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Deloitte Quality Services for finance analytics: Build quality in from the start
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Deloitte Quality Services for finance analytics: Build quality in from the start


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Whether this is the first time your organization is …

Whether this is the first time your organization is
undertaking a finance analytics project, upgrading the existing solution, or taking a second run in delivering a successful finance analytics project, the Deloitte Quality Service will give you the guidance you need to deliver successfully.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Deloitte Quality Servicesfor finance analyticsBuild quality in from the start
  • 2. Many organizations are seeking to increaseefficiency, reduce risk and improve bottomline performance through investments infinancial analytics technologies. The rewardsfor undertaking these initiatives are welldocumented, however many chief financialofficers and chief information officers encounterbenefit realization, cost overrun and performancechallenges with finance analytic projects.
  • 3. H ow can you avoid the pitfalls, predict where Lack of due care you face the biggest challenges and adopt a more • Limited meaningful business dialogue and understanding effective approach? Is business and IT set-up for of business processes, resulting in an incapacity tosuccess? Are you set-up to quickly demonstrate value in anticipate issues that impact solution designorder to gain the confidence of the business for future • Inability to deploy the desired solution in a mannerfinance analytic roll outs? which is sustainable and supports future needs • Disregard of the options available to you and makingWhether this is the first time your organization is significant design decisions on your behalfundertaking a finance analytics project, upgrading the • Failure to design the solution to meet the business cycleexisting solution, or taking a second run in delivering a time expectationssuccessful finance analytics project, the Deloitte Quality • Disorganized business processes which have notService will give you the guidance you need to been updated or communicated as a result of thedeliver successfully. implementation • Disregard of changes to roles and responsibilities forOur extensive experience has shown that one or all of the finance and IT, which enable a smooth transition of thefollowing symptoms are commonly found in the projects solution to the support organizationthat fail to deliver the desired outcomes: Not understanding your data. Not talking yourTechnology blind spot language.• Over-reliance on the software sales team to propose • Failure to describe the solution and process changes the right software from their finance analytic suite that in your language before undertaking prototyping and meets your business requirements development• High dependence on a vendor’s technical professional • Not asking the right business questions to understand services brand to create peace of mind for a business- how you analyze your business focused solution • Limited data profiling to identify information gaps early• Misconception that the right skills are deployed on in the project the project and that the vendor is regularly monitoring • No effective system or business controls to mitigate data progress and anticipating issues on your behalf loss or data integrity issuesAn unstable business foundation• An approach that does not set the vision for a longer term roadmap or consider the business impact of design decisions, which may result in costly throw away development and schedule overruns• Oversimplification of requirements to create a glorified Excel workbook• Suboptimal design decisions that do not consider the vendor technology roadmap• Use of traditional development methods which fail to recognize the unique characteristics of a financial analytics program Deloitte Quality Services for finance analytics 1
  • 4. Helping you anticipate issuesand adopt a more effective approach The Deloitte Quality Health Check service for financial Technical Health Check analytics is a comprehensive, independent assessment Our health check compares your technical decisions of the technical health, business value and organization and configuration to our library of design patterns and change health, and project health of your analytic solution. provides alternatives to your current approach. Whether Deloitte is your prime integrator or not directly This health check: involved in your project, we provide experienced finance • Compliments your integrator’s services by facilitating full analytic practitioners and use our toolkits to deliver our disclosure of the technical design options and including Quality Health Checks for IBM, Oracle or SAP finance your team in key design decisions analytic solutions. • Challenges your integrator to consider design options beyond the functional requirements and recommends By engaging Deloitte’s 360º Quality Health Check, we mitigation strategies to protect your investment provide peace of mind that your project is fit for purpose, • Probes key user acceptance issues (i.e. performance, identify remedial actions, and help you optimize the flexibility, ease of use) to validate that they are likelihood of the desired business benefits being achieved. considered in the design and key risk areas are mitigated • Validates that the data integration approach will effectively manage hierarchies, transport data from your transaction systems and meet longer term needs lth check • Digs into the technical configuration of your environment l hea ca to identify technical risks to the performance, scalability ni B u ch and stability of your solution h sin ange health c aniz Tec ess • Highlights on-going maintenance implications the value and or Deloitte’s solution will require, and structures “trade-off” 360° Quality discussions between functional, performance and Health Check maintenance requirements P roj e ct he a g Business value and organization change ck al he th tio health check che ck n This health check compares your anticipated business value and change management program to our library of generally accepted practices. Specifically we: • Assess how your project is set-up to deliver on your business value promise and provide advice to achieve your business objectives through technology and organization change • Review the quality of your requirements documentation and provide guidance on how they can be successfully adjusted to enable prototyping, increase communication and improve user acceptance2 Deloitte Quality Services for finance analytics
