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Exercises book 4 sem resposta

  1. 1. Exercises 1 EXERCISES NEW ENGLISH POINT – BOOK 4 Pre-Unit 1. Looking at the chart below, you can see what Mary did, is doing and is going to do this week. Time 8 a.m. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Get up Friday Saturday Work with her father Have Play breakfast 9 a.m. volleyball 10 a.m. Go to the Study mall 11 a.m. English Have lunch 12 a.m. with her friends 1 p.m. Eat at a restaurant Use 2 p.m. computer Run at the 3 p.m. park Clean her 5 p.m. Meet her bedroom 4 p.m. friends Watch TV Today is Tuesday and it is nine o’clock. Give complete answers about Mary’s activities. a. What is Mary doing now? New English Point – Book 4
  2. 2. Exercises 2 __________________________________________________________________ b. What is she going to do on Wednesday morning? __________________________________________________________________ c. When is she going to work with her father? __________________________________________________________________ d. What time did she get up on Monday? __________________________________________________________________ e. What is she going to do on Saturday? __________________________________________________________________ f. When did she go to the mall? __________________________________________________________________ g. Did she eat lunch at home on Sunday? __________________________________________________________________ h. What is she going to do on Friday at four o’clock? __________________________________________________________________ i. What did she do at five o’clock on Sunday? __________________________________________________________________ New English Point – Book 4
  3. 3. Exercises 3 2. Complete the sentences with who, where, when, how, whose, what, how long or which. a. _____________ did you buy yesterday? I bought a T-shirt yesterday. b. _____________ do those children prefer, to study in the morning or to study in the evening? In the morning. c. _____________ does he go to school every day? By bus. d. _____________ did the boys meet the girls last night? At the mall. e. _____________ cap is that? It’s Sally’s. f. _____________ is your birthday? It’s in September. g. _____________ did you stay in Santos? One week. h. _____________ did you visit last Sunday? My grandmother. 3. Find the verbs in the puzzle and complete the sentences in the simple past tense. S E E Q H A O K U A B L L Z V D A N C E I C D F M E A T S B R W O D U G O P J Y X R C N B S K M O I a. Last night we ___________ to the theater. b. Jonathan ___________ beautiful places in the United States on his last trip. c. Susy ___________ some new DVDs last week. d. Dr. Smith ___________ in a big hospital. e. My cousins ___________ lunch at a good snack bar last week. f. William and Sue ___________ a lot at Joe’s birthday party. 4. Match questions and answer. a. Sarah played tennis today, didn’t she? b. There wasn’t a car in front of your house, was there? c. The children didn’t watch TV this afternoon, did they? d. Jack was walking when you met him, wasn’t him? New English Point – Book 4
  4. 4. Exercises 4 e. There were some boys here in the morning, weren’t there? ( ) Yes, there were. ( ) Yes, she did. ( ) Yes, he was. ( ) No, there wasn’t. ( ) No, they didn’t. 5. Rewrite the sentences using: I. when a. I slept. She left the house. ____________________________________________________________________ b. You took a shower. Peter arrived. ____________________________________________________________________ II. While a. I went to the movies. She made dinner. ____________________________________________________________________ b. We talked on the phone. Peggy studied. ____________________________________________________________________ New English Point – Book 4
  5. 5. Exercises 5 Unit 1 1. Bob and his wife Susy are at a good restaurant. Find in the puzzle what each one would like to have for lunch. Then complete the sentences. Z X L Q W O I P L S T E A K M B A E L K Z I C U Y H E J S A R A T P T O M A T O E S O I S O G T F A P L R E L N F F O H C A U Q W W G R J K L M N S E C Z C C H O C O L A T E X P D O C E Y T U J T G H W L M A * L A B C E F J S K L I Q R G P I W X Z T C F J F N N B C H O A U K T P I E R S W E C D E T R S T C B G F I A O N V F T A R A Z X Q X W T A T O L U T T A B W A T E R M E L O N C I O E C D G J K L R S A E U D F E C H I C K E N Q C M B D A O S What would Bob like to have for lunch? He would like grilled ____________ and _________________________ A salad with ____________, ____________ and ______________________ He would like to drink ____________. For dessert he would like have some apple ____________. What would Susy like to have for lunch? She would like ____________ and ____________ A salad with tomatoes and ______________________ She would like to drink a ______________ juice. For dessert she would like to have ________________ ice cream. 2. Make dialogs following the models. Models: lemon ice cream / yes Would you like some lemon ice cream? Yes,please. New English Point – Book 4
  6. 6. Exercises 6 pork ribs / no Would you like pork chops? No, thanks. a. grilled tuna / yes ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ b. apple pie / no ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ c. pizza / yes ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ d. salad / yes ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ e. grilled shrimp / no ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 3. Rewrite the sentences using would like. Model: Janice wants to eat a hot dog. Janice would like to eat a hot dog. a. Peter wants to drink a large glass of pineapple juice. _______________________________________________________________ New English Point – Book 4
