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Presentation1 legal

  2. 2. About Me  I have more than 10 years of experience in the beauty school teaching industry. Natural Hair Care Institute has been in business since March of 2012. There has been 35graduates from the professional hair braiders course. One graduate now owns her own school.  Natural Hair Care Institute joins the organic industry with "going green hairstyling".  I have a Cosmetology-Business Management AAS. Degree.  Expertise in: Safety & sanitation, state rules and laws and natural hair care.
  3. 3. Administrative Adjudication  Governor Tim Pawlenty announced the Executive appointment of Donna Ruhland, Robert Salmonson and Susan Schaefer to the Board of Barber and Cosmetologist Examiners.
  4. 4. Legal ActivityMinnesota Statutes 154.22(f)The barber members of the boardshall separately overseeadministration, enforcement, andregulation of, and adoption of rules under, sections154.01 to 154.26. The cosmetologist members of the boardshall separately oversee administration, enforcement, andregulation of, and adoption of rules under, sections 155A.01 to155A.16. Staff hired by the board, including inspectors, shallserve both professions.*Draft a SONOR
  5. 5. Legal Issue  Notice: Consent to Order by The Board ofAfrican hair Cosmetology Examiners February 09,2005braiderLillian  Failed NegationsAndersonfromMinneapolis  Filed Law Suit for Constitutional Rights. Filed Lawsuit: April 20, 2005  Court Filed: Hennepin County District Court  Victory: Case Closed  Administrative Judge Gomez used rulemaking authority.Consent Judgement (June 10, 2005)
  6. 6. Minnesota AdministrativeProcedure ActInformal Rulemaking Process October 31, 2005, the Board published a Request for Comments in the State Register The BCE conducted a cost- benefit analysis(SONAR) November17, 2005, asked the Commissioner of Finance to evaluate the fiscal impact and benefits Conducted a Public hearing with over 72 people in attendance. (March 7, 2006) Public comment remained open for 30 day to allow everyone’s concerns. (March 14, 2006) The revised draft of the bill became law.
  7. 7. Public Policy New Law DraftedMinnesota Statutes 155A.28Any person engaged in hair braidingsolely for compensation as aprofession, except persons licensedas cosmetologists, shall registerwith the Minnesota Board ofCosmetologist form determined bythe board. Examiners in a* Hair braiding does not involve theuse of penetrating chemical hairtreatments, chemical hair coloringagents, chemical hair straighteningagents, chemical hair joiningagents, permanent wave styles, orchemical hair bleaching agentsapplied to growing human hair.
  8. 8. Hair BraidingRegistration Requirements. In order to qualify for initial registration, any person engaged in hair braiding solely for compensation as a profession, except persons licensed as cosmetologists, shall satisfactorily complete instruction at either an accredited school, professional association, or by an individual approved by the board. Instruction includes coursework covering the topics of health, safety, sanitation, and state laws related to cosmetology not to exceed 30 hours. The coursework is encouraged to be provided in a foreign language format and such availability shall be reported to and posted by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners.
  9. 9. Future Predictions Safety and sanitation for the public. Curriculum. An accredited school, professional association, or an individual approved by the board desiring to provide the coursework required under subdivision 3 shall have curriculum in place by January 1, 2008.
  10. 10. Business ResponseThe Board of Barber and Cosmetologist Examiners oversees theadministration, enforcement, regulation, and adoption of rules regulating thebarber and cosmetologist professions. The Board consists of sevenmembers appointed by the Governor, including three barbers, threecosmetologists and one public member.Cosmetologist training 1550 hours $5,000-$15,000Hair Braider Registration 30 hours $300-$1,000Do you believe that barbers and cosmetologists already in business want tomake it easy for new competitors in their industry? You dont suppose thatmore restrictive licensing benefits those, like Schaefer, who run beautyschools? Can you say "conflict of interest"?
  11. 11. Salon Owners and Students  Hair braiding includes “Simple hair braiding the making of devices" means customized wigs from clips, combs, curlers, natural hair, natural curling fibers, synthetic irons, hairpins, rollers, fibers, and hair extensions. Hair scissors, needles, thr braiding includes the ead, and hair binders use of topical agents including adhesives, if such as necessary, that are conditioners, gels, mo required solely for isturizers, oils, pomad hair braiding. es, and shampoos.
  12. 12. "We should not permit our grievances to overshadow our opportunities." Booker T. Washington 30hr. Disinfection and Sanitation Hair braiding includes what is commonly known as "African- style hair braiding" or "natural hair care" but is not limited to any particular cultural, ethnic, racial, or religious forms of hair styles.
  13. 13. Mission Statement The pride of Natural Hair Care Institute is to educate, train, and assist Natural hairstylist transition into a” going green hairstyling” in a chemical free environment .
  14. 14. Natural Hair Care Institute The Natural Hair Care Institute will provide students with a comprehensive education so that they can provide outstanding natural hair care services to their respective clients and employers. Provide a certification for licensing with The Board of Cosmetology Examiners.
  15. 15. Training natural hairstylist to utilizingthe latest hairtrends, to maintaincustomerclientele, gain socialeconomic statusmoreimportantly, achieverobustempowerment skills.
  16. 16. Professional CredentialsHair Braiding Registration Cosmetology License
  17. 17. Advantages vs. Disadvantages  Hair Braiding Advantages: 30 hour /1 week course , a course provider evaluation and certification . More importantly, the ability to rent booth or open your own business. Entrepreneurship being self- employed and in business with no student loan debt.  Cosmetology Disadvantages: 91/2 months outsourced examinations written and practical, booth rental , Entrepreneurship( independent contracting) only after completion of 2700 hr of experience and outstanding student loan debt.
  18. 18. Simple hair braiding devices“Simple hairbraiding devices"meansclips, combs, curlers, curlingirons, hairpins, rollers, scissors, needles, thread, and hair bindersincludingadhesives, ifnecessary, thatare requiredsolely for hairbraiding.
  19. 19. Making from natural hairHair braidingincludes themaking ofcustomized wigsfrom naturalhair, naturalfibers, syntheticfibers, and hairextensions. Hairbraiding includesthe use of topicalagents such asconditioners, gels,moisturizers, oils,pomades, andshampoos.
  20. 20. NATURAL HAIR CARE INSTITUTE Denise Jarrett