Using Social Mediafor Professional Developmentand Job Search<br />Denise Felder, Certified Online Identity Strategist<br /...
What is Social Media?<br /><ul><li> Web-based or mobile
 Create and share
 Social interaction</li></ul>Social Media<br />Source:<br />
What is Social Media?<br />
What is Social Media?<br />
What’s The Big Deal?<br />Years to Reach 50 millions Users …<br /><ul><li>Radio = 38 Years
TV = 13 Years
Internet = 4 Years
iPod = 3 Years</li></ul>Facebook: 100 million = less than 9 months<br />iPhone applications: 1billion = 9 months<br />Goog...
What’s The Big Deal?<br />Source:<br />
What’s The Big Deal?<br />Source:;<br />
What’s The Big Deal?<br />Source:<br />
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Using Social Media for Professional Development and Job Search


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30 minute presentation highlighting relevance of social media in professional development with tips for beginners.

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  • What differentiates social media from the rest of Web – any type of interacting or manipulating content
  • You’ve heard of – and use -- several social media platforms. Once you think you have a handle on things …Image source:
  • … Realize that there are hundreds of sites and platforms for all types of content. New platforms being developed everyday. Platforms based on topics, audience and type of media (video, photos, etc.).This presentation is about how and why to use social media for professional development. We’re NOT talking about technology. Talking about communication tools.Uses of social media for professional development same as for job search.Establish your brand now, make connections now, less work to do if you are job searching.Image source:
  • Social media is now it’s a part of every-day life. As important as TV was to society in the 50s and 60s but evolving much faster. Just because social media is new doesn’t mean it’s a trend or will go away. MySpace and Friendster are no longer relevant, but social media has grown.Sources: First Stats: United Nations Cyberschoolbus Document , Facebook Stat: Mashable) , Google + 25 million as of late July, launched in June (
  • Source: Info graphics both created in August 2011. Source: www.searchenginejournal.comOver half of all online adults in the US now use at least one form of social network. New research suggests, the first time all age segments have crossed the 50-percent milestone. 65-percent of users have a Facebook or LinkedIn account, or one with another social networking site, the Pew Research Center claims. By 2010 Gen Y will outnumber Baby Boomers….96% of them have joined a social network (Source: Grunwald Associates National Study – Trendsspotting Blog | Millenials Conference)The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 year-old females (Source: Inside Facebook Blog)Young women (18-29) described as “power users” with 89-percent surveyed using the sites, and 69-percent doing so daily.  (Slashgear:
  • Sources:; www.searchenginejournal.com89% employer use social media for recruiting, active and passive recruiting.53% research candidates using social media whether the candidate knows it or not. Could be researching a candidate before posting a job or after receiving a resume.
  • Source: www.searchenginejournal.com14.4 million people used social media to find a job24% of companies use it for fit and personality – more info than what’s on a resume65% made successful hires – less expensive, less work for employers. More people are using social media, and it’s effective.
  • Source: www.searchenginejournal.com80% of companies use social media95% of those companies use LinkedIn. For active/passive recruiting? For screening candidates?
  • Bottom line: Job seekers, career changers, professionals expect to be able to interact with industry leaders, employers and with each other.DISCUSSION: How does your website or organization help people to connect?
  • Everyone interested in different industries – higher ed, technology, career counseling, etc.Which blogs, platforms, apps do you recommend? What type of info do you share / are you looking for? Share resources with each other.Image source:
  • 2 profiles EVERYONE should haveGoogle Profile forsocial presence- Importance of Google search results. Claim Your Name, State your Game (personal tagline, personal branding).- Goggle profile links to other social media, ease of use for leaving comments, sharing.- Rise of Google +LinkedIn Profile for social networking- Use LI as home page for your career- Complete profile = photo, headline, your skills, you pick past jobs to put on it, referrals from others- Use profile as resume and referrals for business, not just job search- Info exchange happeningin LI groups
  • Mashable – read often for latest social media trendsResearch best practices or specific sources Always new blog posts about how to use social media
  • Evaluate Your Current Social Media – measure and know what you are doing now before moving forwardOnline Identity CalculatorKloutYour Goals for Online PresenceHow much do you want to maintain?Who is your audience, what is your message?Participate in Social Networking Only way to learn is to do it, like roller skatingDenise Felder, Certified Online Identity Strategist
  • Using Social Media for Professional Development and Job Search

    1. 1. Using Social Mediafor Professional Developmentand Job Search<br />Denise Felder, Certified Online Identity Strategist<br />;<br />September 2011<br />
    2. 2. What is Social Media?<br /><ul><li> Web-based or mobile
    3. 3. User-generated
    4. 4. Create and share
    5. 5. Social interaction</li></ul>Social Media<br />Source:<br />
    6. 6. What is Social Media?<br />
    7. 7. What is Social Media?<br />
    8. 8. What’s The Big Deal?<br />Years to Reach 50 millions Users …<br /><ul><li>Radio = 38 Years
    9. 9. TV = 13 Years
    10. 10. Internet = 4 Years
    11. 11. iPod = 3 Years</li></ul>Facebook: 100 million = less than 9 months<br />iPhone applications: 1billion = 9 months<br />Google +: 25 million = approx. 6 weeks<br />Sources: United Nations Cyberschoolbus,,<br />
    12. 12. What’s The Big Deal?<br />Source:<br />
    13. 13. What’s The Big Deal?<br />Source:;<br />
    14. 14. What’s The Big Deal?<br />Source:<br />
    15. 15. What’s The Big Deal?<br />Source:<br />
    16. 16. Social Media for Professional Development<br /><ul><li>Information Exchange
    17. 17. Research
    18. 18. Business Referrals
    19. 19. Job Leads
    20. 20. Building Relationships</li></li></ul><li>Social Media for Professional Development<br /><ul><li>Your Top Blogs& News Sites?
    21. 21. Your Industry-SpecificGroups?</li></li></ul><li>Social Media “Must Haves”<br /><ul><li>Google
    22. 22. LinkedIn</li></li></ul><li>Your Next Steps<br />Mashable:<br />Network After Work: Here is a list of 28 Social Networking Sites that every professional should check out<br />Career Rocketeer: 100+ Career Blogs ALL Professionals MUST Read<br />Hub Spot: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn<br />The Next Web: 14 must-haves for your online personal brand building toolkit<br />
    23. 23. Your Next Steps<br /><ul><li>Evaluate Your Current Social Media
    24. 24. Online Identity Calculator
    25. 25. Klout
    26. 26. Set Goals for Online Presence
    27. 27. Your Audience
    28. 28. Your Message
    29. 29. Participate in Social Networking</li></ul>Denise Felder,<br />