Maximize Demosphere XXVI - Email Marketing Best Practices

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Maximize Demosphere XXVI discussed email marketing best practices for your youth sports organization.

Maximize Demosphere XXVI discussed email marketing best practices for your youth sports organization.

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  • 1. Maximize Demosphere XXVI Email Marketing Best Practices Presented by Sean Rose May 18, 2011
  • 2. Before We Start...Optional Products for Todays Session: Online Registration System Mission critical communication Email Marketing System (Constant Contact, etc) Marketing-based, timed emails.
  • 3. Session OverviewPart 1: Email Marketing FormattingPart 2: Tips, Tips, TipsPart 3: More ResourcesJoin the discussion on Twitter! Use #Demosphere and post! Follow us: @demosphere Follow me: @seangw83Find us on Facebook too! ( fun continues! Open chat directly following session. Slides emailed & video posted online.
  • 4. Part 1: Formatting Quick Stats (eMarketer) 95% of US consumers use email 93% of US consumers are subscribers 83% check email 1+ times per day
  • 5. Part 1: Formatting Takeaway: Email is still the best online outbound marketing.
  • 6. Part 1: Formatting The Message Itself Optimize for previewing Dont waste too much space on banner/header 3-5 articles/items total Only show article summaries (first few sentences) Link to the rest if theres more
  • 7. Part 1: Formatting Subject Lines Set expectations & dont deceive - HubSpot Be compelling - give a reason to open the message Keep it short - 50 characters or less NO CAPS Key Takeaway - quickly explain value
  • 8. Part 1: Get Delivered Dont spam! Non-Profits are exempt from some CAN-SPAM requirements Messages without ads/promotionsBUT Email Providers have their own spam filtering Recipients can still flag items as spam Reputation matters Conclusion: CAN-SPAM largely irrelevant. For a more complete story ... (Blue Sky Factory Blog)
  • 9. Part 1: Timing When are you sending email? Dont fly by the seat of your pants Weekend mornings are best (HubSpot webinar) Be consistent Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly?
  • 10. Part 2: Test Test & Refine Make sure all links work Read out loud - does it sound correct? Make sure readers can reply directly
  • 11. Part 2: Driving Sign Ups Make it easy to take part! No brainer - involve registrants in your newsletter Sign up box on website in visible location Promote via Social Media ...
  • 12. Part 2: Purpose Define the purpose for each email Dont do it just to do it. Have a plan. Are you ... Educating? Informing? Starting a conversation?
  • 13. Part 2: Integrate Social Media Enable Easy Content Sharing Your email marketing system should include this integration. Allow readers to share the message on their network of choice. If people like it, they will share it ... Direct Users to the Message Give reasons to subscribe Reminders ahead of the next message Ask for help with content
  • 14. Part 2: Get Action How to get people to CLICK Differentiate - use a button rather than text Include enough white space around it Place above the fold - be visible before scrolling Consider limited time offers Utilize Action Words "Read more..." "Continue..." "Donate..." "Get Details..." etc.
  • 15. Part 2: Segment Your List Is everything applicable to everyone? If content isnt relevant, people will unsubscribe quickly. List segmentation Start small ... Recreational vs. Travel, for example. Dont over-complicate If its a time drain, dont do. Manage time effectively.
  • 16. Part 2: Mobile Marketing Think Mobile Mobile email usage up 36% in 2010 (comScore) Most popular mobile activity BY FAR = checking email Sample your test emails on YOUR mobile device Make sure your first line isnt "If you are having trouble..." This is what shows up in the message preview!
  • 17. Part 2: Analysis Process Does Not End With "Send" How many opened? How many clicked? What was clicked? Whats your most popular content? What can you do to further refine what youre sending? Use this information to your benefit - its there to help you.
  • 18. Part 3: More Resources Stay updated on the latest industry trends ... Blue Sky Factory Blog Constant Contact Blog HubSpot Blog (Internet Marketing) MailChimp Blog Vertical Response Blog Google Alert "email marketing"
  • 19. Wrap Up Questions? Email Items discussed today will be ... Emailed to you. Posted on & Facebook Subscribe to the Demosphere Blog for news, features, & more.
  • 20. Thanks for joining us forMaximize Demosphere XXVI Ideas for our June session? Contact Stay tuned to the next edition of ExtraTime! To unmute yourself, press *6