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How Objectivity Leveraged Campaign Data for More Efficient Audience Creation


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This case study illustrates how access to campaign data can support more efficient demand-generation campaigns, including mid-campaign decision-making about promotions.

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How Objectivity Leveraged Campaign Data for More Efficient Audience Creation

  1. 1. Publishing Software Real Estate Technology Objectivity Hospitality Hardware Case Study Education Financial Summary: Data management platform provider leverages real-time reporting and data insight from customized campaign dashboards to drive more effective audience creation for live Webinars. Challenge: Objectivity is a global technology company that offers a data management platform for government, science and engineering organizations. Kimberley Roberts, Manager of Direct & Internet Marketing for Objectivity, is responsible for the organization’s lead-generation Webinars, a key component of its lead-generation efforts. Audience creation—driving people to register and attend her live Webinars—is one of Roberts’ primary challenges. Her success metrics for lead generation are based on overall registration and the proportion of those registrants that can be identified as qualified prospects, or “suspects, ” Solution: When Roberts first began working for the organization. This means it’s critical for with Bulldog Solutions, she’d been accustomed Roberts not only to identify a sufficient number to producing Webinar campaigns on her own. She of prospects, but also to identify the right kind quickly saw the value Bulldog’s team added to of prospects, targeting those who will be most her efforts. responsive to Objectivity’s products. “I found it invaluable to have someone else to work with, someone who is an expert on producing Webinars and knows how to optimize them, Roberts said. ” “I was on the Campaign Management Working with Bulldog Solutions, Roberts was Center pretty much all day long. I had able to get assistance with audience creation a running total for each vendor and I on a number of fronts. On the logistics of media planning and buying, Roberts worked with Bulldog could see results immediately after to execute media buys, varying the strategy each drop.” between media planning and buying from Bulldog, and negotiating the buys herself with assistance Kimberley Roberts from Bulldog where needed. Manager of Direct & Internet Marketing Objectivity © 2007 Bulldog Solutions, Inc. OBJECTIVITYCS V1 08/07/2007
  2. 2. Objectivity | Case Study Software Real-Time Data Means Better Media Buying The immediate access to data through her Real-time access to campaign data through customized portal, as well as the specificity of that Bulldog’s proprietary Campaign Management data, which indicated exactly which media buys Center portal and the Bulldognostics 2.0 were performing in terms of registration and lead data dashboards supported Roberts in her quality, was critical to Roberts’ ability to act mid- efforts. For example, on Objectivity’s June 26 campaign. Webinar Beyond Best of Breed: Exploring Next Generation Database Management Campaign Insight Helps Message Development Technologies, access to conversion data helped Bulldog also helped Roberts develop effective Roberts negotiate additional promotion support for campaign messages. her event. “When I began working with Bulldog, they had Roberts set a registration goal of 200 for the experience not only with my company, but with initiative. After initial promotions began, Bulldog our vertical. They understood our message, she ” provided specific statistics for each media said. “My Bulldog campaign manager was able to placement, indicating how many registrations provide a lot of insight. ” had been driven from each buy. Concerned about the performance of some placements, Roberts Real-time insight into conversion data—for contacted the lowest-performing vendors and, example, seeing that a particular message with data to back up her assertions, got additional garnered opens but did not convert to support at no additional cost. The Webinar registration—enabled Roberts to make exceeded its registration goal at 227 and Roberts , mid-campaign changes to her communications. received positive feedback from her organization On one campaign, she requested copy changes on the lead quality. when the original copy developed for promotion did not generate the results she expected. Bulldog “I was on the Campaign Management Center suggested streamlining and simplifying the pretty much all day long, Roberts said. “I had ” copy and Roberts was able to implement those a running total for each vendor and I could see changes in time to see immediate results. results immediately after each drop.” About Bulldog Solutions Bulldog Solutions is the recognized thought leader and pioneer in lead optimization and management using Webinar campaigns and other information platforms. Bulldog Solutions’ unique multi-step process integrates marketing and sales efforts to increase reach, maximize marketing ROI, shorten sales cycles and boost top-line revenues. Bulldog Solutions has developed successful lead-generation campaigns and strategies for BtoB marketers across a variety of industries, including technology, financial services, life science, health care, telecom, insurance and publishing. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with EMEA operations based in Brussels, Belgium. © 2007 Bulldog Solutions, Inc. OBJECTIVITYCS V1 08/07/2007 2