GooglePlus: How to Use Hangouts on Air to Grow Your Audience

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Google+ Hangouts On Air help you leverage one of the most powerful tools Google as created, live streaming video. Integrated with YouTube, you can stream and record live discussions, interviews, demos …

Google+ Hangouts On Air help you leverage one of the most powerful tools Google as created, live streaming video. Integrated with YouTube, you can stream and record live discussions, interviews, demos and trainings around the world, and it doesn't cost you a dime! It's one of the fastest ways to connect and create deep engagement with your audience and grow your business. This presentation by Denise Wakeman was originally presented at the BlogPaws 2014 Conference in Las Vegas. May 9, 2014.
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  • Travel, running with Dash ‘n Dine crew, my boysAdventures in Visibility
  • OK, here’s my next question…
  • There’s a temptation to tell you every single little detail, but that wouldn’t serve you.My intention is for you to get started, to start following people and posting your content. To start engaging so you can begin to experience the value of google+. There will be plenty of time to learn the litle nuances and of course, like every social network, the platform will evolve and things will change over time.Learn what you need to know now and then add new tactics once you feel comfortable with G+.
  • Experiment – Adventure in learning new toolsSomeone told me it was Ray Bradbury but I couldn’t find it.
  • Big brand or solo entrepreneur or blogger – what is the purpose of your business?At the heart for most businesses is a passion to serve and transform lives for the better.
  • Google = Search and Google favors its own sites.  So if you’re an active user and create and share great content, Google views you as having more authority and relevance. This can translate to better results on search engine result pages (SERPs).Seamless integration with Google services such as Gmail, Google Docs and Picasa to video chat Google Hangouts with colleagues and easy privacy setting enabling, all make a good case for Google+.Better content sharing: with one person or group or everyone who has added you to their circle
  • Create trust and connectionHave a conversation – ask how they develop trust and connection with people onlineWhat makes you trust someone you’ve never met in person?
  • Broadcast to large audience in real timeInteract in real timeLater viewing optionYouTube discoveryIndexed by GoogleEvents page
  • How many attended BlogPaws pre-conference hangouts? Live?Replay?What was the experience like for you?Shortcut to generating trust and authority.Carol Byant host – great job!
  • You can’t buy or outsource relationships.How can you best serve your audience?
  • Hangouts offer some advantages that written-word content simply cannot equal:The sense of immediacyThe sense that your attention is focused solely on the viewer, for his or her benefitLive, face-to-face contact with your business partners, affiliates, members or simply fansVersatility in how you use themThe ability to create a strong, loyal team environment – without even having an officeAllowing you to showcase your communication skills – invaluable if you are in a business such as coaching or consultingDemonstrating your competence and skill – in personIncreasing your authority, celebrity, recognition and acceptanceThere is no substitute for seeing a live face – smiling, talking, animated and interactive.
  •  Hey there Denise,  Thanks for reaching out.  It's my pleasure to help you with this.  Side Note: Funny enough, I'm hosting my 3rd annual pet sitting conference in Las Vegas in October (!  I love that place.  OK, on to your answers...1 - I've had an account for a while but I've really dove in head first over the past 6 months or so.2 - I follow influential people typically in the SEO and Marketing space.  Plenty of incredible content, tools and resources are freely being shared that it helps me improve my own business.  I also belong to many solid communities, where you can quickly get any question answered.  Finally, I have created my own community for pet sitters that is gaining in popularity and activity (PetSittingOlogy Training Center Community).3 - Yes indeed.  I absolutely LOVE using Google Hangouts.  I've done many hangouts on a variety of topics with different guests.  You can see them on my Youtube channel here: - Google+ has greatly impacted and benefited my business by allowing me to connect and build relationships with other top experts in various marketing fields.  And it's helped me up my own game by improving my teaching.5 - The biggest benefit is how easy it is to connect with the right people who can take your business in what ever direction you want it to go.  Also, it doesn't hurt that Google+ is directly tied into Google search and has a solid impact on your own SEO efforts!Thanks again, and I'm happy to provide more insight and/or keep our dialogue going.  Thanks!
