more.Denise: I think thats fabulous. I can certainly see it subtitled into multiple languages.Start putting together some joint ventures with people, women in different countries andmake them distributors, etc. Getting into brainstorming now.Denise: I think thats great. I think its a great idea to transcribe it because then youvegot another product out of it. What Im seeing here is not only have you created a film,which is a product, but youre repurposing that content into multiple different formatswhich is a great lesson for anybody who is getting started in business on the web. Ifthey can follow your model, they dont have to make a movie, but follow your model ofwhat youre doing, you could start doing some training on how to build a new productfunnel.Kim: This is where you do a project thats bigger than you could have perceived and itslike, "Ive got to get some clarity in my own mind." Its all coming. It really is. Were goingto be packaging all of that with the audio which needs to probably be a little bit tightened 8 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. Interview with Kim DoyalProducer of Women in Business 2.0 The Movieup too.Denise: Excellent. Where can people find out more about Women in Business 2.0?Kim: You can go to We will have someannouncements next week, with some of the December 1st launch. Well be sending allthat out. Our affiliates will have all their information as well as social media. Well havethat all out there.Denise: Terrific. Is there a Facebook page?Kim: Yes. Its Women-in-Business-20. Twitter-you can follow us on Twitter its wib20.Denise: Perfect. So youre available any which way for people to find out about thisgreat movie.Kim: Absolutely. Im totally open to stories and suggestions as we pursue this becausethe goal is that I want to keep bringing in women in different levels and niches and allthat kind of stuff.Denise: Excellent. So people can contact you through Yes, theres a contact page right on there. Or, Okay. Perfect. Kim, thank you so much for taking time out today to speak withme and share the back story of Women in Business 2.0. I truly, truly appreciate it. I cantwait to see how the rest of this unfolds. So, thank you very much.Kim: Thank you Denise for all your support.Check out Women in Business 2.0! 9 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. Interview with Kim DoyalProducer of Women in Business 2.0 The MovieThank you for reading to this interview with Kim Doyal. If you have comments orquestions about the interview please post them online here. You can get moreinformation about online marketing and boosting your visibility on the web at and get a free e-course at product or service support, please submit a ticket at http://denisehelpdesk.comThank you!Denise WakemanFounder, The Blog SquadDenise 10 © Copyright 2010. Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad, LLC. All Rights Reserved.