Deloitte Analytics and IBM Software: See what’s inside


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Deloitte’s vision of delivering analytics business results through continuous improvement is supported by the breadth and depth of IBM’s software offerings within each major category.

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Deloitte Analytics and IBM Software: See what’s inside

  1. 1. Deloitte Analyticsand IBM SoftwareSee what’s inside
  2. 2. Business analytics 101 Business analytics is the practice of using data to manage information and performance — and make smarter decisions. It can apply to almost any business issue, but most organizations tend to focus on five main areas of decision-making and operations: customer, supply chain, finance, workforce, and risk. At its highest and best use, business analytics delivers uncommon insights and breakout value. Business analytics isn’t new. Companies have been using data to inform their decisions for years. What has changed is the speed at which decisions need to be made. Plus, the world is more complex today — businesses have to consider the entire ecosystem in which they exist, including social, economic, environmental, and political currents that would have seemed outside their purview not so long ago. That puts business analytics in the center of the action today. Meanwhile, the variety and number of signals have changed. The same old approaches to analytics just aren’t up to the job. Deloitte Analytics helps organizations answer their toughest business questions by analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing information coming from internal and external sources.2
  3. 3. Crunchy questionsExtracting the most relevant and valuable insights frommountains of information starts with what we call crunchyquestions — specific, roll-up-your-sleeves inquiriesdesigned to lay the groundwork for action. These kinds ofquestions form the foundation of any analytics initiative.Here are some examples:• What shipping strategy will deliver the lowest carbon footprint AND lowest operating cost? How much marketing spend will it take to monetize the public relations value of the new strategy?• Which of three acquisition targets has the most stable customer base? Which has the most underpenetrated base? What would be the impact of losing 10% of the most profitable customers in the deal?• What effect does the capital market crunch have on access to expansion and the purchasing power of our clients?Knowing which questions to ask — and where to findthe answers — are essential capabilities for a winningapproach to business analytics. For every organization,there are a different set of questions that must beanswered to generate real business results fromanalytics. Deloitte can help zero in on those questions —and with IBM technology in place, we can begin findingthe answers quickly. Deloitte Analytics and IBM Software See what’s inside 3
  4. 4. Business just crossed the line4
  5. 5. Analytics visionDeloitte’s vision of delivering analytics business resultsthrough continuous improvement is supported by thebreadth and depth of IBM’s software offerings withineach major category. Deloitte Analytics and IBM Software See what’s inside 5
  6. 6. Analytics accolades Kennedy has named Deloitte a global leader and the fastest-growing Information Management and Analytics consultancy in their Information Management & Analytics Consulting Marketplace 2010-2013: Key Trends, Profiles and Forecasts In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Global Business Intelligence and Performance Management Service Providers, Deloitte was named a “leading provider.”6
  7. 7. Climbing higher by going deeperBusiness analytics capabilities today are moving from theedge into the heart of the business, producing uncommoninsights that drive smarter, faster decisions. That’s theessence of deep analytics, and it’s changing the path toperformance in organizations around the world.Deep analytics is powered by three engines: deep sectorknowledge, broad functional capabilities, and technicalsophistication. IBM complements Deloitte’s strengths onthe technical front, with world-class technology and toolsthat span the stack from data management to predictivemodeling and beyond.This combination puts insights in the hands of those whoneed it most faster than ever. Just as important, it canhelp decision makers tap insights that cross organizationalborders, accounting for the entire ecosystem in which theyexist, from social and economic issues to environmentaland political concerns. Because change doesn’t respectorganizational boundaries. Deloitte Analytics and IBM Software See what’s inside 7
  8. 8. Deloitte and IBM Software —aligned for value IBM brings a business analytics stack that is agnostic to any Other key components of IBM’s analytics technology underlying ERP or legacy system and complementary to offerings include: SAP and Oracle. Here are some highlights of IBM’s current • World-class information management from IBM analytics offerings. including Information Server, MDM Server, FileNet, DB2, • Algorithmics: Data analytics for risk-related issues Informix, Optim, Exeros, and Initiate • IBM Cognos: World-class BI/PM capabilities for • IBM Smart Analytics System and Netezza (server structured and unstructured data appliances) or IBM Smart Analytics Cloud • IBM Cognos FSR: Designed specifically for financial • Industry and functional specific Blueprints/Solutions/ reporting and disclosure management challenges Analytic Apps for speed to market and time to value • IBM Content Analytics: Provides a stand-alone content analytics platform that helps organizations extract valuable insights from enterprise content, regardless of source or format • IBM Identity Insight Solutions: A scalable entity resolution and analysis platform for fighting fraud and theft • IBM ILOG: The market leading business rules engine with strong optimization algorithms and models • IBM InfoSphere Streams and BigInsights: Big data analytics tools for gleaning insights from large, complex data sets that draw from traditional and nontraditional sources • IBM OpenPages: IBM’s acquisition of OpenPages provides market leading GRC technology and risk analytics • IBM SPSS: Clearly differentiated predictive analytics strength • IBM Unica: Innovative solutions targeting the world of interactive marketing, helping users understand what motivates their consumers across digital, social and traditional marketing channels8
  9. 9. From hindsight to insight to foresightWith the acquisition of SPSS, IBM Software rounds outits analytics suite, delivering capabilities that are essentialfor any client seeking to become a predictive enterprise.Looking into the future (not just examining the past), SPSSenables a mindset that creates new value opportunities.When organizations predict future events and act uponthat insight with confidence, they can make smarterbusiness decisions sooner — and drive better outcomes.Deep analytics becomes a way of life in a predictiveenterprise, mining insights across a growing range ofstructured and unstructured data. Working with IBMSoftware, Deloitte will be there to help our clients turnthat vision into value. Deloitte Analytics and IBM Software See what’s inside 9
  10. 10. Leading together No one doubts the power of analytics to enable better, faster decision-making. The business results are proven and real. The only question is who’s going to lead this explosive market. Through Deloitte’s strategic alliance relationship with IBM Software, we deliver unbeatable capabilities spanning the range of decisions from tactical to operational to strategic — backed by the deepest stack of analytics technology in the world. When it’s time to make smart, informed decisions at light speed, this powerful combination delivers, addressing the full complexity of business today. Deloitte is an IBM Premier Business Partner, with access to a wide variety of hardware-software-services resources, as well as IBM education and complementary tools. Pulling together, we can help companies transform enterprise information into a strategic asset for making faster, smarter decisions, while effectively managing risk.10
  11. 11. ContactsTo learn more about the Deloitte and IBM relationship,visit: or contact:Deloitte IBMBob Dalton Glenn Brogan Lead Client Service Principal/ Global Relationship LeaderGlobal Relationship Leader Consulting LLP +1 914 720 404 631 3939 Jose Leruth Global Alliance Executive — DeloitteScott Kruglewicz IBM Software GroupSpecialist Leader, Deloitte Analytics Alliances Consulting LLP +1 508 685 404 452 6245 Marc Denner Global Alliance DeloitteGayle Kalvert IBM Software GroupIBM Alliance BDM Business AnalyicsIBM Cognos Software Lead Consulting LLP +1 704 243 213 996 6801 Ted Turcotte Business Development ExecutiveBob Miller Information Management, GSI/MSI AlliancesIBM Alliance Senior Solutions Architect IBM Software GroupDeloitte Consulting LLP +1 508 410 1690+1 918 671 5168Yugandhar ChodagamIBM Alliance Technical ArchitectUS India, Deloitte Consulting 1 615 718 2707
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