Demos and Peloton


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Tommi Laitio´s presentation on Peloton and Demos Helsinki for the meetings in the US.

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Demos and Peloton

  1. 1. Demos Helsinki Researcher Tommi
  2. 2. Demos Helsinki  Finland´s only independent think tank.  Focus: sustainable happiness.  Non-profit, five years old  Funded on a project basis by private and public partners.  10 researchers, no hierarchy, equal salaries.  All results public, all research questions serve the common
  3. 3. What we´ve done lately. Politics of Happiness Manifesto Lifestyle magazine on Country Brand report for Finland social
  4. 4.
  5. 5. [Peloton]‣ Peloton is the main group in a cycling tournament. In Peloton the competitors cycle close to each other to save energy and to gather strength for a break-out.‣ Peloton is a joint effort of Demos Helsinki and Sitra to boost new, greener economy.
  6. 6. Mistä suomalaisen hiilijalanjälki koostuu?What

Housing Asuminen 

Transport Liikkuminen 

Food Ruoka Kuluttaminen Consump9on Vapaa-aika 

Leisure Matkustaminen 


Travel ‹#› Source: Envimat www.ympäristö.fi/syke/envimat
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Decision Tree for Energy Consumption Transport Work Housing No car Commuting Car Hobbies Location Daily Personal Innovations Choosing an example Use of apartment apartment Venues Children Electricity Waste Size Location Day-2-day Electricity Architects Heating Not Leisure building Use of space Not building Food Work communities Building Holidays Form Summer PurchaseConsumption Lifestyle house Trips Cooking Ingredients media Transport Restaurant Building Availability Electricity Consumption Self Prefererence/ Diet Use Purchase Storage Builders Customer service Lunchcafeterias On/Off Use Reuse Lunch cafeterias people
  9. 9. Inspiration: North KareliaProject• Lowest socio-economic status in Finland• Situation in 1972: Risk blood pressure 26% Smoking 52 % Energy intake from saturated fats 23 %• CVD mortality per 100 000 ppl (1969): 700
  10. 10. “A mass epidemiccalls for mass actionand the changing oflifestyles can onlysucceed throughcommunity action.” - Pekka Puska, Principal
  11. 11. Action• Services and products: Hypertension detection Low-fat sausages and pastries in shops• Community work: Personnel training Lay Leaders (800 ppl) Cholesterol Lowering Competition between villages• PR and media: Fathers´ Day Cards Reality TV on worksites Quit smoking and
  12. 12. Results (1969-2007) Smoking (men) Risk blood pressure (men) Cardiovascular disease mortality/100K people Energy intake from saturated fats (men)700 60525 45350 30175 15 0 0 1969 2005 1972 2007
  13. 13. Ingredients to Success • Building trust. • Making the campaign an issue of local pride. • Making it easier to act healthier (tools and services). • Complemented with mass media. • Resources for assistance and
  14. 14. Some Other
  15. 15. Providing
  16. 16.
  17. 17. New Gatekeepers• Parents of small children• Hardware stores• Lifestyle media• Food journalists• Home economics teachers• Domestic travel• Personnel restaurants and lunch cafeterias• Grocery stores• House
  18. 18. Direct Engagement RESHBURGER F Nyt vain yhdellä erolla! Teemme kaiken käyttämättä lihaa tai maitoa. Vihreämmät purilaiset löydät ravintoloistamme kautta maan. Haukkaa kiinni! ili- en korkeaa hi maitotuotteid Vaikka liha- ja aa ei vielä ol e, TA! okal lttävää pikaru TTA JO KOH jalanjälkeä vä ät energian- jotka vähentäv TO niin pian voisi olla. Nyt kaivataan ideo ita vastaavist omalla idealla a tuotteista ja si kilpailuun palveluista, osoitteessa w ww.peloton. me! ssa. Osallistu kulutusta arje TU JA VO ITA ! IDE AKI LPA ILU OSA
  19. 19. Deli specialised in root
  20. 20. Life span
  21. 21. Experience-driven domestic
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Some results • Fastest growing women´s magazine has quotas for air travel and meat (understood that their readers want to make responsible choices) • Biggest hardware store chain has started extensive training around sustainable business. (understood the need of a good sales pitch) • One of the biggest caterers introduced a climate lunch. • Food Journalists´ Association created a rulebook for sustainable food journalism. • Started a massive design project with the biggest student housing foundation in Finland (17 000 residents)
  24. 24. We´re notalone in
  25. 25.
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