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  • [Intros]Hey all! Thanks for joining us for the latest webinar: “Boost your Business During the Holiday Season Using Specialized Campaigns!” We’re really excited to have you on board since we’re moving into a special part of the year. We’ve got a lot of great information and best practices to share with you guys, but we’d love to learn from you as well! Throughout the presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask us questions in the Q&A box. Keep in mind that we’ll be sending you a copy of the slides, as well as a recording of this session later, so don’t fret if you feel like you’ve missed something.
  • [SHINE]So we’re the two handsome gentlemen that will be guiding you guys along today – my name is Shine Ni and I am a member of the Online Services Team here at Demandforce – I help get a lot of Demandforce customers up to speed with using Social Media to benefit their online presence. I’m really excited about the Holiday Season, especially since it’ll be my first one while living in San Francisco. We just won the World Series, so I’ve had a taste of how crazy things can get here![AFROZ]And I’m AfrozPathan. I work alongside with Shine in the Online Services team. If you’ve got questions about Google or Facebook I’m your guy. I also love keeping up with the new gadgets that come out, but enough about us! We’d love to know who you guys are, so please chime in on the Q&A box. Name, business, where you’re joining us from, and if you’re doing something for the holidays. Oh, and also, since Halloween just passed by, also let us know if you did any campaigning for that.
  • [Agenda][Shine]So before we get started, I just wanted to go over our agenda. We’ll first cover this point: “Why care about the Holiday Season?” Campaigning during this hectic part of the year may seem counterintuitive to some, but we’ll tell you why it’s the perfect opportunity to get more customers and business.[Afroz]Next up, it’s show and tell. We’ll give you a lot of great ideas and examples to get your creative juices flowing. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – there’s always a way to highlight the strengths of your business, while catering to the needs of your customers.[Shine]Later, we’ll be showing you the different channels that you can campaign on. We’ll be focusing on e-mail campaigns, while exploring what can be done on Social Media channels like Facebook.And while we encourage you to ask questions throughout, we’ll have an open Q/A session to help answer any lingering or in depth questions that you may have!So without further ado, here we go!
  • [Show Your Thanks!][Afroz]Traditionally, the point of the holidays is to show thanks. So why not reward those customers who have been coming through your doors time and time again? A lot of the best businesses come off as the most thoughtful, and they reach out to their customers with slight personal touches that make them feel like they’re really appreciated. In turn, you’ll be generating a good word of mouth about your business, which are referrals and loyalty.[Shine]Yeah Afroz, that’s definitely something you want to keep in mind. So I just wanted to give a quick example to highlight that: Every year, I get a personalized e-mail from my optometrist wishing me happy holidays. They enclose a picture of the doctors dressed up as Santa Claus, and as the rest of the staff as Elves. They do a different goofy pose every year, so it keeps things fresh. Also, they provide a link to an exclusive coupon that I can use before the end of the Holiday season.So I just wanted to throw this out there – How do you show Thanks to your customers during the Holiday Season? Do you try to reach out to them? How personal do you try to get? Or can you think of a time where a business reached out to you and made you feel good?
  • [Why the Holiday Season?] [Afroz]So if you’re still skeptical about working through the holidays, here are some figures to think about.The Holidays are something that Americans save money for and really splurge on EVERY YEAR. Getting and scheduling things online really saves them a lot of time and effort. For the first 2 months of the Holiday season, Americans spent approximately $35 billion online. And you’ve seen it yourself – a lot more people are on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops ordering food, sending flowers, buying concert tickets, and even looking for real-estate. Why can’t your business get a piece of this action? Your job is to convert as many of those online customers into people who walk through your door.Next up: 42% of American consumers believe that sales and discounts are the most important factors when deciding where to shop or receive services during the holidays. So be sure to put those in your campaigns!
