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The Hidden Expertise

The Hidden Expertise



A presentation about the Hidden Expertise -publication.

A presentation about the Hidden Expertise -publication.



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    The Hidden Expertise The Hidden Expertise Presentation Transcript

    • THE HIDDENEXPERTISEWe don’t recognize the modern international experts – but everyorganization needs them in a changing world.
    • DEMOS HELSINKI8 researchersnon-profit think tank with public interest agendapeople-powered resources & democracy, post-carbon cities and societies etc.Mission for Finland:Country brand reportWellbeing of theMetropolisMetropolinhyvinvointiHOAS-laboratory:designing better livinguudistaalastensuojeluas.301 l 2010 — Yhteiskunnallisen yrittäjän riemulauluSydänJÄÄLLÄVILLE TURKANICEHEARTSYTHSAstettaparempiHollantiSUUNNAN-NÄYTTÄJÄTEE TESTIParempi>Diili: socialentrepreneurshipFuture sustainable lifestyles
    • language skillstoleranceculturalknowledgeTRADITIONALINTERNATIONAL EXPERTISE
    • 20302013 2050Scarce resources ChangingdemographicsTechnologicalplanetarismInterlinkedeconomiesGlobal megatrends
    • language skillstoleranceculturalknowledgeTRADITIONALINTERNATIONAL EXPERTISEEXTENDEDproductivityresiliencecuriosity
    • Contents of the research project:1) Analyzing existing research andknowledge of the field.2) Expert interviews.3) Two participatory workshops withover 150 participants.4) A survey study (close to 2000participants) for both students andemployers.5) Analyzing research data andwriting the report.
    • Not interested Interested, but is notsignificantAdditional points,not decisive Gains advantage RequiredFigure 2:1 How international expertisematters in recruitmentEmployers 2005Employers 2012Students 2012
    • Very usefulUselessFigure 2:2 How students estimate the usefulness ofinternational expertise in future working life.
    • Figure 2:3 How students estimate the usefulness ofinternational expertise based on level of education.1 = Useless 5 = Vey usefulVocational schoolPolytechnicUniversity
    • Work place hasinternational activitiesWork place doesn’t haveinternational activitiesInternational expertise doesn’t have asignificant role in recruitment.International expertise has a significant role inrecruitment.Figure 2:5 How international activities correlate withsignificance of international expertise in recruitment.
    • Attributes that employers link to international expertise.5 = very strong connection4321 = no connectionCultural knowledgeLanguagesCommunicational skillsToleranceCo-operationInterest towards new issuesAdaptabilityNetworking abilityReliabilitySelf-confidenceSelf-knowledgeProblem solving abilityPersistenceEmpathyEfficiencyAmbitionCreativityAnalytical abilityLazinessAnxietyElitism
    • Recommendations or familiar applicantAbility to work with people from different backgroundsRelevant field of educationAbility to understand the significance of one’s workProblem-solving abilitiesAttributes that employers think are significant in recruitment5 = very strong connection4321 = no connectionReliabilityCo-operationCommunicational skillsAdaptabilityPersistenceSelf-knowledgeSelf-confidenceToleranceEmpathyNetworking abilityLanguagesAnalytical abilityCreativityDecision-making abilityAbility to grasp new contentsInclinations towards serviceSituational awarenessAbility to search and manage knowledgeRelevant level of educationInclination towards new experiencesWillingness to travel for workStudy of work experience abroad
    • When you want a goodemployer–call for international expertise!
    • Figure 2:11 How employers understand international expertise through four independent factors.EfficiencyROTATED FACTOR ANALYSIS: EMPLOYERSAnalytical ebilityProblem solving abilityCredibilityCreativityToleranceInterest towards new issuesCultural knowledgeCo-operationAdoptabilityNetworking abilityCommunicational skillsLanguagesSelf-knowledgePersistenceSelf-confidenceEmpathyAnxietyElitismAmbitionLazinessPRODUCTIVITY CURIOSITY RESILIENCE ELITISM
    • language skillstoleranceculturalknowledgeTRADITIONALINTERNATIONAL EXPERTISEEXTENDEDproductivityresiliencecuriosity
    • Figure 2:14 How international people feel and the interesttowards global phenomena.“I’m very interested in global issues.”Completely disagree Completely agreePeople who feel the most internationalAveragePeople who feel the least international
    • The Rise of the Curious Class
    • Tekijä: Peter Durant
    • The Curious Class is:• Interested in global issues• Exists in all segments of society• Linked with international expertise• Across fields of industries and jobdescriptions• An attitude
    • It is across the fields of oursociety.It is a resource. Something thatwhen combined withcapabilities, drives creativity,productivity etc.Fast Company: April 26, 2013.
    • The story of Finland is a story ofcuriosity.
    • Many of the success stories ofour times are based on curiosity.
    • What we have now is thecurious class. They are interestedin the world and havecapabilities to solve globalproblems and connect them withtheir work.Every employer needs them.
    • COMPETITIVENESS 2.0 COMPETITIVENESS 3.0What is the competition about?What type of expertise is needed?Which actors are essential for thecompetitiveness?How companies relate to well-being?How the appeal of areas andlocations is born?Efficiency, innovations Problem solving, innovationsAbility to multiply and scalemodelsAbility to understand systemicchange and design scalablesolutionsCreative Class Curious ClassFinancing state economy andspreading material well-being inthe societiesSolving wicked problemsTrust, curiosity and skilledpeopleTechnology, tolerance andskilled people
    • Curiosity drives...•An interest in the new and unknown.• An inclination to look beyond one’s worldview.• An aspiration to extend one’s experiences.• Passion and motivation.• An ambition for self-improvement.
    • International expertise is thesurest way we know for findingcurious people – experts whoare interested in the world.
    • Lähde:Wikipedia
    • “I have no special talent. I am onlypassionately curious.”Albert Einstein
    • Thank you!Connect:Juha Leppänen+358 40 7006585juha.leppanen@demoshelsinki.fi
    • THE HIDDENEXPERTISEWe don’t recognize the modern international experts – but everyorganization needs them in a changing world.