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  • Introduction Demetrio Maguigad
  • Who is CMW? Who we are What we do
  • Discuss what will be covered: Gaining a perspective of the social web Developing a social media policy Developing a social media strategy Understanding tools and tactics Search engine optimization Then discuss what they would like to learn or focus on
  • Preparing for the dance Understanding the dynamics of the dance Niche groups Listening and engagement
  • Creating an online communications strategy by developing a social media policy and plan of action Example of problem and developing strategy: Strategy Center LA
  • RAZORFISH Coca-Cola
  • Exercise using the Social Media Policy Worksheet Have a few people read their policy Show them the Social Media Policy Generator
  • Managing the day to day Social media is not free – you need to invest time to be successful
  • Identify the problem first, develop a plan and then acquire the appropriate tools
  • Don’t go to the hardware store first – ending up spending unnecessary time acquiring the wrong or inefficient tools
  • Tactics encompass the learning and use of tools and providing the time to reach the goals.
  • Measuring landing pages
  • Introduction Demetrio Maguigad
  • Social media-presentation-crossroads

    1. 1. taking social media to the next level Demetrio Maguigad New Media Manager, Community Media Workshop [email_address] @dmaguigad or @npcommunicator
    2. 2. <ul><li>Connecting the Community with Media , the Workshop promotes news that matters! </li></ul>
    3. 3. who’s in the room
    4. 4. social media , tools & tactics
    5. 5. It’s kind of like …
    6. 7. creating a plan of action
    7. 8. developing a social media policy & plan online communications strategy
    8. 9. social media plan
    9. 10. elements of a social media plan … audience measurable goals analysis of media landscape desired outcomes – what is to be changed? messaging and framing defined content & conversations tactics resources needed
    10. 11. Goals , Audience , Messages , Tools , Outcomes
    11. 12. Goals Inform educate persuade appeal to emotions
    12. 13. Audience impact audience influencers gate keepers opposition
    13. 14. Message consistent flexible timely direct
    14. 15. Outcomes problem internal & external changes position authority
    15. 16. Tools
    16. 17. social media policy
    17. 18. a social media policy defines and sets guidelines for… who is communicating online what is to be communicated how and where organizational messages are communicated what is NOT to be communicated demonstrating and strengthening the organizational voice, it’s values and over all brand Preventing communications crisis or procedures for handling crisis much more…
    18. 19. social media policy case studies
    19. 20. social media policy worksheet exercise
    20. 21. 10 min break
    21. 22. and we are back
    22. 23. tactics = tools + time
    23. 24. how do you fix a broken sink ?
    24. 26. Blogs , Facebook , Twitter , Dashboards , Youtube & Other Tactics
    25. 27. Blogs goals content style & voice build authority
    26. 28. What you should be doing with your Blog
    27. 29. 1. Read other blogs and link 2. Respond to other blogs or comment 3. Create conversations based on four basic goals 4. Be inclusive 5. Share your posts across platforms 6. Be timely and always appropriately tag and categorize your stories
    28. 30. Facebook administration privacy settings community platform push & pull
    29. 31. What you should be doing on Facebook
    30. 32. 1. Allow more then one administrator 2. Open the space to your fans 3. Create unique experiences for your fans 4. Use Facebook Ads & other tools 5. Introduce and provide context to content you share 6. Communicate visually
    31. 33. Twitter Listen & monitor Tweet speaks to all Follow & share Immediate & wide
    32. 34. What you should be doing on Twitter
    33. 35. 1. Create a personable avatar and profile 2. Use hashtags but make them short 3. Search, Listen & Follow 4. Retweet relevant tweets to your followers 5. Always reply to tweets directed to you 6. Create lists
    34. 36. Dashboards Manage social accounts Streamline your communications
    35. 37. What you should be doing on Dashboards
    36. 38. 1. Import Facebook profile and pages, Twitter, Linkedin and other social profiles 2. Launch statuses across platforms 3. Search and save streams 4. Coordinate with other staff 5. Manage your time
    37. 39. Other Tools Youtube E-Mail Print QR Codes Other
    38. 40. listening and monitoring participating in conversations generating buzz creating and sharing multimedia content nurturing a community tools time
    39. 41. push + pull = control
    40. 43. 10 min break
    41. 44. and we are back
    42. 45. Other Tactics
    43. 46. Listen & Monitoring Understanding your audience Identifying new and emerging audiences Understand trends Keeping informed and educated
    44. 47. Influencing & Authority Quality & quantity of conversations Consistency of conversations Nurturing relationships
    45. 48. Generating Buzz Campaign specific Getting supporters involved Speak to your audiences but target their friends Be visible and lead people to a destination
    46. 49. Nurturing a Community Sustaining buzz Finding a platform and opening communications Listen, respond and engage with the community Allow members to take leadership and initiative
    47. 50. social media game !
    48. 51. Rules 1. Each group will receive one set of social media cards that have a specific credit. 2. Each group will then be given an Objective Card. Your goals is to choose the most appropriate tools to achieve your objectives but you can not exceed a total of 10 credits. 3. You will then be given a Situation Card which will allow you more credits to use or will take away from your total credits. 4. You will need to strategize accordingly and then present your strategy to the group.
    49. 52. Q + A
    50. 53. taking social media to the next level Demetrio Maguigad New Media Manager, Community Media Workshop [email_address] @dmaguigad or @npcommunicator