  • [Holiday Season Dates][Shine]Thanks for the stats, Afroz! So I just wanted to share this real quick: a couple dates you’ll want to pencil in. Now, the Holiday season has technically already begun. Halloween JUST passed, but things really gear up around Thanksgiving and don’t let off until the New Year. Essentially, you have 2 crazy months of opportunity. So it’s important to let your customers know in advance what deals you have in store for them – offering deals 2 weeks in advance for Thankgiving seems to work pretty well, so for this year, aim to start around Monday, November 12th. If you your business is open for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you might want to let them know in your campaign that your business is available for appointments during those times. For Christmas, you can start about a week after Thanksgiving, which gives them a little bit of breathing time from post Thanksgiving shopping, so around the last week of November to the first week of December. For New Years, you can probably squeeze in a few last minute offers, so right after Christmas! Additionally, try not to send campaigns on Fridays – sending them out later on Monday or Tuesday morning ensures that that they aren’t buried under e-mails from the weekend.
  • [Planning a Campaign][Afroz]With this timeframe in mind, you can start planning your Holiday campaigns. You want to inform your business that they can set aside time every week – the owner and maybe one creative individual can write out and schedule the campaigns – all you’d need is a weekly lunch or meeting to organize and monitor the campaigns for your entire holiday season, so why not do it? First thing to do is to set goals – do you want to draw in a certain number of new customers? Will you still be able to turn a profit if you offer deals? You want to start making a benchmark for yourself so you can see how you are doing compared to your last year, and what you can possibly achieve next year if you exceed your goals. You want to make sure that you aren’t overextending your capabilities and underperforming for your customers. Nothing spoils holiday fun-cheer like a broken promise, right?
  • [Give Your Customers What they Want & Need][Shine]Great example, Afroz. I think what I got from that slide is this: It’s important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes – what seasonal changes or holidays happen and what really suits and helps them? What services trend during that time? If it’s available, you might want to crunch some data at your business to see what works so you can push out focused and proven campaigns.Utilize what’s been working for you in the past and applying that in order to satisfy more customers while increasing revenue.So I just wanted to ask you guys real fast: If you guys don’t mind sharing some insight with your fellow small business owners, what kind of campaigns have worked for you in the past?[PAUSE]*have something in case*Since you know your customers best, you’ll want to find a way to give them what they want AND need. Service related businesses such as yours have control of what’s offered. Again, it’s important to reiterate this: what kind of gifts would you get yourself? What’s useful? Offer timely services or offers that would benefit them based on circumstances or “Holiday Theme”, if you will. Afroz will show you what I mean.
  • [Afroz]I most certainly will, So regardless of what kind of business you’re running, you gotta be creative with those incentives. When you’re sending out these campaigns, give them a discount or gift cards, or have a contest and take advantage of the internet to deliver your message without you having to tell them about all these great offers in person. So here’s an example: If you are an auto shop, you are already concerned about vehicles not being ready for the winter. You gotta winterize your vehicle – if you don’t, that road trip to mom and dad’s or to your friends miiiight be cut short, kinda like with this guy right here. A lot of people don’t tune their cars or get weather appropriate parts until it becomes a problem – and often a big one. It gets darker quicker and rain and snow are something tires need to be prepared for as well as headlights and brake lights. Wipers need to replaced. So you can throw all of these things together into a nice little discounted package with this as the headline: “Road tripping to family for the holidays? Get prepared for the rough roads ahead with our vehicle winterization package! Get there safe and in time!”So on your end, make sure you have enough mechanics and hands, as well as the spare parts in order to winterize any incoming cars!
  • [Shine]Now keep in mind there are a million other things you can do. You can always run more traditional campaigns involving rewards and discounts for referring friends and family. Giveaways and gift cards are always popular, and those sort of things go really well on places like Facebook. Moreover, we know everyone has a cause they would love to donate to, involve your clients and help donate to toys for tots or give a certain amount for every dollar spent in your office.