  • A Hangout is a multi-participant video chat, with an admin (the person running it) and video screen sharing so that all participants can see each other. Other participants will appear in small screen thumbnails, underneath any participant who is currently speaking.Hangouts can range from informal chats between a closed group of participants to heavily optimized public Hangout “shows”.You can choose to broadcast and live stream your Hangout through Hangouts On Air – and Hangouts are automatically recorded and added to the YouTube account associated with the admin. Hangouts are restricted to invited participants by default, if you don’t set them to “Public” sharing.Creating Hangouts can provide you with a wonderful toolset to help grow your business and cement its reputation… but don’t just fire one off here and there without a strategy. Decide: Why you want to use Hangouts What goals you want to achieve, using HangoutsHow they can best help your business growWhen you’re going to use them (how often)Make a plan. Host regular Hangouts: Monthly, weekly – even daily, if video handling is a main component of your business.
  • Wired internet connection is better than wifi – more stable.
  • The bio is the most important piece of real estate so take some time here. Chances are you have some decent bios on other sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter but the key is making sure that you tailor each one a bit. Google+ has the best profile real estate and, of course, using is properly gives you a Google boost in search.It’s really helpful to add a section with circles that you would fit into. What are you interested in? These are the things that you would want people to find you to discuss. Make sure you take advantage of the rich area to link your other profiles and links to other areas of interest such as your blog, or maybe Facebook pages you manage.
  • Keywords, links to your sites and social networksSites to guest postsLinks to communities, landing pages for free reports, newletter, white papers
  • To optimize your cover image for your business, think about including a call to action and include a URL where people can go to get a free gift from you.After you upload your image, click on it and put info in the caption about your business and a URL to get more info from you.
  • Google+ Event + live stream video + broadcast and replay on YouTube = authority, authenticity, trust, broad reach through buzz and social distribution and ongoing findability through Search and engagement on YouTube, blog and G+Longer lifespan than other forms of social media
  • NASA – HOA on International Space Station for a peek at what goes on in spaceFashion ShowsDaria Musk – from playing in her bedroom to performing on stages worldwide – started on hangouts
  • Goes two ways – broadcaster provides content; audience can engage, share, reshare and comment in real time and long after the live event. It’s an ongoing conversation
  • So this live if possible
  • You want to mute, or unmute, yourself when you are not talking (talking), especially when more than two people are in the hangout.External headphone and microphone is a must when hanging out with more than two people. You don't have to spend a fortune on equipment, use you earbuds that you talk with on your phone.Lighting is important. Have the light source in front of you, not in back of you.If you are hosting the hangout, make it easy for people to join or watch. For Hangouts On Air, you can put the YouTube video into the Google+ event or embed on your site. You can also make sure people know they are invited by copying the URL of the HOA and messaging or posting for them to see if they don't see the notification.