  7. 7. Exercises 7 b. Lucy wants to eat rice, beans and a steak. _______________________________________________________________ c. Bob and Ted want to eat a cheeseburger. _______________________________________________________________ d. Kate and Samantha want to drink lemonade. _______________________________________________________________ e. I want to eat a grilled tuna and mashed potatoes. _______________________________________________________________ 4. Mark the correct option. Some Something Someone Somewhere a. Can you make … for me? I’m hungry. b. Can you give her … crackers? c. Can you drive us … downtown? d. Can you call … for me? 5. Mark the correct answer. Anything Anybody Anywhere a. Where will he go next vacation? b. Who likes to play tennis with Ann? c. What would you like to buy at the mall? d. Who would she like to talk to? e. Where would they like to study? New English Point – Book 4
  8. 8. Exercises 8 Unit 2 1. Rewrite the sentences using the present perfect tense and the prepositions since or for according to the information given in parentheses. a. Philip attends a public school. (two years) ___________________________________________________________________ b. I meet my boyfriend on Saturdays. (six months) ___________________________________________________________________ c. You and your brother have good grades. (you entered school) ___________________________________________________________________ d. She doesn’t do anything in the morning. (a long time) ___________________________________________________________________ e. We drink a lot of fruit juice. (we were little children) ___________________________________________________________________ f. My car doesn’t work well. (last month) ___________________________________________________________________ 2. Choose a verb in the box to complete the sentences in the present perfect tense. talk – travel – spend – eat – read – be – do a. I _________________ a lot of typical food in Salvador. b. They __________________ a week in Pantanal. c. Jonathan _________________ to Mary’s mother. d. Julie and I _____________________ our exercises. e. Those boys ____________________________ by themselves. f. We __________________________ Bill’s biography. New English Point – Book 4
  9. 9. Exercises 9 g. Caroline ____________________ to Los Angeles a couple of times. 3. What haven’t these people done? a. Joe / study math ___________________________________________________________________ b. Martha / bring some books from the library ___________________________________________________________________ c. Mrs. Carter and Helen / get their documents ___________________________________________________________________ d. The children / play soccer. ___________________________________________________________________ 4. Complete the sentences with since or for. a. The girl has studied in that school ____________ 2007. b. The boy has written e-mails to his friend ____________ one year. c. The children have lived in that neighborhood _______________ 2008. d. The woman has saved money _________________ three months. e. The boys have played soccer together ________________ June. New English Point – Book 4
  10. 10. Exercises 10 Unit 3 1. These people haven’t done a lot of things yet. What haven’t they done? Model: Martha / eat acarajés in Salvador Martha hasn’t eaten acarajés in Salvador. a. Joe / study math ___________________________________________________________________ b. Mrs. Smith / water the plants ___________________________________________________________________ c. Helen / drive to New York ___________________________________________________________________ d. The girls / buy some T-shirts ___________________________________________________________________ e. Mike and I / get the documents ___________________________________________________________________ 2. Complete the dialogs with ever, never or yet. a. Have you _______________ been to Maceió? No, I have _______________ been to Maceió. b. Have Ed and Tim ______________ traveled by themselves? No, they haven’t traveled by themselves ____________. c. Has Julie done her homework ____________? No, she hasn’t done her homework ____________. New English Point – Book 4
  11. 11. Exercises 11 3. Mark the correct alternative. a. Tom worked a lot … . ( ) yesterday ( ) next week ( ) yet b. I visit my grandmother … . ( ) last week ( ) every Tuesday ( ) yet c. They haven’t arrived in Brazil … . ( ) last Sunday ( ) every day ( ) yet d. She has … had an accident. ( ) never ( ) yet ( ) next week e. You didn’t watch that TV program … . ( ) yesterday ( ) every day ( ) now ( ) yet ( ) next week f. I’m going to buy a new book … . ( ) yesterday 4. Complete the sentences using the present perfect tense or the simple past tense. a. Samantha _______________ to Los Angeles many times. (be) b. Those boys ____________ to Aracaju last month. (go) c. Joyce _______________ Ted in Miami since 1999. (visit) d. Yesterday I ____________ at John’s restaurant. (eat) e. I _______________ in Porto Alegre since 2003. (live) f. Sheila ________________ good grades since she entered that school. (get) g. Tim and I _________________ an interesting program on CNN last night. (watch) h. I ________________ that article on the Internet yesterday. (see) i. I ______________ that magazine a week ago. (read) New English Point – Book 4
