Social Media Bootcamp - Session 2


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  • Introduction Demetrio Maguigad
  • Identify the problem first, develop a plan and then acquire the appropriate tools
  • Don’t go to the hardware store first – ending up spending unnecessary time acquiring the wrong or inefficient tools
  • Strategies & tactics encompass the learning and use of tools and providing the time to reach the goals.
  • Introduction Demetrio Maguigad
  • Social Media Bootcamp - Session 2

    1. 1. social media bootcampDemetrio P. Maguigad & Marissa WasselukCommunity Media Workshop312-369-6400demetrio@newstips.orgFollow on Twitter @dmaguigad & @npcommunicator
    2. 2. Goals for today• Develop a plan – identify audiences, objectives, strategies, tactics and measurement.• Become better equipped at doing online research to keep up with the trends.
    3. 3. social media plan
    4. 4. how do you fix a broken sink?
    5. 5. 4 basic onlinecommunications goals• to inform audiences• to educate audiences• to persuade audiences• to entertain audiences
    6. 6. Social Media Planning• audience: what are they ready for? where are they? what level of engagement are they at?• objectives: what do you want to do to achieve your goals? what will be accomplished?• strategies: what is your approach? what is the process?• technology, tools & tactics: what are the best tools to help you get there?• outcomes & analysis: what will be measured? what are the indicators of change or success?
    7. 7. Social Media Planning: People• Develop an analysis of targeted audiences.• Identify audience use of technology.• Develop engagement decisions based on analysis and impact level to define your objectives.
    8. 8. Social Media Planning: Objectives• Establish your objectives & goals.• Identify what it is you want to do (to conduct research, to create market buzz, inform and sell products, provide support to customers, develop and improve products and services)
    9. 9. Social Media Planning: Strategies• Identify the process (listening for research, conversing to create market buzz, rally key fans, nurture a community, include customers to improve products)• Identify what it is you want to change if you are successful with your objectives--impact.• Identify how you will measure these changes.• Learn to adapt to changes in the process.
    10. 10. Social Media Planning: Technology &Tactics• Identify the tools needed to communicate, engage and measure your success.• Identify how the tools will be used.
    11. 11. Key Strategies: Nurturing Investing Tools & Time A Community: Building authority Sustainability strategy: Allowing supporters to help each other Energizing Supporters strategy: Rallying key supporters towards an action or cause tools Conversing & Buzz strategy: Building relationships by creating and participating in conversations--direct engagementListening & Monitoring strategy:Collecting info and insights through conversations time
    12. 12. Social Media Planning: Outcomes & Analysis• Lastly, collect data, information & insights.• Analyze and measure them against your objectives, goals & impact.• Adapt or accept changes.
    13. 13. SEO (search engine optimization) strategies• Content: Consistent and often• Links: Relative content and networks• Keywords: Add tags, keywords and metadata• Organized: Clean architecture• References and views: Be transparent
    14. 14. Q+Adiscussion
    15. 15. social media bootcampDemetrio P. Maguigad & Marissa WasselukCommunity Media Workshop312-369-6400demetrio@newstips.orgFollow on Twitter @dmaguigad & @npcommunicator