Sustainable solutions with SharePoint 2013


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Creating sustainable solutions is always daunting, whether you are a single developer or working as a member in a large team. Every type of project requires a specific approach, there are no silver bullets. Still, there are some considerations you should make with every new SharePoint development project to ensure proper developer workflow and the delivery of maintainable solutions.
In this session we will look at several new tools and topics around SharePoint 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2012 and how you can use them to enhance your development projects.
Topics covered:
• The correct SharePoint solution type
• Solution Lifecycle Management
• TFS supported development
• Quality Assurance

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Sustainable solutions with SharePoint 2013

  1. 1. Creating sustainable solutions with SharePoint 2013 Yuri Burger
  2. 2. About 00010010010 00111000001
  3. 3. Contact@yuriburgeryurib@delta-n.nl
  4. 4. What to expect• Approaches for creating sustainable solutions• Application Lifecycle Management: introduction for SharePoint developers• Demo
  5. 5. Product LifecycleSales Sustainability Time
  6. 6. Sustainable Solutions?• Maximize product revenue• Business-driven• Sustainable, not durable
  7. 7. Sustainable VS DurableDurability (“Houdbaarheid”) is the ability toresist changes.Sustainability (“Duurzaamheid”) is the abilityto embrace changes by renewal,maintenance and improvements.
  8. 8. Choices
  9. 9. The right type
  10. 10. Solution Types Farm • On Premise Intranet • Timer Jobs, Site Definitions • Deprecated, but supported in SP2013Sandbox • Intranet artefacts e.g. • JS, .Net Managed, SilverlightClient OM • Server Object Model subset App • No server side SharePoint code • Isolation (App Web, Hosted)
  11. 11. Roadmap2007 2010 2013
  12. 12. What makes an App?• Apps for SharePoint are solutions designed to extend SharePoint sites with specific functionality.• Users should be able to discover Apps through the SharePoint Store or the Company App Catalog.
  13. 13. Display options• “Immersive” or full page• An App Part (also known as Client Web Part)• UI Custom Action (Ribbon buttons or ECB)
  14. 14. Deployment optionsSharePoint • Client side code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) • SharePoint Workflow (via JSOM) Hosted • Data stored in SharePoint Lists and Libraries Provider • Windows Azure / IIS + ASP.Net / other • Client Object Model, REST Hosted • Data stored in SQL Azure / other • SharePoint Online + Windows Azure (Lite)Auto Hosted • Client Object Model, REST • Data stored in SQL Azure
  15. 15. SharePoint 2013 Apps SharePoint Hosted App & Provider Hosted AppDemo
  16. 16. Apps pitfallsSo it’s all cool, right?• V1.0• Focus on (SharePoint) Online• Fits specific functionality• Authentication• From C# to JavaScript
  17. 17. Apps benefits• V1.0• App logica outside of SharePoint (“off box”)• On-premise, Online, Hybrid• Single code base• Apps are where your users are
  18. 18. Solution Lifecycle Management
  19. 19. Product LifecycleSales Time
  20. 20. Application Lifecycle ManagementApplication Lifecycle Management (ALM) is acontinuous process of managing the life of an application through governance, development and maintenance. ALM is the marriage of business management to software engineering made possible by tools that facilitate and integrate requirements management, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management.
  21. 21. Modern Apps require a modern Lifecycle
  22. 22. Do you currently have the tools tosupport this?
  23. 23. Tools
  24. 24. SharePoint 2013 App ModelApps have a modern lifecycle withcontinious improvements at their center:• Feedback and ratings• Focus on quality• High update frequency
  25. 25. Minimal requirements• Collaboration (version control)• Change Management (work item mgmt)• Feedback Management• Quality Management (autom. Unit tests)• Delivery Managment (controlled builds)
  26. 26. Recognize this?
  27. 27. Source: Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Product Flyer
  28. 28. SharePoint 2013 App Development with Team Foundation Server 2012Demo
  29. 29. Demo scenario• 2 developers• Publish an App in the SharePoint Store• Aquire feedback• Implement the new feature• Release the updated product
  30. 30. Team Foundation Server Team Foundation Service • Microsoft’s Cloud Offering voor TFS • Gratis beschikbaar tot 5 gebruikers Team Foundation Server Express • On Premise • Gratis beschikbaar tot 5 gebruikers Team Foundation Server • On Premise of hosted (3rd party) • Licensing: Server + CAL
  31. 31. Take away• There is an App for THAT!• Add SharePoint 2013 Apps to your skillset• Design sustainable solutions• Solution Lifecycle Management is an important tool to create healthy solutions and ditto revenue
  32. 32. Thanks for listening!