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Rise about the clutter with content marketing -- collaboration, creativity and content.

Rise about the clutter with content marketing -- collaboration, creativity and content.



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  • To reach and engage these attention-challenged audiences, we have to help them find us early on, in the research process. And, once they’ve found us, we have to keep them engaged.Just as important, Content Marketing plays a role in customer loyalty and retention, and helps drive higher customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • Today’s web-connected buyers want to do their own research and self-educate before they ever talk to a sales person. The buyer is in control, and we need to earn their trust. Content Marketing shortens the selling cycle by facilitating the buying cycle
  • Starts with thinking about our target audiences’ needs first – it’s about them, not about us. This more personal approach helps build trust, which ultimately creates more loyal and valuable customer relationships.Is an integrated approach to developing high quality, informative, compelling communications that help guide interested prospects to buy from us and stay engaged after the sale. Allows the business to connect with and grow our audiences by providing compelling, helpful and purposeful information they need and will share.Helps Oniqua promote our expertise in the marketplace, and become a valuable resource asset intensive enterprises look to for guidance, advice and trusted information.
  • Engages entire company ecosystem and culture in delivering value by driving business transformation internally and externally Demonstrates holistic attention to user experience internally and externally from internal communications, product design (UI and capabilities), branded service/consulting methodologies, project collaboration, and all external communicationsLeverages todays’ best practices in marketing communicationsFuels lead-gen, lead nurture engine (marketing automation) to engage qualified leads faster, and convert them to the next step their buying process

Content Marketing @ Oniqua break'n'learn Content Marketing @ Oniqua break'n'learn Presentation Transcript

  • Content Marketing Break „n‟ Learn 10-17-13 © 2013 Oniqua
  • Oniqua Content Marketing Break‟n‟Learn Rise above the Clutter: Collaboration – Creativity – Content <hint: It’s all about you.> 2
  • Rise above the clutter 3
  • Content marketing represents a quantum leap . . . From interruption marketing and sales pitches . . . . . . to inviting prospects in, and engaging them to become loyal customers. 4
  • The buyer is in control – we need to gain their trust. 94% of B2B buyers view multiple pieces of content from the vendor they ultimately select. ~ 2012 Demand Gen Report B2B Buyer Survey 5
  • Content marketing is . . . Best practices in marketing communications:  Put target audiences’ needs first – it’s about them, not about us.  Focus on high quality, informative, compelling communications audiences need and will share.  Engage prospects and keep them engaged as customers.  Validate Oniqua as a trusted resource asset-intensive enterprises look to for valuable information. 6
  • Content marketing and “corporate storytelling”  What‟s our story? – Optimization – Value – Business Transformation  Who are we talking to? – MRO professionals at asset intensive enterprises (see personas on who are current or future clients/users – Oniqua strategic partners; industry analysts – Oniqua employees 7
  • Culture of collaboration Successful content marketing requires a collaborative company culture of participation, resource sharing and team ownership. 8
  • Culture of collaboration; integrated communications The way we communicate – everything we say and how we say it – demonstrates commitment to an optimal user experience:      9 Internal and corporate communications Product UI and capabilities Branded, consistent service/consulting methodologies Customer care, customer success All external-facing communications
  • Content Marketing thrives on creativity 10
  • Creating compelling content  Focus on the audience – think different.  Create an optimal user experience.  Demonstrate Value Delivery at every touch point.  It’s not about the product – this is business transformation.  Lead audiences to light-bulb moments – help them visualize and experience transformation.  Leverage resource constraints to be bettersmarter-faster. 11
  • The “content” part of Content Marketing “Think like a publisher.” Source: Michael Brenner; B2B Marketing Insider; 12
  • How we‟re doing  iQ News results % Opened % Opened Average 20.0% % Opened Average 18.0% 15.2% 16.0% 14.0% 12.0% % Opened 13.5% 10.0% 8.0% 2012 13 2013
  • How we‟re doing  Published articles and authors 14
  • How we‟re doing  Upcoming new white papers 15
  • Where we‟re going (hint: It‟s all about you.) Welcome to Oniqua 2.0: You are a change agent driving business transformation. Collaboration + Creativity + Content = Business Results 16
  • Be the change.  Your collaboration helps Oniqua deliver creative content that rises above the clutter and delivers business results: – – – – Share articles, reports and blog posts we can curate. Share “customer genius” stories. Write a newsletter feature or blog post. Email us your relevant, creative, publishable, executable idea. • (in case you forgot)  Thank you! 17