  12. 12. Exercises 12 Unit 4 1. Combine the sentences using who. Model: This is my cousin. He has just come from Greece. This is my cousin who has just come from Greece. a. That’s my friend. He lives in Paris. ___________________________________________________________________ b. This is the doctor. He was born in Mexico. ___________________________________________________________________ c. This is my sister. She studies in California. ___________________________________________________________________ d. We know some boys. They play soccer very well. ___________________________________________________________________ 2. Make sentences using whose or where. a. The club / you swim / is closed today ___________________________________________________________________ b. I know / the girl / brother is studying in London ___________________________________________________________________ c. Talk to the teacher / students went to the museum ___________________________________________________________________ d. Let’s go / to the theater / we first met ___________________________________________________________________ New English Point – Book 4
  13. 13. Exercises 13 3. Combine the sentences using that. a. These are the exercises. I’m going to do the exercises in the morning. ___________________________________________________________________ b. This is the bike. He is going to buy this bike. ___________________________________________________________________ c. Those are the dogs. She is going to take care of them. ___________________________________________________________________ 4. Complete with who or which. a. The children ____________ are in the classroom are from Mexico. b. The books ____________ she has read are good. c. The girl ____________ is at the door wants to talk to you. d. That’s the car ____________ you are going to use. e. This is the woman ____________ is going to help you. 4. Complete the sentences by choosing complements from the box. Use who or which. he is going to give a concert next Sunday – she works here – it caused a terrible accident – he lives in England – they are always late – it costs $100 – he writes comic strip Model: This book is about the man who writes comic strips. a. I want to buy the bike _______________________________________________. b. What’s the name of the singer ________________________________________? c. They don’t like people _______________________________________________. d. Susan knows your cousin ____________________________________________. e. That’s the plane ____________________________________________________. f. Margaret wants to talk to the woman ____________________________________. New English Point – Book 4
  14. 14. Exercises 14 Unit 5 1. The Johnson’s are a shopping mall. Look at the pictures and write what each one will probably buy. What will the girls probably buy? ___________________________________________________________________ Will Mrs. Johnson probably buy a skirt? ___________________________________________________________________ What will Mr. Johnson probably drink? ___________________________________________________________________ New English Point – Book 4
  15. 15. Exercises 15 Will the children probably buy? ___________________________________________________________________ What will the boy probably buy? ___________________________________________________________________ 2. Read the invitation and give short affirmative or negative answers. a. Will Mr. and Mrs. Miller celebrate their birthday? ___________________________________________________________________ b. Will the reception be at the National Club? ___________________________________________________________________ New English Point – Book 4
  16. 16. Exercises 16 c. Will the reception start at 6 p.m.? ___________________________________________________________________ d. Will the celebration be at a church? ___________________________________________________________________ e. Will the reception be on a Saturday? ___________________________________________________________________ f. Willl the reception be on May 3rd? ___________________________________________________________________ g. Will the reception be at 55 Rose Street? ___________________________________________________________________ 3. Use the verbs in parentheses in the appropriate tense. a. _______ you probably _______ tomorrow? (go out) b. Mr. Wilson _________ a telephone call and _________ home ten minutes ago. (make/leave) c. What _______she always _______ at the supermarket? (buy) d. We ___________ soccer last Friday. (play) e. Where _______ he _________ to last year? (travel) f. I _________ probably _____________ my friends next weekend? (visit) g. What _________ you __________ your father yesterday? I __________ him a good book. (give) New English Point – Book 4
  17. 17. Exercises 17 Unit 6 1. Listen to the sentences and underline the correct option. a. Helen would go to the theater if she had time. Helen will go to the theater if she has time. b. Joseph would travel to Rome in May if he had money. Joseph will travel to Rome in May if he has money. c. I would buy a new car if I had enough money. I will buy a new car if I have enough money. d. They will be happy if grandma visits them more They would be happy if grandma visited them more. e. Tom will have problems if he arrives late. Tom would have problems if he arrived late. f. Sheila would invite William to her party if he answered the telephone. Sheila will invite William to her party if he answers the telephone. 2. Complete the sentences using the given information. a. If I were you I ________________. (work hard) b. If I ________________, I would sing only rock songs. (be a singer) c. She _____________________________ if she were in Paris. (see the Eiffel Tower) d. If I have the opportunity, I ________________________in July. (travel to New York) e. If Joan ________________, she would work at a public school. (be a teacher) f. Mary will visit her grandparents if she ______________________. (go to Santos) g. The boys ______________________ if they have a chance. (play soccer) h. Jack will spend his vacation in Fortaleza if he ________________. (have money) i. If I _____________________, I would make a cake. (have time) New English Point – Book 4
