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View my work samples featuring: 1) Neighborhood Quality of Life Plans for LISC/Chicago; 2) Town Center Plan for Richton Park, IL; 3) Downtown Plan for Bourbonnais, IL; and 4) Grove Parc Master Plan for the Woodlawn Community in Chicago, IL

This document also features a write-up by Chicago Cares describing my hands-on dedication to community improvement.

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Work Samples for Dena HIcks

  1. 1. Work SamplesDena L. Hicks1350 N. Lake Shore Dr., #1718Chicago, IL 60610Phone: (312)
  2. 2. LOCALNeighborhood Quality of Life Plans, LISC/Chicago Challenge: Following several Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corporation | LISC/Chicago’s New Communities Program QUALITY-OF-LIFE PLAN MAY 2005 successful pilot projects, the Local WOODLAWN : Rebuilding the Village Initiatives Support Corporation/ Chicago (LISC) established the New Communities Program (NCP) to support comprehensive community development initiatives in Chicago neighborhoods. Camiros was retained by LISC to guide the 10 newest local lead agencies as they worked with local partners to develop Quality-of-Life Plans for their neighborhoods. Outcome: The work program that is the central element of each plan is designed to allow stakeholders to work together to rejuvenate each neighborhood with a comprehensive set of projects that address physical improvements and social needs. The plans address the STRATEGIES most important aspects of community STRATEGIES life ranging from housing and University of Chicago Eight Strategies to Plan and implement youth activities South Campus Plan Achieve Our Vision employment to child care, neighborhood safety, parks, schools, health care and Figure 3 Key projects of the plan The Woodlawn Quality-of-Life Planning Task Force developed eight key This plan calls for programs and projects related to housing, health, open space, economic development strategies and 47 projects to help residents and organizations achieve their more. While the plans address common and education. vision for the community. Our Strategies: issues, the approaches to solving 63rd Street Under the “El” development program Upgrade Metra station 1. Expand the supply of new housing for a mix of incomes, and support improvement of existing housing stock. 5. Improve communication and coordination among organizations, residents and institutions. problems and vision for the future are as 2. Develop a vibrant retail and business environment and a 6. Plan and implement activities and programs for youth. central shopping district along Cottage Grove south of 63rd Street. 7. Expand recreational activities for all ages, and develop new programs around arts and culture. unique and varied as the communities Artist work/live at 3. Promote economic opportunity, workforce development 8. Provide professional development resources and other themselves. Support improvement old Strand Hotel of housing stock and improved connections to the job market. support to health and social service agencies. 4. Organize people and resources to make all Woodlawn schools excellent. Expand housing supply for mix of incomes Woodlawn school network Every aspect of this process involved neighborhood resi- dents, businesses and other stakeholders. These methods Denai cL. gHicks 17 16 ranged from interactive mapping to games that. lhelped a i l . c o m dena .h ks@ m
  3. 3. Town Center Plan, Richton Park, Illinois Challenge: Camiros was retained by the Village of Richton Park to serve as Project Manager for the redevelopment of the Town Center project area. The Village already had two plans done for the area and wanted to engage a firm who could drive the redevelopment process. Outcome: Camiros performed a diagnostic review of existing Town Center redevelopment documents and determined that these were insufficient to attract interest from the development community. The first year of project activities focused on establishing redevelopment documents needed to engage in a productive dialogue with developers. These documents included: 1) a specific program of redevelopment; 2) a resubdivision plan; 3) Town Center design guidelines; 4) a Town Center PUD ordinance; 5) a compendium of information on Village-owned properties; and 6) an illustrative plan depicting the redevelopment program. Denai cL. gHicks dena.l.h ks@
  4. 4. Downtown Plan, Bourbonnais, Illinois Implementation Program Excerpt Challenge: The residents of the Village of Stakeholder Year/Sequence Bourbonnais, have a long-standing desire to Action Agenda Item Responsibility Comment 1 2 3 4 to 5 Phase I Study for Roundabout Design Phase I Study for Street Extensions Village/IDOT Village IDOT should approve engineer create a downtown environment that fosters a Initial Residential/Commercial Market Studies Village Obtain Initial Developer/Investor Feedback Engage in Focused Development Recruitment Village Village/Olivet 1st project may be on Olivet property sense of pride, heritage and excitement. The Feasibility Study: Traditional Neighborhood Village Formulate a Financial Plan Prepare a Summary Report of Year One Village Village downtown has the components to fulfill the community’s vision for an active urban space. Adopt Public Financing Mechanisms Village/Prop. Owners Secure Funding: First Roundabout Construction Village/IDOT Negotiate First Redevelopment Agreements Village/Prop. Owners Secure funding for First Street Extension(s) Construction Plans for First Street Extension(s) Village Village These components include the presence of Establish Maintenance Structure Village/Prop. Owners Recruit Local Builders for Traditional Neighborhood Prepare Main Street Northwest Streetscape Plans Village Village Olivet Nazarene University, which generates a vibrant image through the existing pedestrian Prepare a Summary Report of Year Two Village Complete Construction of First Street Extension(s) Village/Prop. Owners Construction Plans for First Roundabout(s) Village/IDOT Plans for streetscape and other design features Program Second Phase of Street Extensions Village/IDOT Village and vehicular activity. The downtown area Construct Main Street N.W. Streetscape Village/IDOT Prepare a Summary Report of Year Three Complete Construction of First Roundabout(s) Village Village/IDOT also includes the intersection of prominent Construction of First Redevelopment Project(s) Developers Negotiate 2nd Phase Redevelopment Agreements Program Construction of Town Square Village/Prop. Owners Village streets and buildings with architectural Construction of Second Redevelopment Project(s) Prepare a Summary Report of Year Four/Five Developers significance. Major regional attractions such as the Chicago Bears Training Camp and Perry Farm also contribute to the role of Illustrative Bourbonnais as a regional destination. Redevelopment Plan Outcome: Camiros proposed a combination of public improvements to support the existing land use pattern and a development strategy that can be implemented over time to accommodate new uses and future growth. Key elements of the plan include proposals for vehicular roundabouts to improve traffic flow and introduce dramatic visual elements to downtown Bourbonnais, redevelopment opportunities that respond to the roundabouts and begin to introduce Image provided with permission from FitzGerald Architects. Artist Bondy Studios mixed-use development within the area, development standards, links to public open space including the development of a new Town Square, and the preservation of older Figure 17, Core Area Illustrative Redevelopment Plan buildings to retain as much of the downtown’s original heritage as possible. Denai cL. gHicks dena.l.h ks@