How to make a conversation guide


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this presentation will teach you how to make conversations like prof . watch it and you will like trust me

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How to make a conversation guide

  1. 1. Conversation An easy step by step guide
  2. 2. ConversationSlow rhythm Speed rhythmconversation conversation
  3. 3. Slow rhythm conversation Let us talk about slow rhythm conversation :To understand the process I will give you a flow chart that explain this When someone speaks you hear whathe/she said then you translate the speech and you prepare your speech and then you talk
  4. 4. This is good so far but you want to improvethat right ? Here are some tips that can make a big difference :To make you conversation really successful .1 you need to have lots of vocabularies so you can translate the speech very well . You might be wondering how I can get lots .2 of vocabularies not ?
  5. 5. I know this relax there is a very easy way , as astarter you can listen to the English channels on TV and I am sure that you all have BBC ,CNN , DW-ENGLISH , MBC ACTION , and soooo many other channels we all know . These channels are useful because you hear ENGLISH and you usually read thetranslation down the screen so you can learnnew vocabularies and hear a good accent too . Charming right ?
  6. 6. There is another point that it must be mentioned which is as a starter it’s moreuseful to hear BRITISH accent because it’s easy to understand and after a period of training time you will be able to hear AUSTARLIAN accent and understand itwill be easy foe you to speak it and translate it too . Trust me
  7. 7. Speed rhythm conversationWell done so far now we got to the most important part . By looking back we can see that slow rhythmconversation takes a long time because you needto translate the speech but no , you must have a lot of vocabularies right ? Be brave don’t worry just be brave and haveenough courage you are good now you had heard lots of ENGLISH your accent should be improved not ?
  8. 8. What do I mean is speaking ENGLISH is not difficult if worked on it you can now after practicing speak with deferent accents such as AMERICAN ,AUSTRALIAN and BRITISH accent also after a little bit more practicing you willbe able to speak slang AMERICAN trust me it’s easy !