  • [Channels][Shine]Now that you have some ammunition, where can you push these campaigns to? You know, while old-school mailers, Sunday paper ads, and commercials on TV are nice and familiar, they’re losing traction to all those channels available on the internet. So real quick here, type “A” if you still use those methods I just mentioned, “B” Any of you using a blend of traditional vs internet campaigns, and C if heavily rely on online marketing channels
  • [Shine]So we’re going to highlight three main channels today – E-Mail, Facebook, and Webpages. The cool part about working with these three channels is that they feed off into each other, meaning having one presence will strengthen the other.With e-mail campaigns,With Facebook, And with you Webpage, Now I’ll show you examples from each of these channels.
  • [E-mail Campaigns][Afroz]Our first channel is e-mail campaigns. Unlike traditional snail mailers, E-mail campaigns are instantaneous,easier to customize or update, and are more cost effective.In this example, the customer (which in this case, is my aunt) got an e-mail with this picture - since this deal isn’t really advertised elsewhere, my aunt felt like she’s getting special treatment – she’s in the loop and gets early exclusives. Get a free $50 coupon for buying a $100 gift card – not bad right? I also wanted to note that in the bottom right, you can see that they provide links to their actual webpage, as well as to their Facebook page – they’re using all three channels to their advantage!So can any of you think of a holiday campaign that you ran last year?
  • [Afroz]While there are many applications you can use for e-mail campaigns, you get a powerful one built into right into Demandforce if you’re a subscriber. We’ve got a bunch of templates for you to use but if you want to go the extra mile and make yours really stand out, you have the power to customize it. So this business here in particular is a great example of a Christmas themed campaign – Clarity MD – they ran a fantastic one called “The Twelve Days of Clarity”. They offer a brand new deal EVERY single day, leading up to actual Christmas day. This campaign is really effective because it’s memorable (they switch up the picture and offer, and also have something that actually goes with the real jingle). And you can actually how much you are saving. Also, they have a message at the bottom acknowledging how busy you may be and how they can accommodate your schedule. Compelling, to the point, accommodating, and a real crowd pleaser.[Shine](talk more about the campaign)
  • [Facebook][Shine]Moving on to our next channel: Facebook. So imagine if you were doing campaigns a decade ago – You’d just send your existing customers a postcard or e-mail, or maybe bought some tiny ad space in the newspaper. The publicity isn’t gear. And half the time, they probably wouldn’t even see the message anyway. Nowadays with Facebook, people can actively see where people are going through status updates or check-ins, what deals they’re getting, and what other people are saying about the business/service they received. And that gets pushed out to an ever-expending network – Think of a trail of dominoes that keeps branching off – that’s a LOT of people who suddenly know about your business and your deals. Providing you have a network in place with a good amount of contacts, you can make a killing off of this.
  • [Afroz]I wanted to ask everyone this: Who here already has a Facebook Business Page?[wait]So how many people are actually ON Facebook?So Demandforce created this infographicearlier this year, and already there have been some significant changes. Facebook recently went over 1 billion users. Twitter has 150 million and growing, as well as a strong celebrity presence. Furthermore, the fastest growing segment in Social Media users are 45-54 year-olds. It’s not just for kids any more. In fact, 55% of Americans in that age group now have a profile on a social networking site. THESE ARE YOUR CLIENTS!
  • [Afroz]Furthermore, an increasing number of consumersuse social networking sites several times per day. It really is a “Social Habit.” In the past year, 12 million more Americans are using social networking many times daily. These people are spending on average of at least 20 minutes on Social Media every day – they WILL see your deals. And I like I said earlier – people are spending even more time on these Social Networks due to the increasing popularity of mobile devices.