  • I want to invite you to join me Adventures in Visibility that I host on Google Hangouts. They are short, fun demos and Q&As that will help you get on the path to better online visibility for your business. All you have to join to go to and add you name and email address so you get notifications when I schedule a Hangout. That’s it. Nothing to purchase. If you prefer to be notified via G+, then +mention me and ask to be added to my Adventures notification circle


  • 1. Share this! #BlogPaws Getting the Hang of Google+ How to Use Hangouts On Air to Grow Your Audience +DeniseWakeman
  • 2. The Fastest Way To Get Seen, Be Heard, Build Trust And Connect With Your Audience Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 2
  • 3. My passions 3 @DeniseWakeman
  • 4. What comes to mind when I say “Google”? Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 4
  • 5. What search engine do you use most? Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 5
  • 6. Search is where people go to buy stuff. 6
  • 7. My Intention for You Understand how Google+ Hangouts can help your business. Inspiration to start! Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 7
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  • 10. Google+ for Business • Boost traffic to your site • Improve your search engine ranking • Build authority in your niche • Improve visibility and distribution of your content • Connect you to influencers in your niche Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 10
  • 11. Google+ is Growing Fast • 2nd largest social network (Jan 2013) • 1 billion registered users • 540 million active users • 20 million monthly mobile users • +1 button is used 5 million times a day Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 11
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  • 13. Find Your Communities (c) Denise Wakeman 14
  • 14. Share this! #BlogPaws Live video helps you create intimacy and accelerates engagement and growth of your business. (c) Denise Wakeman 15
  • 15. Better Than TV Share this! #BlogPaws As humans we have an inherent drive to connect. The moment we connect, you have my attention. (c) Denise Wakeman 16
  • 16. (c) Denise Wakeman 17
  • 17. Competitive Advantage 1. Immediacy 2. Instant connectivity 3. Live interaction 4. Versatility 5. Create loyal fans 6. Showcase your talents and skills 7. Increase visibility, authority, celebrity, and recognition Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 19
  • 18. Josh Cary - PetSittingOlogy Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 20
  • 19. HOA Strategy • Why you want to use Hangouts • What goals you want to achieve, using Hangouts • How they can best help your business grow • When you’re going to use them (how often) Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 21
  • 20. Anyone can be a Broadcaster Google Account Google+ Profile YouTube Account Webcam Microphone Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 22
  • 21. What you need to start • Google Account - – Gmail – YouTube – Android Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 23
  • 22. Your Google+ Profile • Tag line • Story • Work • Education • Links +Peg Fitzpatrick Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 24
  • 23. +Stephan Hovnanian +Dustin W. Stout Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 25
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  • 25. Cover image max size is 2120 x 1192 pixels Recommended size is 1080 x 608 pixels Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 27
  • 26. The Reach of Google (c) Denise Wakeman 28
  • 27. 10 Ways to Use HOAs 1. Speak to a large, global audience 2. Collaborate on projects 3. Fundraisers 4. Interviews 5. Training 6. Demo a product or service 7. Pet adoptions 8. Panel discussion 9. Customer service 10. Q&A with customers Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 29
  • 28. 30
  • 29. Steps to Create an HOA PLAN First – Purpose of Event – Title of Event – Date & Time – Guests or not – Public or Targeted Audience – Description of Event – Call to Action – Branding Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 31
  • 30. Steps to Create an HOA Set up Event – Description – Trailer Video or Image – Images • Banner • Photos of Guests Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 32
  • 31. Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 33
  • 32. Steps to Create an HOA Promote Your HOA Event – Share on Social Networks – Email – Encourage RSVPS Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 34
  • 33. HOA Tips • Start set up 20-30 minutes before the broadcast time • Invite your guests 10-15 before start • Mute yourself when you’re not talking • Use external headphone and microphone • Have the light source in front of you, not in back of you • Start on time Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 35
  • 34. Get Seen, Be Heard, Build Trust, Engage Your Audience Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 36
  • 35. Resources Share this! #BlogPaws • Who to Circle • Recommended Reading • Recommended Training (c) Denise Wakeman 37
  • 36. What’s next? • Attend a Hangout on Air – RSVP for an Event – Post a comment for the Host – Share the Event – Invite your friends to the event • Experiment with HOAs – Set up a Hangout (but don’t broadcast) – Invite one person to test with you • Schedule an HOA – Invite me! Share this! #BlogPaws (c) Denise Wakeman 38
  • 37. Live Hangouts. Tips about what's new for boosting your online visibility, demo new marketing tools, interview experts in online marketing, and answer your questions. All for free. Join the list to get early notification about dates and guests. (c) Denise Wakeman 39
  • 38. Let’s connect Recommended Circles • Online Marketing • Online Business Strategy • Social Media • Business Blogging • Digital Publishing (c) Denise Wakeman 40