  • 5. • Combine our technical, functional and industry Deloitte subject matter Quality Services experience to provide insights on where you can We view analytic projects as a fundamental way to change challenge your existing data and process practices, business behavior, drive business adoption and consider incorporate leading practices and optimize your solution thoughtful design to support smarter business decisions.• Provide guidance to encourage business engagement As a result, our clients view our subject matter services as at the right points in the project and validate that the a key success factor in the execution of projects and as a business’ interests are being addressed objectively critical differentiator from technically focused providers• Advise on changes to IT and finance roles and or contractors: responsibilities in order to support the solution• Educate your technical organization on the nuances of • Requirements Quality Services – Facilitate functional the system and how to implement safe guards to protect requirements gathering and documentation at a level of your investment detail the business can sign-off and that the technical integrator finds meaningfulProject health check • Modeling Quality Services – Lead reporting andLeverage our project management experience and modeling design sessions by collaborating with yourour 120 point checklist to assess the health of your team and the integrator team and incorporate leadingproject and implement mitigation plans to get you practicesback on track. • Business Process Quality Services – Identify required changes to business processes and the related process impacts; assist the organization to communicate and implement changes • Testing Quality Services – Assist or lead the business and IT to test the solution in a comprehensive manner • Documentation Quality Services – Document the solution administration run book for finance and IT at a level of detail that considers impacts of turnover. Document the technical design so that there is meaningful traceability to the requirements. Recommend documentation and version control tools to maintain audit trails to your system documentation • Training Quality Services – Provide the administrator and the IT back-office with role based and organizationThis health check provides: solution specific training• Insight on the effectiveness of the implementation • Application Management Quality Services – approach and recommendations to course correct On-site and off-shore support processes to maintain the• Recommendations on the risks which need to be application and drive continuous improvement every monitored or mitigated 3 to 6 months• Insight to the shortcuts taken by your integrator that may be jeopardizing the quality of your solution• Advice related to the effectiveness of your project management process which is critical to scope, timeline and budgetary control Deloitte Quality Services for finance analytics 3
  • 6. Why Deloitte? Business analytics insight Our commitment to you • Knowledge base of client testimonials world-wide • Help you deliver a solution that performs and that the • Over 10 years’ experience implementing analytic business will accept solutions for our clients in Fortune 500 and mid-market • Help you deliver a solution that has a foundation for companies. We know the analytic risks and how to future growth without throw-away development effort avoid them • Anticipate your business and technical issues • Insight into vendor roadmaps • Improved confidence in the data and in the new • Ability to connect operational data and processes with processes to make faster and better decisions financial data, models and processes • No surprise approach with full disclosure and no vendor bias Strength in depth • Recognized by leading vendors (IBM, Oracle and SAP) as their #1 system integrator or alliance partner for the last 5 years • World-wide IBM, Oracle and SAP finance analytics practices with project and technical experience across each of the tier one solutions • Global Deloitte finance analytics community of practices and Deloitte social networks that share the latest finance and analytics knowledge and project experiences • Not just business advisors, but also experienced technical implementers of finance analytic solutions4 Deloitte Quality Services for finance analytics
  • 7. Planning to start a finance analytics projector in the middle of delivering a finance analyticsproject? You are not convinced that your currentproject will be successful? Now is the time toengage Deloitte Quality Services for financeanalytics and get the guidance you need toadopt a more effective approach. For more information contact a Deloitte professional: Nat D’Ercole Principal
  • 8., one of Canada’s leading professional services firms, provides audit, tax, consulting, and financialadvisory services through more than 8,000 people in 56 offices. Deloitte operates in Québec as Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche s.e.n.c.r.l. Deloitte & Touche LLP, an Ontario Limited Liability Partnership, is the Canadianmember firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited byguarantee, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity.Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte ToucheTohmatsu Limited and its member firms.© Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities.Designed and produced by the Deloitte Design Studio, Canada. 11-2550