  • [Shine]Perfect – all those stats really demonstrate the power of Facebook and how it can help our your business. Now, I wanted to actually show you how it works!Let’s say that I have a business – let’s call it Shine’s Candy Store…
  • [Afroz]Remember that gentleman stuck in the snow with the broken down car? Well as you can see, if he looked at your Facebook business page he would've seen the special offer on your front page. Demandforce provides 3 applications completely free of charge for our customers. You can see the Reviews, appointment requester and special offer app here. Once a client clicks on the Special Offers application, they will be able to see all your current offer. For example, this great deal for an oil change and tire rotation for just $34.95
  • Here are a couple other cool things you can do with your FacebookReal examples of holiday themed FB posts
  • Moving on to our last channel, websites. Right away you can see the impact of the colors and big bold letters. Your eyes immediately focus on the 70% off deal. On your website you have all this space to advertise any running offer such as this guest appreciation deal. Your website is where you can really provide a wealth of information regarding your business to further educate visitors. Maybe they came in from your Facebook page and here you can really seal the deal! Also, you can see here how the webpage connects to the other channels such as this link here at the top right, which would link to your Facebook business page.
  • [script]So what did we learned today? You now know how important it is for your business to prepare for the holiday season. You also saw some great examples of actual campaigns and some ideas of what exactly to include in these offers. Lastly, you also saw how the 3 channels: email campaigns, Facebook and your Websites work together to help grow and promote your business. [Shine]Homework – Your Turn!
  • Put time, link, and a one RUN POLL AFTER THIS!Hey, now we’re open to any questions… brainstorm, ideas, etc
  • Holiday campaignsv7 (1)

    1. 1. Boost your BusinessDuring the Holiday Season Using Specialized Campaigns
    2. 2. Today’s SpeakersShine Ni Afroz PathanOnline Services Team Online Services Team +
    3. 3. Agenda 1. Why the holiday season? 2. Examples of holiday campaigns 3. What channels can you use? 4. Question & Answer sessionDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    4. 4. Show your thanks! Tis the season to GIVEDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    5. 5. Why the Holiday Season? $35.3 billion spent during 2011 holiday season. 167 million online shoppers in 2012, 192 million by 2016! 42% of American consumers choose because of offers.Demandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    6. 6. Some Dates to Remember Thanksgiving - November 22nd … start offering deals two weeks in advance Christmas - December 25th … a few days after Thanksgiving! New Years -You Should Know! … right after Christmas!Confidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    7. 7. Planning a Campaign
    8. 8. Know thy Audience – What do they need?Demandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    9. 9. For Example…Demandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    10. 10. Other Ideas for Campaigns Subject: Spread the Cheer Contest! About: Refer two friends and win a weekend getaway! Giveaways for liking/ following/commenting on Facebook, and reviews Host a canned food drive! People who donate the most will win [X Prize] or the business will match it !Demandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    11. 11. Channels Hmmm… where can I use my ideas?Demandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    12. 12. Channels Your Holiday Campaign E-Mail Webpage “Like us on Facebook” Incentives/offers Incentives/offers Detailed information Facebook Posts Incentives/offers
    13. 13. Channels – E-mail Campaigns
    14. 14. Channels – E-mail CampaignsDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    15. 15. Channels – FacebookDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute Confidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    16. 16. Channels – Facebook 150 Million+ 1 Billion+ Infographic by Flowtown/DemandforceConfidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    17. 17. Channels – Social Media Infographic by Edison Research and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    18. 18. Channels – FacebookDemandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    19. 19. Facebook ExamplesConfidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    20. 20. More Facebook ExamplesConfidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    21. 21. Channels – WebsitesConfidential and Proprietary Demandforce, Inc.
    22. 22. Channels Your Holiday Campaign E-Mail Webpage “Like us on Facebook” Incentives/offers Incentives/offers Detailed information Facebook Posts Incentives/offers
    23. 23. What Have We Learned? Why the holiday season? Show appreciation and give thanks, when to the execute campaigns, and how to plan for it Examples of holiday campaigns Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, addressing holiday/season specific needs What Channels Can I Utilize? How to effectively use E-Mail campaigns, Facebook, and your Website all together as your channels Now, it’s your turn!Demandforce Confidential – Do Not Distribute
    24. 24. Our Next Webinar is November 16th The Experience Matters: Creating A+ Customer RelationshipsHow exceptional service speaks for itself and gets you more customers With Ali and Jenny Register here: Holidays! Onward and Upwards!
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