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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • HypeToo many acronymsMarketing vortexToo many asS’s: PaaS, SaaS, DaaS, IaaS, etc., etc.Definitions of “The Cloud” abound!
  • This is one of many definitions of Cloud Computing. I find this one to be the most succinct.
  • The highlighted portions are, to me, the most important and juicy characteristics of “The Cloud”. Need to be able to rapidly acquire and relinquish resources with minimal fuss.The “problem” in general is that it’s pretty hard to launch/provision/manage systems in the cloud. That’s why we decided to pursue a route which would make it easier for people to provision their Caché/Ensemble systems in the cloud.
  • I think Mary Poppins epitomizes AWESOME SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). She always provides exactly what’s needed, when it’s needed. Period.That’s what makes a breakthrough SaaS application – you provide exactly what’s needed and when it’s needed.
  • The vending machine is a perfect example of PaaS – it’s a single “platform” that can offer so many goods (“services”).The cloud (and our technologies in the cloud) can enable pretty much anyone to be able to compete with the likes of giant Systems Integrators (aka BT, CSC, etc.) – people no longer need to have access to large data centers to provide their scalable apps to their customers.
  • Re. other pricing models – it’s OK to let people know that we’re looking at options to providing, say, a subscription model for Caché/Ensemble in the cloud.
  • Transcript

    • 1. SaaS, PaaS, or DaaS: Click Here for Your Choice of Cloud Andreas Dieckow Principal Product Manager
    • 2. Agenda• The first steps• The Cloud Computing Hurricane• What is Cloud Computing, after all?• How can the Cloud help me?• With the focus on Breakthrough Applications: • An example of a Breakthrough SaaS offering • An example of a Breakthrough PaaS offering• Some challenges, and how we‟re addressing them• What‟s available, when is it available, and what will it cost me?• Futures
    • 3. First Step• Virtual Environments• VMware, RedHat, SUSE, …• Hardware support• Multiple Instances vs. multiple Virtual Machines
    • 4. First Step• InterSystems products are verified for Operating Systems and Processors• Virtualization Technology is considered hardware• InterSystems products running inside a virtual machine are supported if the product is released for this Operating System and Processor• Best practice: You should verify that the performance characteristic of using your application with Virtualization meets your expectations.
    • 5. The Cloud Computing Hurricane
    • 6. The Cloud Computing Hurricane• Overly hyped? • True value exists, but hard to find given the marketing vortex that has spun up this hurricane• Too many acronyms • Xaas: SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, IaaS • Which is right for me?• Too many definitions of The Cloud • Focus ought to be on “what characteristics make The Cloud?”, and “how can I exploit these characteristics?”
    • 7. So, what is it?Cloud computing is a model for enablingconvenient, on-demand network access to ashared pool of configurable computingresources (e.g., networks, servers, storage,applications, and services) that can be rapidlyprovisioned and released with minimalmanagement effort or service providerintegration - Paul Hamerman, Forrester Reasearch
    • 8. So, what is it?Cloud computing is a model for enablingconvenient, on-demand network access to ashared pool of configurable computingresources (e.g., networks, servers, storage,applications, and services) that can be rapidlyprovisioned and released with minimalmanagement effort or service providerintegration - Paul Hamerman, Forrester Reasearch
    • 9. How Can The Cloud Help Me?• Deploy Breakthrough Applications in The Cloud • Rapidly Provisioned • Massively Personalized (bespoke solution for each customer)• What features of The Cloud can benefit me? • Pay-as-you-go • Virtually *infinite* computing resources • Elastic • Provision on-demand • Stay lean and agile
    • 10. Breakthrough Application: SaaS
    • 11. Breakthrough SaaS: A few thoughts• Deliver what people want, when they want• Quickly provision the architecture to meet a specific need/scale• Be elastic – grow/shrink as demand increases/decreases• Channel Mary Poppins & her magic bag of tricks • Bespoke solution for each situation (i.e., customer) • Each and every solution can be different • Very quickly build an infrastructure from scratch, and deploy your application to meet the customer‟s needs
    • 12. Example:
    • 13. Example:
    • 14. Breakthrough Application: PaaS
    • 15. Breakthrough PaaS: A few thoughts• Consider the Eli Lilly „IT Vending Machine‟ • Researches @ Eli Lilly were wasting time and resources while waiting for systems to be provisioned to allow them to run specific modeling (hypothesis validation) • The IT department was actually hurting productivity • Eli Lilly developed an „IT Vending Machine‟ • One-stop-shop for researchers to launch any application • Single-click deployment of servers running fully configured apps • Truly self-serve platform• How can you empower your users to leverage such features of The Cloud?