  18. 18. Exercises 18 3. Complete the questions. a. Where _________________________________________? I’ll go to the park if it doesn’t rain. b. Who _________________________________________? She’ll see Dr. Jones if she goes there. c. What _________________________________________? I’d watch more TV if I had more time. d. How long _______________________________________________________? Kate will work for five hours if she doesn’t get to the office late. e. Who ______________________________________________? I’d meet my friends if I went to the party. f. What ______________________________________________? They’ll swim at the club if it doesn’t rain. New English Point – Book 4
  19. 19. Exercises 19 Unit 7 1. Rewrite using may. Model: Maybe she will call me tomorrow. She may call me tomorrow. a. Maybe they will call you at night ___________________________________________________________________ b. Maybe Joe will arrive late. ___________________________________________________________________ c. Maybe Jessie will play volleyball on our team. ___________________________________________________________________ d. Maybe we will travel to Peru. ___________________________________________________________________ 2. Make questions for these answers. a. ___________________________________________________ You should read this book. b. ___________________________________________________ We should go to Mary’s house next week. c. ___________________________________________________ Jane can use my computer. d. ___________________________________________________ Sam can go to Santos next year. e. ___________________________________________________ They should study in the morning. New English Point – Book 4
  20. 20. Exercises 20 3. Complete the sentences using must and the appropriate verb from the box. work – like – have – study a. Ken has good marks. He ___________________ every day. b. That couple bought an expensive house. They ________________a lot of money. c. Mr. Wills is always tired. He ___________________ a lot. d. He plays soccer every day. He ___________________ it very much. 4. Ask and answer questions. Model: A: Does Jane always help her mother? B: No, she doesn’t. A: But she should help her. a. A: Does John always take care of his sisters? B: ___________________________________________________ A: ___________________________________________________ b. A: Does Janice always make her bed? B: ___________________________________________________ A: ___________________________________________________ c. A: Do you always do your exercises? B: ___________________________________________________ A: ___________________________________________________ d. A: Do the children always drink milk in the morning? B: ___________________________________________________ A: ___________________________________________________ New English Point – Book 4
  21. 21. Exercises 21 Unit 8 1. Find six verbs in the puzzle. Then complete the sentences with used to and the appropriate verb. D A W X A R C O F C I D R Q O N G K G O K H J H K M O N E U T A K E R V I B Z A K P L W O W A S H L a. I ______________________ a shower in the morning last year. b. Mary ______________________ tea in the afternoon. c. We __________________________ our clothes when we were living in London. d. Jason ___________________ for his mother. e. The boys ___________________ to school in the evening last year. f. Mr. Connan ___________________ on Sundays last year. 2. Complete the sentences following the model. Model: Betty used to go to sleep early last year, but now she goes to sleep late. (go to sleep) a. Roger _______________ pizza on Saturdays, but now he _______________ it on Sundays. (eat) b. We _______________ to Manaus every month, but now we _____________ there twice a year. (go) c. They _______________ friends, now they __________ boyfriend and girlfriend. (be) d. I _______________ the furniture every day, but now I _______________ it only on the weekends. (dust) e. The children __________________ the beds in the morning, but now they _______________ the beds in the afternoon. (make) 3. Mark R (right) or W (wrong). Then correct the wrong sentences using and or but. New English Point – Book 4
  22. 22. Exercises 22 a. I study English or Spanish every day. ( ) ___________________________________________________ b. I wasn’t hungry but I ate a sandwich. ( ) ___________________________________________________ c. Susy likes dogs and she has a cat. ( ) ___________________________________________________ d. Is he English and Brazilian? ( ) ___________________________________________________ e. Is Julie happy and sad? ( ) ___________________________________________________ f. Roy lives in Maceió but he is in Terezina now. ( ) ___________________________________________________ g. Jim plays tennis or soccer well. ( ) ___________________________________________________ New English Point – Book 4