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  • 1. Film Industry Demi Wrenn
  • 2. Media Conglomerates A conglomerate in media is when a group of business’ have a lot of money to put into a film production. They also market their own film through their subsidiary companies. This is known as synergy.
  • 3. Media Ownership Multinational media companies can own: Film Studios Record labels Books Internet Platforms TV stations Magazines Newspapers
  • 4. Media Ownership There are five major distributors that dominate the Film industry within the United Kingdom, these are: United International Pictures, Warner Bros, Buena Vista, 20th Century Fox, Sony.
  • 5. Media Ownership Two or more types of media coming together. MEDIA CONVERGE Different elements of a company working together to promote related products. SYNERGY The process by which an increasingly smaller number of companies own most media outlets. CONCENTRATION OF MEDIA OWNERSHIP A company which produces two or more types of media. CROSS MEDIA OWNERSHIP A large parent company which owns a range of smaller companies. CONFLOMERATE Smaller companies owned by a parent company. SUBSIDIARY When the market is dominated by a small number of companies. OLIGOLPOLY
  • 6. Independents A lot of producers can work outside of the major studies. Often British productions are made by smaller outfits such as Warp Films or the BBC to secure help with there distribution as well as extra funding.
  • 7. CONCENTRATION One effect of the concentration of media ownership us that the global media market is dominated by a small number of Western (mostly American) conglomerates.
  • 8. The Production Cycle 1. Film Production 2. Film Distribution 3. Film Exhibition 4. Film Marketing