    • 16. Challenges• There are *many* challenges in The Cloud• The 2 biggest (initial) pain points are: • Deploying & Managing systems • Deploying & Managing applications• How is InterSystems going to help you? • Unique partnership with RightScale ( • Single-click deployment framework • For Caché & Ensemble • Plus, recipes to help you deploy your complete app with a single- click!
    • 17. RightScale Today• Founded 2006• 175+ employees • HQ in Southern California • Operating subsidiaries in UK, Singapore and Japan • 25% of our people are “cloudies”• $47.2MM invested • Benchmark, Index, Andreessen Horowitz, Tenaya, DAG
    • 18. One “Cloud” – Many Resource Pools London Amsterdam Chicago Beijing Seattle Dublin Oregon Seoul NYC AreaSF Area Tokyo DC Area Fukuoka Dallas Hong Kong Hyderabad Singapore São Paulo Private Clouds Public & Managed Clouds Amazon Web Services Logicworks Datapipe Rackspace IDCF / Yahoo! Japan SoftLayer Korea Telecom Tata KINX UnGeo
    • 19. RightScale Cloud Management Governance Controls Automation EngineControl access and security, track usage, and Monitor, alert, auto-scale, and automate access logs operations MultiCloud Marketplace™ Configuration Framework Access cloud-ready, customizable Provision servers and execute scripts with ServerTemplates™ consistency MultiCloud Platform Manage public, private, and hybrid clouds
    • 20. Some other challenges…• Security & Privacy • PCI, HIPAA, PHI, etc. • Public cloud service providers are trying to establish guidelines which will enable cloud-running applications to meet the various rules and regulations• How can InterSystems technology help you? • Database encryption • User-based / role-based security • PCI-related hints: Storing_Credit_Card_Data.pdf
    • 21. Demo ready• Single-click deployment • Amazon EC2 Cloud, running a • Windows Server, with • Caché 2012.1.0 installed• Made possible by RightScale‟s framework• InterSystems develops and maintains Caché & Ensemble ServerTemplates in the RightScale framework • You get to use it as-is, or • You get to import it and customize it (i.e., add on your application- specific touches)• Note: demo video will be made available later – check back on
    • 22. What‟s available, and when?• RightScale Server Templates: • Caché on Win 2008 R2 x64: June 1, 2012  NOW! • Ensemble on Win 2008 R2 x64: ~June 2012• Documentation: • RightScale public library: June 2012 • InterSystems website (microsite): June 2012
    • 23. Licensing & Cost• BYO InterSystems License • Existing license will work in The Cloud • No extra charge from InterSystems• RightScale licensing • Free version – explore, develop, test • Set up free account; call RightScale & ask for VIP upgrade • “Try-before-you-buy” - ~60-day trial • Paid (Enterprise) version – deploy, sell• Infrastructure Provider • Amazon EC2 – pay-as-you-go • Remember: server cost, data transfer cost, EBS (storage) cost
    • 24. Futures• Prescription for auto-scaling / elastic computing• ServerTemplate outlines for multi-tier deployment• SuSE Linux in Amazon EC2• Other Cloud Service Providers • Public: Rackspace, etc… • Private: CloudStack, etc…• Other pricing models…
    • 25. What else is coming?• Exploration of DaaS (Database-as-a-Service)• Some general areas of exploration: • Backup in The Cloud • Disaster Recovery in The Cloud • High Availability in The Cloud
    • 26. Wrap-up• Questions? • Contact Vik Nagjee:• Please let us know your cloud plans…• We‟re delighted to assist your success in The Cloud! Thanks for attending!